Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I've always gone through cycles of greater activity on this blog to less, but this time feels like an especially long trough. I think a large part of it is I just got a lot going on. Moving, new job, stuff like that. Then when faced with the choice of fucking or writing about it, I generally choose the former.

But there's another thing: my relationship to the blog has sorta changed in some interesting ways. I remember on the onset, I just wanted to capture those beautiful moments with a trick. Honor that delicate moment that spans such a comparatively small amount of time and immortalize it. Those little moments of discovery. That achingly human side of what people normally cast off as so trivial and frivolous - the hook up. And honestly it was refreshing to just unleash like that being a guy that's not generally open about that sorta thing to his friends.

Recently, I kinda feel like things have changed.

I made a New Years resolution to only jerk off during sex. No more solo moments of me with tumblr on one hand and my dick in another. My cum loads were kinda bleh and I figured I'd be backed up firing massive loads if I didn't jerk off so much. But it kinda had the opposite effect. I just ended up fucking a whole lot more. Holy crap! I've been traveling for work so the opportunity was there more. I gotta say, though, part of it was also me wanting to find great experiences to write about. And that kinda feels weirdly inauthentic. It's like a cultural anthropologist mucking with the new group of people he's trying to document. How much of it is real and how much is created?

I'll still be writing, but probably not as frequently as I have previously. And I'll be using the other formats as well. I've been posting more visual content on Tumblr and occasionally throwing short thoughts/blurbs on Twitter. Feel free to stalk me across platforms. Ha!

So... How much have I been fucking around? I kinda wondered that too so as you may have remembered, I started to keep a spreadsheet. At the end of June, I looked at it and thought, holy cow. Ha! Time to spend more time focusing on other things besides my dick! Well, just a little. Cause my dick gets into a lot of fun and I'm cool with that. Ha!

More to come! Including a meet with a fellow blogger from NYC!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stiffy on the subway

So, I was in NYC lately and there was a moment where I just merely stepped into a crowded subway car and immediately got a stiffy. Not that anyone was hot enough or close enough to cause it but I could totally see someone getting jerked off without anyone else knowing in a fully packed car. And why would I think that would happen? Well, flashback to a couple months ago and I spent the night with a guy that I finally ended up in the same city with. We are both business travelers and have been missing each other just by a day or two as we fly around the states. We've just fucked for well over two hours with two loads sprayed all over my body and one of mine lodged deeply in his hole as he curled into my chest and had a soft moment of reflection. He grew up in Manhattan and he recalled a time where he was still in high school and getting back from school on a crowded car and a guy just started to fondle him. He didn't protest. The first time it happened he came in his undies. The second time he bumped into the same guy in the same route back home, he had his cock hauled out and came all over the front of his pants. The third time? Well, he followed the guy home and they ended up fucking. And that was how he lost his virginity. I have mixed emotions about the story but one thing I'm clear on is how authentic it was. An experience I can't really fathom but nevertheless so breathtakingly real. So when I stepped onto that crowded car, that story came back to me. And more importantly the man behind that story came back to me. All his beauty, all his talents as a lover. A fucking sex pot. And that was my beautifully authentic moment.

So I got hard. Unfortunately, nobody lent a hand so that I could spooge my pants.