Monday, November 9, 2015

The giggles

One of the inexplicable pet peeves of mine are people that laugh at a joke and say "That's funny."  Or worse yet, "This is funny."  For some reason, the latter sounds like an even more formal way of telling you that your joke was a dud.  It's as if they're acknowledging the attempt at humor but instead of just laughing they're compelled to try and cover up any insincerity behind their laugh with confirmation that "Yes, that was a joke and I got it despite your utter failures in comedic timing."  And related to that are the laughter that comes from people in a way that you can spell it out.  Ha-ha-ha.  Literally ha ha.  Not just new onomatopoeia, a close approximation of the sound but more like a literal phonetic spelling.  That irks me too.

Well, it did until I met him.

He works by the airport.  Partnered.  A fellow cheater.  He couldn't meet up in the evening but could fudge the clock a little to leave a little early on the way into work for a little nookie.

And his body is so sensitive that he giggles.  Anywhere I touch.  Just the hot breath against his neck.  And his ears?  Forget it.  I have to scrape him off the ceiling.  Squirms and giggles.  Ha ha ha.  Stuttering of the ha tumbling out of his mouth in stark contrast to the sexiness I was trying to assert.  But it came from deep within.  Genuine.  Complete abandon.  Hahas from the core.  And I fuckin' loved it.

And his nipples were wired.  Every little thing I did to them made his cock twitch.  So I pressed the boundaries.  Soft touch up his side to the giggles stopped by a hard munch on the nipple as he thrashes.  Giggles and thrashes and sighs in wild abandon until I worked a little bit of spit on my cock and shoved in.  Hard.  Fuck he was tight.  He gripped it hard and yelled out in a mangle of laughter, pain and a moan of pure exhaustion.  I continued to munch on his nips while gripping his shaft and fucking my cock in and out of his tight hole until I felt him cum, setting me off in quick succession.

"Holy fuck," he says afterwards.  And giggles.  Pure and clear.

I was chewing hard on his nips in an attempt to mark them for a few days, to make him spring a stiffy every time he puts on his shirt, every time he walks and his shirt brushes against them just so.  And it worked.  I checked in on him after three days and he still remembers the hour we spent together.  His nips still sore.  A constant reminder.  And as I was reading his reply, I couldn't help but hear that giggle that makes me rethink things.  Not affectation.  Just a deep rooted natural reaction.


Not Alone said...

You are a bad, bad man......

Bruce Chang said...

I know, why does a squirming guy turn me on so much?

Not Alone said...

Because it is so sexy to control a piece of him.