Friday, December 19, 2014

The stall

I'm getting old.  I'm starting to take a lot of comfort in hiking the same old trails instead of doubling back to explore the ones that have started to grow over... and am even more disinclined to blaze a new path.  But, to my credit, there are few areas that have been left unexplored, few sexual limits, especially from my younger years.  And here I am with my cock buried balls deep in a hot guy that I got bent over in a toilet stall of some fancy hotel and all I can think of is how hotter it'd be if I were fucking him missionary style on a bed.

I remember a time back in college where I would cruise the tea rooms and would get rock hard just being in a semi-public sex-charged environment.  Hell, it was in a similar stall where I first found out what an amazing blowjob felt like.  The term "expert cocksucker" was flung around with absolutely no meaning to me until I was 20 and this guy sat on a toilet with his pants bunched around his ankles while he sucked me to the point of climax before I even realized I had my dick out.  I was never able to cum from oral alone until I met this guy.  Six years of putting my dick in different mouths and he was the first to make me cum like that.

But now...  I'm hard.  I'm buried in a really nice ass.  And I'm totally frustrated.

I tried kicking his legs apart to get the right height, but was defeated by the shorts cuffing his ankles.  I tried pushing him forward a bit, but was blocked by the toilet.  The hem of my shirt kept getting in the way of me watching my cock slip in and out of his hole, so I just took the fucking shirt off and slung it behind me over the stall door.  I was making a lot of noise and the shirt would have been a dead giveaway if anyone were to walk in but dammit, I'm trying to get my fuck on and it's not quite working.

I collapsed on his back and reached around his front.  Fuck, he had a dense wiry mat of fuzz on his chest.  I grunted some sort of approval and some sort of anger that his tank top was getting in the way.  And as I did so, I felt how he responded to being man-handled.  There was a need there that I was more than willing to exploit.

Back upright, I used my knees to buckle his, grabbed a fist full of hair and used my other hand to press down on his lower back so that he was obscenely arched in an impossibly ridiculous and awkward pose while I used the leverage to pound his hold.  He loved that.  He started to pound his meat furiously while I assaulted his ass.  I wasn't anywhere near cumming, but I was getting off on him getting more and more turned on the way I used him.

He started to sway on his feet, knees locking and buckling.  He damn near flung me off.  He was at the cusp, so I bent over and grabbed his chest and gave one final shove while my arms pulled him down to my cock and he exploded.  Weak-kneed, I was struggling to hold him up.  If you couldn't tell by the way, I was trying to maneuver him, he was a half a foot taller than me.

I pulled out.  The used condom squeaky clean, which was a surprise.  I mean, it was the wee hours of the morning and I wasn't sure how prepared he was gonna be for a fuck.  We were both horny and checking out Grindr but also both with our partners in the same hotel so the obscure bathroom at the back of the hotel was the only place to play.  Even with the impromptu meet, I give him props for being clean.

I jostled around the small stall to unlatch and get out, leaving him there, his back still to me and panting as he leaned up against the side wall.  The beautiful, scruffy face of a guy almost a decade my junior glanced back at me.  I nodded at him and then bailed, thinking "Fuck, I wish we had a bed."

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