Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Fat" ass - lubed for another

I met him on Grindr... Good looking guy. A little stocky. There was a bit of a back and forth. First he was going to come over and then he wasn't. I finally got him to my room and hammered a load into him. Snapped a pic and he kinda rolled his eyes at it remarking on how fat his ass looked. Didn't matter to me. It felt great wrapped around my cock.

I found out later that the hesitation was because he had another hookup lined up but the guy disappeared. So he swung by, got loaded up, and then the original guy he wanted to hook up with came back online.

Apparently I ended up being used as the appetizer round, lubing up the guy's ass for the main conquest. And I'm okay with that. Mostly because he gave me all the juicy details of it after. Funny how much a guy talks after I break down that wall, that wall where guys think they have to pretend they're coy, chaste and inexperienced.


Dear Zach said...

amongst all of your pic.. i noticed that you do unsafe sex all the time. Or could it be my eyes that couldn't see clearly the pic of your cock wearing condom? lol

Bruce Chang said...

This one was bare but not all the time. About a third of the time I play wrapped according to my spreadsheet that I've kept this year...