Sunday, February 10, 2013

"You deserve bad kharma"

Flashback to about a dozen years ago when I first saw him looking hot as fuck on the dance floor in a baseball t and a Yankees cap, my friend whispering in my ear, "Juan sucked him off," and me throwing wood picturing him getting head.  Then here I am in my car, glancing at my email and thinking, "What the fuck?"

My buds and I used to frequent this one bar on Thursday nights and he was almost always there.  Back then, I was a bit too shy to make any move but I always admired from afar.  Always with a cap on and always with a baseball t or a baseball jersey.  A beer in fist.  Shuffling his feet from side to side a bit awkwardly but still looking masculine and confident being alone amongst a group of guys on the dance floor.

Several year later, when I lived in the valley, I stumbled upon him on adam4adam.  We hooked up about two or three times.  Each time was pretty much the same.  He didn't really want to kiss and I didn't press because he reeked of alcohol.  He gave sloppy head, with sloppy being the drunk variety where he didn't watch his teeth and not the sloppy/slimy ones I like from face fucking and making a guy gag.  And I'd be a bit freaked out in his room (hopefully, it was just a guest bedroom) with a huge cross hanging over the bed and the springs of a twin bed, appropriately modest for a monastary maybe, digging into my knees while my covered cock was buried deep inside him.  Too deep.  It was a bit messy afterwards.  But I still kept on coming back because that image of him on the dance floor always pulled me through.

So back to present day.  I was just about to head home from a party in Orange County and since Long Beach was on the way through, I quickly browsed the Craigslist ads to see if I could set something up for a detour home.  I found one where the guy noted he was into asians.  Well, I'm probably playing that down a bit.  The title for his ad was "Into Asian - 32 (Long Beach)" so he kinda sounded like a rice queen.  Of course, I hit him up and it turned out to be baseball guy from the valley.  I hit the road shortly after I sent the email and (yes, i know, emailing and driving isn't a good idea but I swear I use the voice recognition functions to type...  most of the time) I went from horniness (me sending out the response to his ad), anticipation (when he takes the bait and replies back), surprise (when I realized we've met before), deflated ('cause he was too far off my route home to make it work), and finally puzzled (when he unleases a torrent of abusive emails).

And this all happened within a space of about 20 mins.  Here's a synopsis (not always exact words, but you get the idea):

Me: Interested in your ad, on my way through via fwy, here's a body pic and stats
Him: Nice, here's my body pic for your face pic.  Whatcha into?
Me: I'm a top and here's my face pic
Him: I want you in me and here's my face pic.
Me: Hey!  We met before back in the valley.  Where you at now?
Him: Here's my address
Me: Damn!  That's too far for me for today, wanna hook up some other time?
Him: Fuck you dude.
Him: Please come over? I'm not far from the fwy
Me (feeling bad and wondering if I strung him along): Sorry, but short on time.  Raincheck?
Him: Fuck you
Him: Rants
Him: I don't even remember you
Him: Are you hooking up with someone else?
Him: I've fucked hundreds of guys (I guess he was implying here that I was a time waster and a guy that's going to be alone jerking off to fantasies since I wasn't turning him down for a different guy...  Despite the fact that we've already hooked up a few times in the past)
Him: Fuck you
Him: I wish you bad luck
Him: You deserve bad kharma

Wow.  What. The. Fuck.

I felt kinda bad and was wondering if I was indeed a time waster, so when I got home I re-read the emails and I thought I was pretty up front about what I was looking for any my constraints.  Yeah, I didn't jump into the dealbreaker question (where exactly are you) but I don't think people would even divulge that information until a mutual attraction is established.  And really, it wasn't as if I was stringing him along over the course of hours.  It was literally within 20 minutes.  I checked the timestamps!  It was just that the first two emails happened rapid fire because I was still on foot.  When I hit the road, it got progressively longer, so it might have seemed like I was stalling.

Eh, I'm kinda glad it didn't work out.  It sounds like he was a mess.  But just like the times we actually met, I still can't drop that image of that sexy kid with the baseball t.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Get it off me!

I grabbed his one arm and pulled, draping it across my chest and forcing him on onto his side.  I pulled a bit more and his head fell to my chest.  He curled up into me at that point, but I could tell he was antsy.  I wasn't letting go, hoping that the sound of my heart beating its slow rhythm and the slow rise and fall of my chest would settle him down.  I was quite calm.  He wasn't.  He started to stir.

"Let me -"

"No," I said simply, cutting him off before he could ask.  And to make sure he got the point, I lifted my left leg and intertwined it with his so that he was locked into place.

A few minutes ticked by as I idly caressed his back, as if my fingers were searching for something.  I could feel him slowly sinking further onto my bare chest.  I was just enjoying the moment.  His hot breath on flirting across my nipple, the silky basketball shorts of his that lightly touched by legs, and his soft chest hair tickling the side of my body. 

"So why do you feel the need to clean up?" I asked.  "What just happened was a beautiful thing."

He giggled a bit and I can feel his smile spread across his face as slid against my chest.  "I don't know.  I just feel dirty."

