Sunday, March 13, 2016

Synergy, sold

I have to admit that there was a time when I felt robbed when an up and coming music group would break out with a hit. For some reason I felt like I could lay claim to the band that struck a chord within me and felt robbed when others would climb on the bandwagon and say the same thing. It's funny because my personal relationship with their music didn't change. It's just that other people recognized the power of it and record labels would pay for it. Sellouts, I'd cry. It's that weird relationship with money and popularity in post-modernism. When art is commoditized, you wonder if the art was somehow modified to better appeal to the masses or if the masses are responding to it's resolutely unique authenticity.

And I felt that same question pop up in my head with my time with ClarkRogers ( ). Is what I'm feeling authentic? Or is it a construct pulling from ideas and cliches that appeal to the masses? When I remarked on how acutely aware of the presence he's built with his body, he's even mentioned it as his life's work. But his art isn't just his body. It's his interactions. Speech patterns that build upon the synergy between to people into an avalanche of collaborative joy. I can't express how envigorating it was just being with him, sexy time or not. And that's the beauty of it. Whether it was feigned or constructed, whether or not he modified the mold or not, it doesn't matter. That energy that he pulled out of me, my own personal reaction to him, that's still real. Two complementary shapes are still beautiful together, regardless of the labor or the lack thereof to get them to mesh.

Whatever. I'm sold. And that's not a bad thing at all.


Anonymous said...

In my experience with escorts, going back to 2000, an encounter starts as a construct -- I think it has to -- but at some point the experience crosses over to "real." a ffellow I saw in San Francisco about a dozen times over a period of five years made a real connection with me to the point that even after he retired to Phoenix to care for his aged mother, we kept in touch -- no expectation of meeting or $$$. There's another fellow in SF that I saw several times over a period of 10 years that really deserves a story. And maybe I'll write tha. It was kind of complicated between us which tells me there was something real going on.

Sorry to run on -- but your post (and the one before) struck a chord!

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

Please write it up! I'm tellin' ya kiddo. You need to start a blog. Your voice is needed!

Not Alone said...

I agree... The escorts that I like are real. They make you feel important and like the want to be there. They enjoy the interaction and have the ability to make you feel good. Not only in a sexual way, but mentally.

Bruce Chang said...

I'm just glad that he had a blog so that I can get to know him before we met. Otherwise it's kinda rolling the dice based off a picture and profile.