Monday, June 2, 2014

Snapshot: Intimate ginger pocketcub

I fell asleep for a sec.  Just a sec.  And I think I lulled him to sleep to when I made him curl up onto me and placed his head on my chest.  We were half naked on his couch watching one of the Lord of the Rings movies and I could feel the day's growth scratching at my chest with every rise and fall of each breath I took.  That heat of his body on top of mine starting a thin layer of sweat that sealed us together.  It was entirely comfortable.  Natural.  It just fit.  And when I looked down, to see if he indeed had fell asleep, I saw a face that was totally at peace.  The day's worry wiped from his forehead. The lips slightly curled into a smile, hinting at the joy in something he was imagining.  And I couldn't help but feel that I was somehow interconnected to that joy.  It was a warmth that wasn't measured in Fahrenheit but in heartbeats.

He was gone.  In la-la land.  Totally at peace, abandoning all defenses and lying there in my arms.  It was then that it felt the most intimate.  It wasn't when I drilled him with questions to figure him out and finding out about his recent health issues that he described in such precise fascinating objective detail that ironically felt the most emotional.  It wasn't when I was drilling my meat into every hole that he had and explored every surface of his body to find each trigger point to exploit until fat globs of cum flew out of his incredibly fat mushroom headed cock...  a mushroom head to compare all others to... archetypal even.  Instead, it was then.  Just him letting go and allowing himself to be vulnerable in my arms and soaking up the warmth I had to give.

And completely at odds at how we originally met.  We met at a bar that I might have written about earlier.  He's the guy that I went to fuck when my bud Megathick and I met at a bar and went our separate ways to play before reuniting in bed.  It was sleazy.  It was fairly anonymous.  But it was still passionate.  And when I was in his town again, I looked him up for a repeat.  I found his profile on Growlr and was surprised to find that he proclaimed himself not the hooking up type.  And so it was then, with his little stocky mini-man build resting on top of me, that I finally understood what he craved.  Not a hard cock fucking into his prostate, not a flick of a tongue over his sensitive nips or a hand sliding down his sensitive side.  It was something else.

And I finally saw him.  The raw him.  Totally exposed.

This is him.

And he is fucking beautiful.

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