Sunday, December 16, 2012

The inked up cub

Sometimes, you meet a guy that turns you on so much that you either get performance anxiety or you cum barely getting your cock up his ass.  His face was to the side, eyes closed, moaning, "Just pound it in me and let go."  He knew my dilemma.  It happened the last time.  I tried to distract myself by examining his ink work.  An elaborate tattoo that was etched all over his back, like vines crawling up a wall.  But as my eyes traced the patterns, I was distracted by the sight of my raw cock pushing into his ass.  Just a peak of the crown before I slammed it home and saw the force of my fuck ripple across his ass.  That was enough to bring attention to the velvet feel of his ass dancing across my cock.  And that pressure.  Like a plug fitting into a socket, the initial resistance before the socket gives way and sucks the plug into its depth and bottoms out.  Over and over until I couldn't hold back and planted my load deep inside his ass.

Our first encounter was about two years ago.  It was shortly after Halloween as I distinctly recall not being sure if the apartment was always decorated with skulls and dark artwork or if it was just decorations that haven't been cleaned up and needed to be stowed away.  We met on adam4adam and what drew me in was his kind eyes that stood out in contrast to his rough exterior.  A cub with ink snaking down his arms, giving a stoic, tough guy look with eyes that betrayed his true personality.  So I basically invited myself over and he was waiting for me on a mat in the living room with lube and a condoms to the side.  The sight was unexpected and hot as hell, but I just couldn't get hard enough.  Then the fact that I couldn't get hard totally fucked with my head and it was game over... until he told me to stick it in him raw, but to pull out before I came.  That got my juices going and I was hard as a rock.  But I barely got my cock in and I felt like I was going to shoot.  So I pulled out, stuck another condom on to try to deaden the sensation and plugged him up again.  But even then, I was ready to shoot after a few short strokes.  I couldn't help it.

I was a bit surprised that after so long, he'd still remember me.  I was even more surprised that he'd invite me back.

During my little two day spree, I had logged back onto adam4adam after being distracted by other sites and apps for hooking up.  I came across his profile again.  Some new pics, but still cute as hell.  He's classic cub.  Mid-thirties with a baby face, solid beefy build and some scruff.  For some reason, I expect him to be my height, but he's actually 6' tall.  Just something about him makes me think he's a kid...  With a lot of ink.  Enough to snake down his arm, peeking out of a sleeve to stir your curiosity.  That strange mix of tough and sweet.

Today, I had some time and hit him up.  He responded immediately.  And if there was any doubt to whether or not he remembered, he texted me, "Same scene?  I'll be in the bedroom this time."  Of course, maybe it's the scene he always does while hooking up on adam4adam, but there was some other things he said that made me think differently.  And I'm okay if I'm just telling myself a lie right there.

This time, when I got to his place, it was decked out in Christmas decorations.  I pushed open the door framed by giant candy canes to meet an obstacle course of playful artificial representations of winter, around the Christmas tree laden with fun to hit a wall of sweetness (ginger bread men cooling off on racks in the kitchen) and rounded another corner to meet a perfectly framed ass obscenely presented to me with lube lying nearby.  It was that discordant juxtaposition of the kid and the adult, the playful and the serious, the photo of his stoic face and joyful eyes, all of that resonating in physical form.  And as strange as it was, it totally made my dick hard.

Porn was playing on the TV, but I didn't pay much attention.  Instead, I quickly shed my clothes and hopped on the bed to land face first into his ass.  He's only the fourth guy I've ever rimmed, but damn he turns me on.  He was on his stomach, head buried into the pillow grasping a pillow to his chest.  His legs were spread apart in a way that made his ass turn up just a bit to present itself to me.  He pointed his dick down to give me the option of licking him from the tip of his cock to his shaft, over his balls, his taint and over his hole.  And that was what I did.

Any apprehension I had with my inexperience was quickly abandonned as he moaned appreciatively at my attentions.  Swirling my tongue around his hole...  Licking, sucking, and blowing on his pucker.  Pulling back to watch it wink at me, beckoning me over.  Tongue fucking so deep I was about to suffocate.  I was hungry for his hole and my cock was aching.  He was aching for it too.  Everytime I pulled back, his cock oozed precum.

I couldn't take it anymore.  Without a word, I hopped up onto his back and my cock glided over his hole from my secretions.  His ass made my mouth water and my cock drool, so nothing else was needed.  The lube was just lying there discarded to the side before it was even introduced.  I reached down and ran my hand under his chest and held him even closer to me as my body pressed him onto the mattress.  He was done being teased.  He wanted it.  With the next glide he shifted his ass and my cock was lined up with his hole.  I kept a steady pressure until I felt it give way and quickly hit bottom.

I definitely lasted longer than the first time.  Minutes ticked by when I fucked him hugging him close to my chest.  Then raw animalistic passion took over and I put all my weight onto my hands pressed into his lower back as I fucked him.  I pressed his head into the pillow when his moans got too load.  Clawed at his back.  Grabbed him by the top of his shoulder and in one thrust, pushed his shoulders down to get my as deep as I could.  His body shook at that point.  I went deep.  Real deep.  And I made my cock pulse for extra measure.  That was what brought me to the edge, the edge I tried to distract myself from by analyzing his tatoo.  He knew I was really close, because I had to pause every few strokes.

"Just pound me.  Let it go.  I don't care, just keep pounding me."

Such dirty words from a sweet looking face.

When I left, I checked my watch.  Even with the exteded rim job, undressing and dressing, I was only there for half an hour.  I was still rock hard after I shot, but he was getting sore.  I was pounding pretty hard.

Good grief.  30 mins.  I know I'm better than that, though. 

He said it takes him awhile to cum.  My aim next time is to outlast him.  I have a feeling I'll fail once again.


Rancho Cucamonga said...

Such great writing. Love the "two day spree". ;). I cannot wait until the next update!

Bruce Chang said...

I wish I had those little sprees more often! Wanna help me with that? Ha!

Rancho Cucamonga said...

I'd be more than happy to help with your lil "spree". :)

Bruce Chang said...

Drop me a note!