Friday, February 12, 2016

The return of the (former) virgin

The younger kid that I talked into a little threesome jerk off session swung by again. This is our fourth time together and he seems to have dropped his guard down a little more each time. When I asked him what he was interested in trying, he couldn't give an answer. He said he honestly wasn't sure. Having a very conservative background I'm sure doesn't help. And he watches porn, from what I can figure out. But he just hasn't let himself openly determine his curiosities without self-imposed censorship so asking him to verbalize them to another person is a couple steps beyond reach.

Then another time we were together, he confesses after I've already dropped a load in him that he'd have been perfectly content just making out all day with me. And then finally this time, he tells me as he's riding my cock that he feels incredibly good getting fucked. I haven't done anything different. I'm still the only one he's been with in this respect. I think he's just finally allowed himself to enjoy himself.

But I still can't get him to cum, although he tells me he has a light trigger when he's on his own with his favorite site pulled up flashing images of bodies in front of him. And he tells me he's answered just a few more Craigslist ads, but he gets discouraged when they reject him...

I want desperately to be there when he sheds the last of his restraint that clouds the sexual intimacy he seeks, when he unapologetically asks for what pleases him, when he sees how beautiful he is and unabashedly accepts the gifts of praise that people shower on him. Cause I know that's gonna be a mind-blowing orgasm. And I'm a greedy one that wants to be the source of that explosion.


Anonymous said...

I hope you get your wish with this "virgin" and I hope you'll describe it in graphic detail when it happens. I can certainly relate to his reluctance to verbalize his desires. Alut that I am (and have been for parts of five decades, I still get a little tongue tied when asked "what are you into?" athough in the last few yeras I've gotten better at saying "I'm a cocksucker." But, truth be told, I'd rather show what I'm into than talk about it!

This boy is very lucky to have you as guide and confidant and I'm certain that at some point you and he will both get what you want. Just the thought of this boy riding your cock gets me hard.

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

I think you need to send a voice memo to me saying, "I'm a cocksucker"
For some reason, just imagining you saying it is incredibly sexy. So as much as a demonstration is an incredible turn on, so is just the verbalization of a deep need is hot as fuck!

Anonymous said...

If I knew how to send a voice memo, I would! Too bad I'm so technically challenged!

But I must say, just reading your reply is hot as fuck!

Paul, NYC