Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tag teaming

It's been awhile since the DirtyDaddy and I have tag-teamed this guy's ass. This guy called us crazy, once, just because we wrecked his hole and DP'd him. What's so crazy about that? Ha!


Dear Zach said...

oh wow. Bareback? that's really frequent of you to do that.

Bruce Chang said...

There seems to be some unspoken judgement in this comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm constnatly surprised by this kind of judgemnt. Maybe I'm just a hopelessly vile slut, but it's been at least 15 years since I've used a condom and I don't care to read about them in blogs or in porn. It really irks me when I hear of people using them for oral!

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! I love me some sluts.

Actually, I was just trying to invite Zach to take it one step further and explore his thoughts instead of leaving them unarticulated.

I tried to find a post where I stated my position on this but I think I only put it on a comment. Basically, I'm neither a bareback advocate nor am I a condom is a must guy. I think both those stances can come with judgement. Calling someone a condom nazi is just as bad as derisively looking at a bareback guy as some sort of vile slut. The decision is a personal one and I like to honor individual choices over taking broad stances and turning something personal to the political.

At the same time, I will get political and say how it totally irks me that when people talk about being "clean" and avoid Poz guys. That's just wrong. That type of phrasing dehumanizes people and makes me feel gross. Sorry. Random tangent. Not trying to say either you or Zach feel that way. I respect you both as beautiful individuals.

Dear Zach said...

Hey there. I am sorry if I sounded being judgmental here.
I, myself, did enjoy occasional bareback sex. In fact, your pictures really turned me on so much especially those you fucked with bare.
It's just that there was a recent incident that hit me so hard about baresex and got me feeling gratitude about everything I have now.
I apologize if I sounded wrong here. I am just surprised. And, mostly, turned on.

Bruce Chang said...

Ah! And here's the flip-side. I've tried to kinda deconstruct my desires to try to figure out what are social constructs and what's innate predilections. One of those things is kinda challenging myself when liking something because it's taboo and liking it cause I like it. And sometimes I wonder how much of going bareback is one vs the other in that respect. And that's probably why I'm not completely bareback only vs safe only. Honestly, I just want to get into a hole most of the time and I'm fine if the bottom wants to go wrapped.

FelchingPisser said...

I leave bareback or covered to be decided by the man who's ass I'm entering. I will say "no" to the hook up if a condom has to come out for oral sex.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, I'm much the same way. Usually guys are up front about covered oral and I generally pass. I can think of one time where I didn't and it ended up being pretty bad. I couldn't stay hard and he was freaking out about me touching the condom... And even me just touching him as well.