Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Me time/us time

So let me say this: using Twitter, tumblr and blogs as a hookup tool is pretty ineffective. Grindr and those other proximity apps use one thing to grease the wheels: geographical desirability. I've had a couple guys hit me up on tumblr and they always seem to dodge me when it comes to setting up a time and location. Then just last month, I set up a really long layover in Phoenix to meet a Twitter follower and then I got there he just went to radio silence. Not a problem because I worked the whole fresh meat angle and let up with some nice folks... And I also got time to spend doing the stuff that I like to do. With all the traveling, I wasn't able to sign up for any sports leagues like I usually do. Don't go to concerts cause I'm not sure where I'll be half the time. I became a boring guy.

So in Phoenix, I had a whole day off to just do whatever. Went to the botanical gardens. Went to the contemporary art museum. Bummed I couldn't get tickets for the night show at the gardens but I did go to this nice restaurant that had good reviews on Yelp.

When I get home, my partner echoed some of the same sentiments that I had about my job. He's a lot more perceptive than I give him credit for. I guess when you live with a guy for fifteen years, you know what's up without asking.

So we decided to be more conscientious about spending more time doing the stuff we like to do together. Unfortunately, that doesn't include me watching him fuck the living day lights out of bottom... Yet...


Not Alone said...

As a Blog follower, I wouldn't do that to you!

Bruce Chang said...

Lol. There are some followers that are more casual than others. And no biggie. Sometimes life happens and you can't meet as planned... Just give a guy that's flying to you a heads up that things are shakey, right?