Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cubby Canuck

"So, do you have a thing for cubs?" he asks.

I had just grabbed him from behind.  His cute bubble butt in a pair of well worn and graying Aussiebum briefs just beckoned me.  He was scurrying away, trying to clean himself of his own DNA that I fucked out of him just moments before.  Yeah, one of those guys that just can't bear to have cum drying on themselves.  Even if it's their own.

I hugged him tight to my chest.  Big spoon to his little spoon, standing right there just inches away from the reprieve of the bathroom.  And as my one arm hugged him close, the other hand started to rub his small tummy, working the cum into the sparsely fuzziness.  He knew exactly what I was doing and giggled before playfully working himself out of my clutches and then pushing me back.

"Yeah, I have a little soft spot for the cub-types," I say, though immediately after I said it I kinda wondered why this came up.

He grunts.  It's a dismissive grunt tinged with disdain.  "Stop.  Don't you know that all cubs don't really want to be cubs.  They're all dying to be the twinks that they were a few years ago."

I really want to grunt the same condescending way he did.  I highly doubt that generalization.  The term has been coined as a source of empowerment to the point where they're a desired commodity.  And I kinda resented the implication that he was being used as a fetish instead of individually evaluated for compatibility in a discerning way, a method that goes beyond lazy generalizations.  But instead I asked, "So is your boyfriend Asian?"

"Well, yeah, he's Taiwanese but it's not like I've always liked Asians or exclusively seek them out."  Ha!  I didn't go there.  He's the one that did.  I think I successfully turned the tables so that he can empathize with the trap that he set me out on when he asked me the cub thing.

At that point, though, he was a little even more endearing.  For as much as he was extroverting confidence, there was a little bit of insecurity showing through.

Crazy Canuck.  I wasn't hard as a rock after donning the condom, wrecking his hole because of some idealized fantasy in my head.  I was hard like that because of him and the way we gelled together.

I reached out and pulled him to me into a kiss.  Pushing my body against his.  Making sure some of his cum will be smeared all over and impossible to get out.  Okay.  So maybe not a cub fetish exactly but a cum fetish admittedly so.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Next time

"Next time, I want you to breed me," he messages on Growlr.  I'm at once both sprung and frustrated as hell.

Next time?  We don't even live in the same city!

I get that bottoming can be a really intimate thing for some.  But for me, if I'm feeling it then I'm feeling it and bring it on.  I picked up on the last line of his profile.  He likes he balls tugged hard.  No tentative exploration.  Direct manhandling.  So, as we were making out, I tested that and gave him a rather solid yank and he responded favorably.  And then I varied it a little by lightly scratching them with my finger tips, five finger strumming an imaginary instrument in a quick staccato rhythm.  Then a roll against the palm like Japanese beads.  Then, a playful slap.  One that you couldn't ignore.  He reflexively crunched over even while I felt his cock harden in my other hand.  Another tug, keeping them taught why my fingers on my other hand let go of his cock to play that rhythm again.

The dance continued while I positioned myself between his legs, my hard cock insistently throbbing.  The head reached out and made contact in the valley underneath his balls.  No lube.  My hips automatically started thrusting against him.  And as I was randomly indulging in a lazy list of maneuvers for ball play, grinding against his ass, I looked up at him and saw this need and hunger in his eyes.  His brows turned up in a plea.  Full head of perfectly groomed and styled blond hair darkening down his slack jaw of a ginger beard, he was in need.  But when I applied more pressure against his hole, insisting some relief, he shook his head no.

I backed off.

I don't quite remember how he got off.  I just remember contentedly drawing larger and larger figure eights on his tummy.  Using his massive cum load as ink, my digits became a fleshy quill illustrating symbolic characters of our time together.

I was content back then.  But with that message he sent me after I left, now I'm far from satisfied.

Monday, September 28, 2015


Apparently my last post was written in grey font on a grey background.  Ha!
Fixed that.


Saturday, September 26, 2015


My fingers softly danced over the little goosebumps that formed, reading flesh-made braille that started at the small of his back and worked it's way up. And as my lips softly touched his neck, just below the ear, his body spewed out a couple more chapters for my fingers to read. His body shook when my lips worked up to his ear and my tongue danced across the lobe. He nearly jumped out of his skin when I bared my teeth and chewed on his neck like a starving vampire, one hand grasping a handful of wavy locks and yanking down to pull his head back. He was moaning throughout.

"You've found my weakness," he finally managed to utter. It was meant as a whisper but the deep baritone voice boomed loudly against the frail layers of night. It was a voice that matched his body, but not his age. Mid twenties. Well over six feet tall. 6'5" in fact with a slender but masculine build.

I didn't answer him. My mouth was busy for one. Secondly, any answer would have sounded weak reverberating against the boom of his announcement that shook the night.

