Sunday, December 9, 2012

Old buddies and new (part three)

(The previous installment of this story is located here.)

With load two now in my belly, I went back on Adam4Adam and checked out my "friends" list to see if an old bottom buddy of mine was still online.  He was!  And surprisingly enough, he messaged me first.  Sure, I have no problem being the one to initiate things, but it kinda feels nice being the one that's chased for a change.

He's a beautiful kid.  Late twenties, about 5'5" but perfectly compact.  He's not ripped, but his proportions are just right for his size.  A constant five o'clock shadow that accentuates his strong jawline.  Intense eyes that I could lose myself for hours in and a pleasantly pliable personality.  A pup that's eager to please that's curiously at odds with some really strong and masculine physical features.

But it was taking awhile for him to pull the trigger and come over tonight, though.  Why?  He hasn't been much of a bottom lately.  I tried to lure him with the pretense of just oral, but he saw right through it.

His response?

"totally a possibility....but ur dick is gonna put me on my back"

And I knew that's how we'd end up even if I came over just for oral.  I've known this phenomenon back as a bottom.  Sometimes, you meet a guy that's just the perfect size and shape to hit your sweet spot and makes you cum hard.  I'm not huge by any stretch.  And I've seen and played with plenty of guys that were thicker or longer.  But I knew with him, me just pounding away will just naturally hit that spot of his so just touching his dick sets him off.  My cock just fits him like a perfect pair of well-worn jeans that just feels natural hugging the contours of your legs, thighs, waist, crotch...

But a part of me also wondered if he was hesitating because last time we fucked was the first time we did it raw.  So I asked him about it.  He denied it being the reason.  In fact, we had moved further onto the conversation and he brought the subject back up.

"are we on the bb thing again?"

Actually, no.  I wasn't even talking about that.  I read my last message.  I wasn't even sure how barebacking fit into my last reply.  Chatted some more and then finally:

"okay, come on over and i'll let you bb me.  and i'll try to hold off.  i love it when you cum"

Not sure how that follows my question of "you still have those neighbors in the duplex?" but hell if I'm going to turn down an invitation after getting blue balls from my last two encounters.  He just needed an hour to clean up.

So an hour later and I'm at his door knocking with nobody answering.  Fuck!  Was he pulling my chain?  Did he chicken out? 

I went back into the car when I saw the shadow of a guy stumbling past my door.  He bumped into the wall and he stumbled around the corner.  I followed suit and sure enough, he was nowhere to be seen.  He must have been my bud and went inside.

I knocked and he answered the door with a huge grin.  "Heyyyy!" he said, rocking a bit just standing upright.  Damn he was wasted.  He couldn't have been nearly as drunk as that when he was messaging me from adam4adam.  One thing's for sure, he's not gonna tense up much when I enter his fuckhole.  And better yet, I'm pretty sure he's going to last awhile while I'm fucking him.

I practically dragged him upstairs to his room where he turned on the fan to drown out the noise a bit.  Then I ripped the clothes off him before I tossed him onto the bed like a rag doll.  I was so horned up, I really couldn't control myself.  I practically choked him as I facefucked him.  His face was a mess from the saliva I was pulling out of him, violating his throat.  I didn't even need any lube at that point to fuck him, but I slapped some onto his ass just so my fingers could explore a bit and see how tight he was.  With that, I hoisted a leg over my shoulder while I pushed the other off to his side and slid into him with a persistent slow shove.  He let out a loud moan, one that was uncharacteristic of him in terms of volume as he was drunk, but one that was very familiar as one that is scaled back always escapes his lips when I hit his happy spot.  His face twisted into a grimace, which when I first encountered it a couple years back I mistook for pain.  Back then, he whispered, "No, don't stop.  Keep going."  I didn't need to be told that this time around.  I just jabbed at the spot I knew he loved and his dick was pulsing every time it hit it's mark.  I kept at it for awhile, changing up the tempo or the angle just slightly to keep it fresh until the feeling of his tight hole gripping my raw shaft was just too much for me to handle.

"You want this, don't you?" I asked, right at the brink.

"Yes, yes!  But..." There was a short pause that felt like an eternity for a guy that's about to cum.  "Cum on my face..."

I knew he wanted my load buried deep inside him, but he just wasn't ready to say it, even with that much liquor in him.  But the thought of his pretty face plastered with cum and ass juice also turned me on.  So I did as he asked.  I came.  Hard.  Six spurts of cum flying into his hair and across his face before my I smacked his face with my cock to hear the wet thud of lube, cum, and ass fill the room.  His tongue involuntarily darted out and lapped at it before he realized what he was doing and reached for a towel.

Damn, he looked like a hot little pig with his face plastered like that.  I would have loved to stick it back in and tried to fuck a load out of him, but I knew that'd be a mistake.  Part of the thrill with him is the feeling of being used.  But after he wiped his face, I couldn't help it but collapse next to him and pull him into my arms as I wound down a bit.  I got up after a bit and lazily put on my clothes as we caught up a little with some idle bullshit about the beach. 

I finally lost my load.  So I walked back to my car a bit relieved. But in the back of my head, I knew I'd still want more.

(Final part to come in a couple of days)


Rancho Cucamonga said...

Very nice man! I have re-read several times...very hot! Nothing like a selfish top! Dayum!

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks man. I have to admit, I'm usually only like that with guys I know a bit. Nothing worse than going too far and having a guy call it quits on ya! Ha!

happyticket said...

So How big are you?

Bruce Chang said...

I'm about 7"