Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hotel visitors (1)

So, I've decided that the only thing craigslist is good for is finding a hotel visitor to play with.  They're the only ones I can connect with on the site.  But I still go back looking at the pics 'cause it's fun to look and pretend they're for real and not some catfish just impersonating people to get whatever it is that they get from lying.

Lately, I seem to be getting a lot of action from out-of-towners.  I was going to lump toiletry bag guy in with this next series, but I figure I'd focus on Craigslist.  I was at the airport trying to rent a car while mine was in the shop and decided to see if anyone was closeby when I saw an ad.  It was the location that drew my eye. Airport Hotel.  The headline made me wonder.  I wasn't sure if he was a long lasting top or if he was, instead, looking for one.

Most guys talk big game about wanting to suck on a long-lasting cock.  But then they wimp out and start cheating, alternating with a bit of stroking... then more stroking...  then more stroking than sucking...  then an all out frenzy of fist like a kid slapping buttons playing an atari video arcade game.  And I'd think that after the first few hookups they'd understand that even if I wanted a handjob, everyone's got a different stroke style and if what you're doing isn't working, you might want to change it up.

But not this guy.  No stroking.  Just perfectly content sucking with absolutely no agenda.  He wasn't trying to make me shoot; he was trying to satisfy his own craving to have cock in his mouth.  And that is when everything clicked.  I gave myself permission to lose myself in the moment and feel it all.  The heat of his breath on my pubes when I held his head down and wedged my dick down his throat.  My balls bouncing around.  His stubble grazing my thighs...  my balls.  I was sitting at the head of the bed and he made me sink deeper as he, himself, also got comfortable flat on his stomach working my rod.

And he was good.  I have a curve that's usually really annoying in this position.  It curves up and an unskilled throat tries to muscle it in the other direction.  But he was attuned to what worked and what didn't.  How far to go.  When to pull back.  He varied the technique, alternating with short quick strokes and deep throating me.  At one point, he lodged me to the back of my throat and swallowed, massaging the head of my dick in a way that made my toes curl and my eyes roll back. I moaned loadly and my hands flew up involuntarily to his head to keep him there.  He was maleable.  I'd take his head firmly in my hands and dictated the tempo, but when I realeased him, he kept it up perfectly.  And When I took control again, his brows furrowed.  I couldn't tell if it was from intense concentration or from an intense desire as he let out a small wimper.  Or maybe it was both.  It's that intense need to please and total abandon that has him there still in his jeans with only his shirt off because I was the one that ripped it off him.

As I was trying to contemplate what he was feeling, I became more aware of him in front of me.  His head was shaved smooth to my touch, contrasted by the scruff from a couple days growth on his face.  His back equally smooth, showing deep valleys between his shoulders as he supported himself on his elbows and every movement showed soft ripples across his body as his muscles lengthened and contracted to the steady pace of the suck.  And there was that natural arch of his back as my eyes moved further away towards his nice round ass.  His jeans were a little baggy and the waistline sat low off his ass, hinting at the beautiful ass underneath.  The darkness called out to me so I took my toe and pushed his jeans down a little further, making me gasp.  Fuck his ass was hot and perfect.  I reached over and grabbed it roughly.  On my way back to the pillows, he reached out and tweaked my nipple.  I mentally filed that away.  Guys that go for the nipple also want their nipples played with...  and usually can take it hard.

It was time to escalate things a little.  I told him to stay where he was while I repositioned myself to lie perpendicular to him.  Guiding his head back by the back of his neck, I used my other hand to twist my cock just a little so that it curved just the right way to gain that few extra centimeters deeper down his throat.  All the way down.  My hand at the back of his neck firm but not rough.  And that extra distance made all the difference.  He started to struggle a bit and I let go.  He came off it and drew a sharp breath, a gasp even, as air rushed to the void from my vacated cock.  I didn't give him enough time to recover though and back down he went.  Over and over.  I added a tweak of the nipple now that I had better access to his chest and was rewarded with a moan the vibrated through my cock and harmonized with our lust.  I knew it.  I found his weak spot.  Twist here.  Soft rub there.  A flick with my fingernail just to change it up a bit with a sharp but momentary pinch.  Each time he responded while my dick was still lodged in the back of his throat in ways that made my cock swell even larger.

