Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pushing boundaries

So, you may think with Too Far Mark, Birthday Cub and a few others I wrote about that I'm really big into nipple play.  And I suppose I am.  I love feeling a guy squirm under me.  But more importantly, I love a guy that he, himself, gets off on squirming under me.  So when a self-professed "playful dom" asked me if I enjoyed the sexual power in causing a guy a bit of pain, my honest answer was, "Nope."  What I really enjoy is exploring boundaries and the mutual surprise when a guy experiences something new, something he wasn't too sure of, and then becomes addicted to it.

I first saw Playful Dom's fuzzy torso on Grindr, fuzzy in both the dusting of hair that covered his perfectly sculpted chest and softly rippled abs and also fuzzy in terms of the resolution of the photo.  Either way, the pic made my cock intrigued.  He turned out to be a married guy that just worked a couple blocks from me.  What surprised me was the rapid fire chat that was going on right in the middle of the workday.  Within a minute, we traded face pics and already found out that we're both tops.  But he persisted.  He was specific in what turned him on: bondage.  Acts of complete surrender.  And a fondness for a specific type of sneaker.  Hightops.  A very specific brand.  Even a specific color.  When I probed further, I found that he's still rather limited in experience.  He's never sucked a guy's dick before, never bottomed.  And then he admitted it.  He's curious about being a sub.  In fact, he's tried a couple of times but ended up turning the tables on the would-be dom.  I'm not too surprised.  He was... unequivocal?  He knew what he wanted.  And I was up for the challenge of seeing how well he knew what he wanted.

He took the short jaunt over to my place on foot, sporting a brown herringbone tweed jacket in 90 degree weather.  Four blocks and you can see the sweat on his face.  But the jacket commanded some attention, an air of sophistication and manners.  It just took a second before I was able to poke holes through his authoritative and direct, business-like manner.  As he remarked on knowing the building's architect and developer, I stepped in uncomfortably close to him and looked him in the eye before I pulled him in by the lapel for a deep kiss.  There was a moment as he tensed up, but then immediately relaxed and gave in.  He surrendered.  I pressed him up against the wall by the doorway and pressed my whole body against him and his whole body responded.  I could feel his cock stiffening up under his pants, straining against the fabric of his underwear, fighting against the threads so vigorously I could feel each pulse as I pushed him harder into the wall and then the long exhale through his nose that simultaneously caved his chest in to draw me in deeper.

The first test was done.  He was a damn good kisser.  I was afraid he was one of those guys that regarded kissing as too intimate.  Instead, he went in full throttle and gave as much as received, an active participant.

"Bedroom," I barked and nodded off to the right, pulling him by the belt off the wall.

Second test: I knocked his feet apart and pushed him down by the shoulders, forcing him down to his knees.  I yanked my gym shorts down a bit and shoved his face in my pubes.  I knew they'd be a bit ripe.  I didn't tell him that just a couple hours before I fucked my load into a guy (more on that later).  Not sure what he was smelling but he groaned as I held him there, almost suffocating him.  When I slapped my growing cock on his face, I felt hesitation for the first time.  He mentioned that he never sucked a guy before.  This was going to get interesting.

"Lick it, boy!"  I grabbed his collar so he couldn't pull away.

He didn't respond right away.  I can almost see the frantic whizzing of the wheels in his head and the steam coming out his ears as he tried to figure out what to do.  I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him away for a sec.  Without pause, I spat in his face and he flinched.  I spat on him again and then slapped him, knowing it'd sting without much force because of the spit.  A soft wet slap holds some power.

"I said, 'Lick it!'"

Then he tentatively kissed my cock.  And again.  Light kisses along the length of my cock as his eyes were firmly shut.  I think I had enough of that, of making him squirm.

I pulled him up to see if he was still hard.  Roughly unbuckling his belt, I exposed his lust, flared out and angry red.  He was uncut, with silky skin gliding over a rock hard shaft as I stroked him a bit.  Turning him around, I folded him onto the bed face down.  Pinning his hands to his sides, I chomped at his ass cheeks to let him know what I had in store.

"Oh my god..."

And I didn't do anything yet.  I licked his balls, his taint, let go of his hands and spread his cheeks apart, exposed his hole which was sweaty from the heat on the walk over.

And I dove in.

One long lap from his balls to the top of his ass that sent him through the roof.  I could tell it was his first time.  The salty sweat on my tongue and the faint musk on my nose.  I buried my tongue in deep, alternating with laps as his hole began to open, winking at me and with probes as I worked a bit of my spit inside him.

Another test: I rose and slapped my cock on his ass a couple of times to let him know what's coming next.  Then I slid it along the length of his crack before I threw my whole weight into him, grinding against his hole, smothering him from head to foot, fingers intertwined in a tight grip over his head.  Goddamn, it felt good.  He had a bubble butt that just wrapped around me.  Add to that the fact that he was obviously unsure of what to do and the rapid heart beat I felt while lying on his back, that excitement was more than I could handle.  I could have shot right there.  And the urge was even more intense every time my dickhead nudged his bud.  But I had one more thing in mind.

The final test: I flipped him back around, with my face still wet and smell of his musk on my face, I leaned in for a kiss.  Holding his hands down again, he still managed to kiss just as passionately as before.  Letting go of one of his hands, I started to jerk him.  Just a couple of strokes and he started to pull away from the kiss.

"Oh, god.  I think...  I'm...  I'm gonna cum."  And with that, he shot four spurts that landed some distance away from us on the rug.  He was still trying to catch his breath when he broke out between heaves, "I wasn't expecting that.  At all.  So quick."

He later explained that he had reservations on being on the other side of things and was really taken aback at how much he enjoyed it.  Soup to nuts (or nut...  ha!) the scene played out in like 15 minutes tops.  And that got me hard again.  The fact that he enjoyed it.  And the fact that he's a bit conflicted that he enjoyed it.


BikeGuy said...

and that story made ME fucking hard. Rock hard. Grrrrr.

Bruce Chang said...

If that made you hard, you're my type of guy! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you are the man, Bruce.
Love how you turned a "dom" into a sub with some spit and slapping. Eating him out was the closer.
Got this btm's meat rock hard, and manhole all moist and twitching.