Wednesday, April 13, 2016


So, I made a new years resolution of sorts to not jerk off unless I'm playing with another guy.  And even though I failed on that front 11 times this year so far, I kinda wonder if I just substituted jerking off with lot of sex.

Why do I say that?  Well, let's review the stats of Q1 2016...

  • I've had sex 98 times this year.
    • 32 times with the hubby
    • 66 times outside the relationship
      • 38 times with new guys
      • 28 times with repeats
  • For the most part, the above consists of fucking ass.
  • Of the new guys/first contact, playtime consisted of
    • Anal Bottom - 2.63%
    • Anal Top - 60.53%
    • JO - 10.53%
    • Oral (Got Sucked) - 26.32%
  • If you broaden that to include repeat sessions, the stats are pretty similar except you get a few times where I was sucking or we flip flopped.
  • I tend to fuck around with white guys.  I can't tell if that's preference or just opportunity.  Of the new playmates:
    • Asian - 5.26%
    • Black - 2.63%
    • Latino - 28.95%
    • White - 63.16%
  • I tend to fuck bareback with repeats, but with new contacts I fuck bareback about 61% of the time
  • I favor playing with a new playmate (58% of the time)
  • What was a little surprising is that I don't really feel the need to cum.  I also don't like guys stroking me off.  Here's a breakdown of where I cum (first contact/new playmates):
    • Ass - 42.11%
    • I Jerked - 15.79%
    • Mouth - 10.53%
    • None - 31.58%
  • And here's a breakdown of where they cum (first contact/new playmates:
    • Ass - 1.52%
    • Handsfree - 4.55%
    • He Jerked - 28.79%
    • I Jerked - 39.39%
    • Mouth - 4.55%
    • None - 21.21%
Damn, I'm a nerd... And a slut


BlkJack said...

Slut or not, we still love you and your blog!

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks Jack! Just looking at the numbers I'm like, how many days were there in Q1? And I did what?! Lol!

Dear Zach said...

"I tend to fuck bareback with repeats, but with new contacts I fuck bareback about 61% of the time"

The percentile really wows me off.

Not Alone said...


I is leap year, so that helps. I look at my average of times and you are a master when it comes to sex. No wonder you are good at it, "Practice makes perfect." Love these stats.... Your numbers are much more extensive than mine.

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! I actually actively try not to make bareback a thing but an option. I mean, I think sometimes people make it into something more due to the forbidden/taboo aspect of it. I neither insist not deny my desires for it.

Bruce Chang said...

I have to say, there's a bit of slut shame that gave me pause about posting this, especially for those of you that I've met and continue to want to meet up with. ;-)

Not Alone said...

Either be proud, or stay home.

Whether to be shamed or not might depend on how you calculate it. If you count each time you actually inserted your penis, or each time you ejaculated or made/helped someone else ejaculate, or each time you were naked with another person...

I mean look at our encounter. There were three ejaculations, two on one calendar day were mine, one on the next morning was yours. If you counted that as 3 within that 12 hour period, then it would be easy to get to 98 in 91 days. So don't shame yourself too much...

I thought you were bragging.

Anonymous said...

No need for shame! I think that term slut gets a bad rap. You should revel in our ability to attract hot men. If there's any shame to be had, those who have desire to do what you do and don't act on it, are the ones that should be ashamed. I think a lot of times slut shaming stems from envy and fear. And as for bareback, as long as you're not forcing anyone to participate, whose business is it!

You go boy!

Paul, NYC

Explorer Jack said...

Love the stats! I'm a nerd fan, and a slut fan!

AJ said...

Originally, the word slut was meant for a woman who didn't keep her room clean.

Not Alone said...

Interesting... You learn something new everyday!

noun derogatory
noun: slut; plural noun: sluts
a woman who has many casual sexual partners.
synonyms: promiscuous woman, prostitute, whore; More
a woman with low standards of cleanliness.

FelchingPisser said...

Good to read your they are interesting reading.

And to know I will never keep them...especially with the two leather weekends coming up.

BikeGuy said...

I'm glad I was an example for your stat tracking

Bruce Chang said...

@NotAlone - I actually just called ours one encounter. I think I'm inconsistent with that. Sometimes I call sex with the hubby as one and sometimes as two if we do something that spans a night... And ya know, I was kinda bragging. Just a little... Ha!

Bruce Chang said...

@PaulNYC - thanks for that! Yeah, slut shaming just doesn't make sense. I just had a three way where the one guy did a three way for the first time and he was like "I feel like such a slut now". And I was like, "well, if you think you're a slut after just the first time. What does that say about me and the other guy that was just in your ass?! Hehe

Bruce Chang said...

@ExplorerJack -
Well then I should invite a couple of guys I know your way. They're nerdy sluts!

Bruce Chang said...

@AJ - let's now define "room"

Bruce Chang said...

@FP - I don't need the stats but I welcome the details! Always enjoy your leather weekend recaps!

Bruce Chang said...

@BikeGuy - how could I forget a shoutout to the guy that inspired all of this! My muse!! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Smart and slutty is a good combo. I think your fans would love to see a shot of you getting fucked by your hubby sometime, maybe sitting and facing the camera�� just wishing anyway

close encounters said...

how about some highlights / lowlights ?

most encounters in a 24 hour period ?
most encounters in a 7 day period ?
most ejaculations in a 24 hour period ?

longest time between encounters ?
longest time between ejaculations ?

Bruce Chang said...

You know, I think I'm just gonna publish the excel book for y'all after this month. The next quarterly update. :-)