Monday, February 1, 2016

To yield, or not

I'm surprised that he's so close. He's riding the the edge of cumming for the past fifteen minutes even though he cock is only partially hard. Married guy in his late twenties. I answered his ad for a top as he complained on how every guy he meets wants him to fuck them. And when he walked through the door, I could understand why. He's a stud, all the way around. Excellent shape. Straight forward, dominant attitude. A guy that you wouldn't expect anyone to kick out of bed. In fact, you're kinda surprised how you became so lucky as to nab him, even for just a moment, in bed.

Despite his claims that he's an anal virgin, I didn't have much trouble working my covered cock into him. After eating him out for a bit, I slipped into him quite easily. I'm not gonna call him a liar though. I vividly remember his hole throbbing around my cock. The throb that I only feel with guys that normally don't bottom, and a throb that I could distinctly feel despite the condom killing some of the sensation.

But it's not how easily I got into him that I'm surprised. It's the fact that he's so damn close to cumming without even being fully hard.

He's trying to disconnect. Closed eyes. Just shutting me out. I don't let him get away with it. I lean in and with our lips just an inch apart, I make him notice. I make him notice how close I am to him. I make him give in.

And he kisses me.

With that, I wrap my one arm around him and with our lips still locked, I pull him to me while simultaneously leaning back until he's on top, riding me. Something about the combo gets him rock hard without any manual manipulation.

When I go to grab his stiff cock, his eyes panic as they stare directly into mine.

"No, don't! I don't want to cum with you inside me."

A wicked smile starts at the corner of my lips. I know why he says that. He's ultra sensitive after he cums and he fears that hypersensitivity in combination of my inches poking at his hole. And worse yet, the withdraw where he feels every ridge and vein of my hardness before his ass clenches down to prevent me from invading it any further.

I ignore him and grab him by the hips to rock him back onto my cock in such a way as to get the deepest into him. Then, with one free hand, I grab his cock and the minute my hand encircles his unit, he shoots involuntarily. My free hand keeps him down on my cock as I rock it into little jabs into him and before he finishes cumming, I rip it violently from his ass.

He rests on top of me unabashedly as he tries to catch his breath and regain composure.

"You alright?"

"Yeah. Really tingly down there, but fuck that was amazing."

"I know what I'm doing..."

"Yeah, but, I've stuck things up there and it always feels terrible if I keep it inside when I cum."

"What have you used?"

Slight blush. "A cucumber".

Ha! "I'm not a cucumber."

Unfortunately, I never got a chance to show him how I can make an ass that has been broken in feel just as good as the first time.


Not Alone said...


JFBreak said...

In fairness, I've only had the very tip of a penis try to enter me so I guess technically I'm a virgin. I do feel like I've shoved so many things up my hole over the years, the first time a real dick makes it, it will probably ease right in. Fingers crossed.

I also know that feeling of cumming and having to pull my wife's vibe from my ass. I think that feeling is called post-cumming guilt, brought to me by the catholic church! ;)

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! I think it could be that, but for some guys it really does hurt. Some guys are so hypersensitive after they cum that just pulling out is kinda painful, so they'd rather have me rip it off like a band-aid instead of slowly withdrawing...