Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Recognition, changes

It's been years since I've been here. It's an adult book store adjacent to a strip club and for some reason, I always remembered it being a lot closer to the freeway. Figured it'd be a quick pit stop on my way back from work. I usually take the train into work but I was needed at one of our other offices and I'm simply just not used to driving in traffic anymore. I needed a break from the stop and go. I needed some relief. It wasn't even all that bad by LA standards, an average of 30 mph but I had another 40 miles to go and the monotony was getting to me.  Then I came up to the exit for the bookstore and memories flooded back and FelchingPisser's recent tales at the bookstore near his hood came to mind and I decided to pull off and make the stop.

I've only been to this place half a dozen times. What struck me was how unapologetic it was about being a space for guys to get off. There were paper towel dispensers in each booth of the video arcade. All of them had glory holes, which looked less like vandalism but intentional features from the proprietor.  Some booths had electronic windows that would go opaque or clear so that you can see the occupant next to you. It was practically a bathhouse maze.

But that was then. Now, the air was different. The configurations seemed different too. Less cruisy, more proper somehow.  The etiquette seems to have changed and I'm adjusting to determine the rules of the subculture. I had spent five bucks at a booth without a door. Guys came by just to peer in and flee in horror when they saw me openly stroking my cock to the vids. Only one guy, a handsome, stocky but muscular Latino came into the booth to grope and stroke for all of two seconds before moving on. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to follow or not.

I fed a machine that was already running and saw a curious guy in the next booth through the glory hole. He peered through the hole to watch me stroke, obviously interested, so I pushed junior through just to get a rather awkward handjob. I pulled out to motion for him to push his through, but he whispered that he already came. 

I was a bit baffled. It seemed like this was for strokers, but private stroke sessions through a glory hole. 

I walked out of the booth trying to figure things out and literally bumped into someone I know.  A platonic friend.  Completely social. We brushed shoulders as I had walked out in a daze. We both smiled at each other for a moment before my smile faltered. I believe the thought process was:

"Oh fuck, it's Jim."
"What the fuck is he doing here?"
"Oh yeah, he lives in this neck of the woods..."
"He's actually looking pretty good in that work polo, with his company name embroidered over his left chest."
"Hm, I wonder what he looks like naked..."

That whirl of thoughts happened in all of a second before we heard a voice over the PA system, "You can't just stand around. Go to a booth and feed the machine."

I was startled. And kinda blushed since I know the attendant was talking about us.

I went into a booth and half-heartedly closed the door, leaving it unlocked. He saw what I did and followed behind me. 

I smiled broadly and looked at him. He smiled back. But there was a blank quality behind it. I realized, through the darkness, he didn't recognize me yet. 

The guy in the next booth was peering at us through the glory hole. So I whipped it out and started stroking. Jim took over for a second. Just long enough for me to fish out his cock and stroke his. He basically confirmed what i had found out. This was pretty much just a tug and go kinda place.  Then, quite shakily, in a voice of pure need, he hoarsely whispered, "Could you sick it?" And then he added, "Please?"  A voice of pure need and desire that was so out of character for him, a guy I've known to be so laid back and reserved. 

I fell to my knees, angled him so we could put on a good show for the guy next door, and licked the length of his shaft. It quickly grew to an impressive size. A solid eight inches at least. Another quite astonishing fact as his personality lends itself to being very modest and slight.

He moaned a long sigh of as I worked him slowly to the back of my throat, undulating my tongue against the bottom as it slid down. Then I formed a nice seal and sucked him hard before releasing it and letting the drool form and pool to let the weight of his shaft slide back out of my mouth. I continued, varying the technique. Up and down. And he lost his inhibitions and started to face fuck me. A long and thick shaft crammed down my throat. Pulling all the tricks out of the book until he ripped my head off him. 

I took that as a queue that he wanted to return the favor so I stood up but he simply stroked me.

Fuck that.

I went back on my knees and inhaled him. 