"So, having some strange guy fuck his load on you or in you is fine, but your own load is like a petri dish of horror?"

He giggles again.  "Yeah, it's just different.  I don't mind your load on me."  In fact, it's more than that.  He begs me.  He's not done until I've marked him with my cum some how.  This is Mark, the guy that I previously wrote about how he lets me fuck him after he cums no matter how uncomfortable he is, the one that lives just far away enough so that we don't get together that often.  But when we do, I always walk away with a sexual high from pushing his boundaries and making him love it.

"And I'm really the only guy that you play with these days?" I ask. Another giggle. "But why limit yourself like that?"

"I dunno.  It's just another part of my life..."

I got it.  He just wants one guy to indulge his fantasies with.  Even his short, nervous answers and the way he interacts with me shows how awkward he feels.  And the cum that he sprayed in his basketball shorts without me even touching his unit is a reminder of how much he craves gay sex.  And honestly, I'd be a little freaked out too.  How did he cum?  On his back with his hands over his head.  My hands holding him down while I worked his nips hard.  We've never gotten into nipple play before.  Not this intense.  And he was hurting.  He would try to grab my head to make me stop, but I held him down.  His legs kicked and squirmed when I was chomping hard, and then his cock would surge when I eased off and flicked my tongue rapidly over the nubs.  Part of me was chewing on his nips hard to see how much he could take.  But the real reason is that I know how sensitive they get right after when the blood rushes back.  That's the trick.  Intense pain and then intense pleasure.  Nibble and chomp, then swirl, massage and lightly flick.  I was at it for awhile when he groaned.


He didn't say it.  He didn't tell me to stop.  It was just instinct.  Or maybe he was trying to stop himself.  Right then, I felt his cock surge through his shorts as it pressed against my stomach and pulse over and over and he unloaded inside them.  If you're coming to terms about your sexuality, I think that'd freak me out a bit...  cumming from just having a guy chomping at my nips and nobody stroking your dick.

I came over after emailing him asking if he's ready to give a long, jaw-aching blow job.  He gives good head.  He doesn't need me to fuck his face.  I can just lie back and enjoy.  Don't get me wrong, I love a good skull fucking, but some guys don't realize their limits and that chomping down or giving teeth while you try to catch your breath isn't really good for a top.  And Mark is really... pliable.  He takes instructions well.  So when I held his head still and told him to nurse on it, my head went foggy from his tongue undulating over my cock and sucking it down deeper and deeper into his throat.  But things progressed quickly and I never did get more than 15 minutes of oral play before I picked him up and tossed him into bed to work on his nips.  Now, though, I wanted his ass.

I rolled him off me and back onto his back and went in for a deep kiss, one that made his cock chub up a bit even after cumming so shortly before.  Used my knees to kick his legs apart.  Then reached down with one hand to raise his leg onto my shoulder.  Then the other.  Then finally broke from the kiss to pull his shorts off his hips, under his ass and off him and onto the floor.  I quickly lubed up and aimed, but his ass just wasn't with me yet.  His cock was starting to become ready, but his ass wasn't.  He was tight.  So I went back to kissing him and I felt him start to flower open for me.  Just a little.  But that was all I needed and I shoved in steady and deep.

I came back up and looked at his face.  His brow was furrowed with a grimace on his face.  And what scared me was that looked totally turned me on.  So as his face relaxed, I pulled out and shoved it back in to get him to do it again.  This time, his eyes shut and his mouth formed a silent howl.  But grabbing his dick, I knew he was okay.  He was still pretty thick, halfway hard.  The remnants of the lube in my hand and the slimy cum from his earlier load was mixing to a perfect solution.  I didn't really have to stroke him, just hold him and let my slow steady fuck be the motion for his hand job.  And after the first two strokes, I didn't completely slam into him.  Just deep enough to hit his prostate.  Again, he was begging for my load, for me to breed him.

"Is that what you want?  Well, you're going to have to show me how much you want it.  Cum for me again." 

His breathing started getting choppy and he shot off another load.  It didn't shoot far, but what amazed me was the amount.  Ropes and ropes of it were flying out and puddling around his belly button.  A heavy load from having just shot moments before.

I let go of his cock, but he didn't have time to cool off.  I continued to fuck him, but with more force.

"You still want my load?"

"Yeah, give it to me."  Not a command, but a whine, a question almost.

And I gave it to him hard.  All the way out and all the way in.  Long strokes that didn't stop til my balls were slapping against his ass, making him wince.  And I finally shot my load deep inside him.  I collapsed on the bed next to him and before the fog lifted from the high of shooting my load, he was already turning on the shower to get his second load off him.

This time, it was me that chuckled a bit.  Oh, well.  As much as I could turn some pretty uncomfortable things into something hot for him (like getting your nips worked hard, getting fucked after you cum...) I don't think I can make him understand how much it pleases me to have him soak in his humiliation for being such a quick trigger, soak in the results of "dirty" gay sex, soak in sharing one helluva ride.

But it did give me a chance to snap a pic of his cum-soaked undies and shorts for ya.  Ha!  Enjoy!