Thursday, December 24, 2015

Bi guys...

Okay, so I get a little defensive and then the eyes start to roll when I see personals ads or app profiles from guys looking to suck off straight guys or from guys that claim to be straight. It just seems to perpetuate internalized homophobia by idealizing heteronormative conventions. Though, top/bottom doesn't bother me because I think everyone is vers to a degree and they're just trying to shortcut sexual compatibility.

But at the same time, I met up with this married guy off of Growlr. He's married to a woman but they have an open relationship and I have to say, there's something about him that made him a little exotic and kinda turned me on. It's that slight difference in lexicon, frame of reference and overall vibe from being socialized gay and just sexually gay. Does that make sense? He says "dude" a lot and he's in his forties but it's not the surfer "dude" nor the "dude" of a guy trying to reclaim youth by adopting the perceived vocabulary of a younger generation. It was a purely legit and natural "dude." Like, I held his face in my hands and stared him in the eyes and quite earnestly said, "Holy fuck, you're hot" to which he replied with a beaming smile, a bit of a chuckle, "Thanks, dude. You're really cute, too." And a hint of a lisp. Just boyish charm being caught off guard that struck me as something kinda straight-ish. And for some reason that irks me. And it irks me that I'm attracted to him for that slight difference that I can't put my finger on.

And these pics don't do him justice. He's a complete beefcake. I mean, I was mesmerized watching his shoulder muscles, the delts and the traps, expand and contract as I sat back and watched his whole body exert itself so that he could bob on my knob. And you gotta love a fat, thick uncut cock that is rock hard while he's servicing a guy.


Not Alone said...

NICE man.... Looks like fun! Even though he's afraid to say bi or gay. He is hot.

Bruce Chang said...

Oh, I think I wrote this wrong. I was trying to say that I tend to be judgey towards guys that idealize straight guys so much that they only want to have sex with straight guys. But at the same time, I ended up being one of those guys! I kinda got turned on by the fact that he was married and not socialized gay.