We'd been going on for an hour at this point and I said fuck it.  I knew I couldn't get off with just oral alone, so I threw him off me onto his back and then used the waistband of his jeans to pull him to me.

"Wait, wait, wait!" he said breathlessly.

For a second, I thought I read him wrong.

"I gotta go clean up a bit," he explained.

"I'm not worried about that," I replied as I continued to paw at his pants like a starved animal.

"No, no.  Really.  You looking at a really worn and weary traveler."

I could tell he really meant it.  It wasn't that I'd gone too far.  He just needed a second.  And that implied contract between us from the get go where we would only give each other pleasure, would be good to each other, that was what made me stop.

Sounds of water as the faucet came on.  Things rattling here and there on the countertop and then he was back with a sheepish smile.  After he flopped on the bed, I took my position hovering over him and kneed his legs apart.  A bit of the reversal of positions from where we started but this was different.  I attacked him by smothering him to the bed and his legs naturally raised and wrapped around me.  Chest-to-chest, I could feel his heat as I tried to consume him.  Lapped at his neck, nibbled at his ears.  Tongued his ear and then stopped so that he could feel my hot breath.  Pulled back stared him in the eyes and flopped back onto him, but this time I aimed straight for his lips.  Deep kiss.  His arms wrapped around me.  I was slightly turned off by the faint taste of smoke, but it was just a momentary thought before I continued.  Then back down to his neck.  Lower.  Lower.  And he knew what was next.  I sucked his nipple between my lips and he shot through the roof.  Back arched in an impossible contortion as I used me weight to push him back down.  Just as quickly I stopped.  Flick of the tongue.  Pause, Used my chin to scratch at it with my stubble.  Stop.  Then a cruel moment where I gnawed at his nips until he was just about to call it quits.  I just love working on wired nips like that.  Alternating between naughty and nice.  Pushing a guy past his limits and then tenderly working the blood back in with a flat swipe of the tongue.

Eventually, I was ready to escalate things again.  My cock was still wet, not from the blow job but from the precum I was oozing everytime he buckled under me and silently asked for more.  I flipped back onto my back and maneuvered him on top of me.  My cock, wet enough to glide across his perfect ass cheeks and find it's target.  I didn't try to make him ride it though.  Instead, I was satisfied just teasing his hole.  I snatched up his hard cock with my right hand and used my left to firmly hold his right hip.  And I rocked him back and forth to glide across the length of my dripping dick, keeping my right fist still forcing him to fuck into it.  Not his pace, but mine.  I controlled it.  And I could tell he was close 'cause he was starting to struggle to maintain the pace.

"God, you've got me close."

"I know.  What are you waiting for, boy.  Show how much you lick my cock."

Love a guy that asks permission to cum.

And he erupted.  The first volley shot up my chest and slashed my nipple.  The next fell in heavy gobs on my chest.  A thick and heavy load, white and hot.

We chatted for a bit with him on my chest before he got up and got me a warm wet washrag to clean up.  He was from New York and here on business, but had only moved there a couple weeks ago.  Originally from the midwest.  And later, I found him online and messaged him, telling him I wouild have fucked him.  He told me he would have let me.  Damn me for not pushing even further.  

"So, is it cold out?  I bet you liked your shirt lightly running across your hard nipples."

"Oh, yeah.  That was a really nice reminder.  Even two days later."

I guess I pushed far enough.


My Load Deep In You said...

Nice story, but what about you? Did you get to unload with him?

Bruce Chang said...

I didn't. It felt good and I knew he was close so I just went with it. Plus, we hadn't really talked about it. Something about a bottom begging for it rather than me trying to manipulate it, ya know?