Monday, December 29, 2014

Snapshot: Aidan McGillicuddy

"You probably don't even remember my name," he says.  I've just fucked the cum out of this stocky Irish ginger.  Or perhaps he's more of a strawberry blond, if there's a difference.  He's called himself versatile, but I'm pretty sure he said that so that I wouldn't be scared off.  I can definitely feel that he's more of a top.  Especially now, as things are awkwardly flying out his mouth, confessions that are tumbling out in a nervous way, exposing himself emotionally to an uncomfortably raw state, as naked as he is physically lying there catching his breath in the post-cum afterglow.  He had started with how he hasn't been fucked in a couple of years, how intense it was, how tight he was, how great it felt to give someone the reigns, then some words about his sexless marriage, and then some self-derisive words at how much weight he's gained recently...  And then the sudden realization that he's given so much of himself, more than he intended to and the embarrassment that comes along with it.  That's when he plainly stated the above.

That insecurity didn't fit well with him.  Stark contrast with the earlier confidence I felt when he aggressively pawed at me.

I tried to turn it around by making that statement sound absurd.  Whether I remembered his name or not, it didn't discount the fact that we had fucking insane chemistry where we both shot off pretty quickly.  Or maybe I'm just an ass and wanted to make him feel worse.

"Yeah, it was very Irish...  McGillicuddy?"  I remembered his full name, but I tossed McGillicuddy out because it was the first stereotypically Irish sounding name I could come up with.  I then rolled through the list of given names to settle on one that was equally ethnic.  "And you only mentioned your first name once, but I remember it well.  Aidan.  Aidan McGillicuddy."

He laughed... or rather we both burst out laughing and then he playfully tossed me a pillow at me.  Quick pause.  Then grabbed my legs and tossed them over his shoulder in a bold move, his thick-as-fuck dick chubbin' up again.

Ah.  There we go.  Mission accomplished.  Insecurities gone and he's back to his bold, aggressive ways.