Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nooner story/stories

I said "Fuck it" to going into work for four hours before catching my flight. So instead, I treated to myself to a late morning casually chatting with some folks on Growlr and just generally dicking around until he messaged asking for a nooner. He's a guy I've been chatting off and on throughout my travels and it finally worked out where we both in the same area and both had time to meet. Tall bear of a man that's hairy all over. We spent a lazy hour in bed as my face explored his body, feeling his soft fuzz caress my cheeks as I inspected the peaks and valleys across his body. My hands typed a new frivolous chapter across his body, lightly strumming my fingers through his forest of hair to speak of fluid desire being flushed between us until I easily slipped my cock into him and fucked a load out of both of us. And as he laid there with his beard scratching at my chest as it rose and fell back into the rhythm of luxurious laziness, he rehashed previous chapters in his life. The battle with cancer. The boyfriend that suddenly calls it quits and moves out of state for a job opportunity. Even the job that asks him to sell products that he can't even demonstrate. Tales all told with the same easy bemusement that never detracted from the current moment, this moment of sheer indulgence. Just a casual stroll through memories, sharing them with me with careless abandon as he had just shared his body moments before.


close encounters said...

i had to google "nooner" !

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! Whoops! Funny that it didn't even occur to me as a colloquialism!