Thursday, February 25, 2016


Funny how things themes kinda pop out at you all of a sudden as if by coincidence. Couple days in a row now where I've met guys that used the Clinton definition of sex.

First it was this incredibly cute otter kid. Just turned 22 and still has a very boyishly twink body. He had me over his place. Actually, I should correct that by saying his parents' place. And he kinda freaked out when I came up his doorstep when a truck went by with what might have been his dad, to which he's not out to. Oiy. Anyway, after a long hour of making out and blow jobs back and forth he looks at me and asks if I brought condoms the jumps off me to ransack his brother's room for one. Apparently he surprised himself by asking as he doesn't usually have sex with guys he's barely met. That struck me as completely odd. I mean, I'm pretty sure your dad would say that me sticking my dick in your mouth is sex.

Then a married guy texts me the next day. Earlier in the week, I took his anal cherry and he shot like crazy so he took the plunge and is addicted. I fucked another load out of him today after trying several positions. Turns out he's just "meh" about sucking cock, love missionary, riding me is a good second and doggie he can do without. Weird cause I really forced him to make out with me even though he didn't want to and I'd think doggie would be the least distracting since he's not staring at my mug while I'm prodding his prostate wth my cock. Anyway, afterwards he tells me that he thinks he's just into the sex. I wasn't sure what he meant but he was saying he didn't like oral too much and doesn't find guys all that much of a turn on. In other words, he just wants cock up his chute and I'm being used as a living dildo. Not that I mind. I'm actually kinda hoping he talks to his wife and let's me join them. I definitely don't mind being used as a sexual prop.

But I came to realize this. For some reason, these guys find it easier to say "sex" when they really mean "fucking", i.e. "I don't usually fuck on the first meet" and "I'm not into oral, I just really like getting fucked" 'cause come on. Putting my knob down your throat is still sex! Kinda like a rated R sentiment toned down for PG-13 sensibilities. Both guys are kinda young in their own way - one in age another in his sexual experience. Just wonder when the word "fuck" is gonna roll off their tongue carefree like me, the dirty whore that I am.


Anonymous said...

Totally have gotten into reading your blog. Hot stuff!

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks buddy!

thisgaymanslife said...

I once had a guy tell me, while we were fully nude, in my bed, that he and I had not had sex.

I immediately corrected him in saying that, since I had had my tongue so far up his hairy hole I could have tasted his teeth, that he and I were, indeed, having sex.

That was, by the way, the last time that guy and I had had sex, but I digress.

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! Yeah, I don't understand why anyone would trivialize what transpired by saying that. I mean, when a tongue can recreate the contours of body part usually hidden from view I think that level of intimate knowledge probably qualifies as sex. Just sayin'