"Wait, wait, wait..." he whispers.

I let go for a second to ask why only to have him spurt in the air.  What a waste. I took him back into my mouth to get the last drops before he got hypersensitive and tapped my shoulder.

And as I stood up, he could help but laugh. The sign of a happy customer.

As he started to pull up his pants and make himself presentable, he asks, "So where do you live?"

"Jim, it's me."

He laughs again, "I kinda thought so but I wasn't sure. It's kinda dark in here."

"No worries. And I got a haircut. And I'm never on this side of town."

"Yeah, that confused me!"

"It's all good. See ya Wednesday!" And I left the booth to head to my car.

I wasn't sure what was gonna happen later in the week when our friends were getting together for dinner. Things evolve. Just as the arcade became desexualized to a degree, my relationship with Jim was gonna change to one that muddled the lines of casual friendship and conversely become more sexual.

Interesting how things change.


Weston Liggett said...

Possibly difficult to believe, but I've never been to a "bookstore"... I did once bump the long-term partner of a friend in a bathhouse, but we mutually ignored one another.

But, I get where you're coming from - the forward dynamic is going to be an interesting one. What happens later at night, when you're both a little drunk? Do you discuss? Arrange for a re-match? Hmmm.

I was recently out with a guy who I've known since we were teens. It was very late, his wife had gone to bed, and my own had not accompanied me on that trip. We were drinking and smoking in his garden, when he reached over and grabbed my shirt front. "I'll I've ever wanted since we were 17 is to be able to throw you on the bed and fuck you at will" were the words that came out of his mouth. We're sympatico in many ways, but this expression of lust, love and desire caught me unawares. We kissed once, too long ago to remember, but that's been it. He married some years before I did, so I gently told him that his choice of path in some ways set mine, but yes, under different circumstances it might have possible. He stood before me with tears in his eyes, and just as I thought he was going to try and kiss me, the gate banged and his son arrived home. I scampered for a taxi and we've not discussed since. But I'm back there in the coming weeks, and the friend/family grapevine has alerted him to this, and he wants to have dinner...

I'll let you know how that goes, as long as you promise to tell us what happens on Wednesday!

Bruce Chang said...

You know, I've only had this happen once before where I was presented the option to either engage or ignore face to face with a friend. The first time I tried to ignore but my bud called me out on it! Ha! But he was on his way out of the bathhouse and I was on my way in so nothing really could happen and it was kinda crappy but we kinda lost touch. We weren't that close to begin with. Jim, however, we've hung out for quite a number of years off and on and our friends are more tightly integrated.

This story has been in the works for a week now so the Wednesday came and went. It was interesting. Big hug that lingered just a bit longer than normal. Still pretty casual but he casually note that we should talk in private soon. We laughed about the confusion and the doubt. We both had done a double take but whereas I quickly confirmed in my head it was him, he still struggled with it because I was so far away from my normal neighborhood. And then we both remarked how we were taken aback by each other's endowment, with the same air of casual amusement as recounting a funny Facebook post we saw. I'm not even that hung but him... fuck that's a beauty. I was like no wonder his ex still hung around a lot after they broke up! Ha! And he complimented my oral skills and how it pushed him over the edge way too quickly. And then just like that we were back to talking about work and other things in our lives.

We will be playing again, I'm sure. He's already invited me over to "hang out" when work brings me to his neck of the woods again.

But as far as your story... there's been a few of those missed opportunities for me. And it's not even a I have a wife thing. There's a guy where it's like, hmm. I wonder how we'd be if we both weren't partnered. My best friend to this day is kinda skirting that fine line. We only played once and we stopped short. It felt good, it felt right. But it could also turn out to be just a really good fuck. So instead we just cuddled for a long moment in silence. That, however, wasn't a sudden choice but rather a slow build up.

Anonymous said...

I would love to feed you my dick at that bookstore sometime, haven't done that in a long time LA here 2

Bruce Chang said...

Nice! Email me! Anothercheater at gmail