When I entered him, I was playing with his impressive cock. Thick and meaty and of considerable length, especially if you imagine it uncurled. The unit curved up, but not in the usual way. It curled up and to the side, so that the motion of stroking his cock was natural against the physics of my shoulder. I had rimmed him a bit and was gliding up and down the valley of his mounds with my own insistent cock, using nothing but my drool as lube, until I worked up enough precum to drop his hips a little, reangle my attack and press solidly against his hole. And I was watching his face, watching him hold his breath. And with every gasp he let escape from his lips, I felt his hole open for a microsecond that let my rod slip a little more and more inside him. I felt that gasp. From his quivering hole to his leaking cock, all the while watching his face as he started up at me. Not shy. Unfazed. Looking deep into my eyes as his body let out little gasps of pressure. Pressure and pleasure. Anticipation that tightens up his body and his ass so tight before it boils over to an escape of steam, that gasp of sensory overload that the body can't contain and then just accepts for a fraction of a second, accepting another inch of my cock, accepting the sensations of my hand stroking his cock, and letting out just that tiny breath, that little leak of precum before tightening up again.

After just a moment after bottoming out in his ass, I fucked the hell out of him until he squirted a large, dense load of pearly cum all over himself. It was one of those moments where he was so fucked out he could only laugh.

We both took a chance, and it paid off. He had been at the airport flying standby and got bumped overnight. Rather than spend the whole night trying to get some shut eye on the floor by the gates, I suggested he come by my hotel just a couple blocks down and then catch the shuttle in the morning. I was a gentleman, though. I even offered the pull out sofabed in my room if he didn’t feel comfortable sharing the king-sized bed. He had a great energy, carefree navigation of obstacles with gentle improvisation rather than dour bitterness. Comical moment where I woke him up at 4:30 in the morning and he shrugged it off saying that his clock was still on Arizona time and California is an hour behind. Except, of course, that Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings and we're now on the same time. It was endearing, but I couldn't help but feel like I was taking advantage of a kid in a bit of a pickle. But all I wanted to say to him was that he found my weakness effortlessly too. Just by him being him.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


He was gagging on my cock, his hole body making a huge retching noise when I said it.  "Yeah, that's a real man's cock.  Some day, your little inverted boy-cock will be like this."

Jackpot.  His eyes widened and he made a small whine before he suddenly dove to take my cock down his throat to the root, making himself gag but still going for it.  I hit the right nerve.

"Can you even get hard yet, little boy?  You become a man yet?  Do you even know what I'm talking about?  This is what a man needs to make babies.  One day, you'll understand."

He looked up at me, "Please?  Can you show me daddy?"

Of course, this is completely ridiculous, saying this to a guy a dozen years my senior.  Good looking guy.  Married.  Kids.  Has one small tattoo back when he was a wild youngster but now he's settled down.  In life.  And in his body.  A little beefy, not messy at all.  Just a guy that's eased into his body.  Still very much easy on the eyes, especially with those piercing grey eyes and those blonde eyebrows that turn up when they plead with you.

We're both at airport hotels right next to each other and I had walked over.  Was just about to head up the elevators before he snuck in a small fact.  He's curious about being submissive and likes to be humiliated.  That was all he noted and he seemed to want to retract it, but couldn't.  And I couldn't press for more information because I was practically already walking into his room.

So I spent the next hour making him give himself a rug burn, crawling about the room.  I made him lie down on the floor while I sat on the couch, made him just lie there for inspection as I used his as an ottoman.  Making him undress me with just his teeth.  Slapped him hard to correct him when he spoke out of turn.  Spat in his face when he dared to do it again and to address me without respect.  And smacked his balls hard enough for him to double over.

And he loved my cock.  He couldn't get enough.  But when I uttered those words, belittling him for his small endowments, he went wild.  I finally hit that sweet spot.  Submission and humilation comes in so many forms so I had to test the waters to find out what he really wanted.  And he ate it up.  He's a father and in all fairness, he's not that small when he's hard.  I have no business telling him how to breed and his cum is potent enough to produce offspring but still.  He loved me pressing against that little bit of insecurity.  And pushing it to comical proportions.

He had told me no anal, but with his plead for me to show him how, I ate his ass real good and then worked my cock between his ass cheeks.  Teasing him with the head of my cock while continuing the verbal assault.  I had him in a trance and worked the head of my cock in before he snapped to and jerked away.  He wanted it.  But he was afraid.  His ass didn't fight me until the last minute.  Tight, but willing.  More willing than even some of the experienced bottoms.

The tortured raspy voice that tried to vocalize his concern was a mix of confused emotions.  He wanted it bad.

But I was a good guy.  I didn't want to press him to places he'd regret.  And in just a few minutes after, I shot my load all over his face and scooped some up to jerk him off, which didn't take much at all.

And as I was coming down from the encounter, about to pass out on his bed while he curled up into the fetal position at my side, I thought about how much work it was to test the boundaries and gauge his reactions and I wondered how much it was really me at his service, trying to make him satisfied instead of the other way around.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The twerker cheats

So, I fucked the twerker one day a couple weeks ago and then he texts me the following day saying that he can't play anymore 'cause his open relationship is now a closed relationship.  Well, going to be a closed relationship starting the following Monday.  He wants me to ditch his number and it's good bye.  I didn't let it drop.  I asked him if we could play one more time even though I wasn't free that weekend.

Well, that day finally came this past weekend.  I made him cum handsfree again right before I shot my load deep inside him.

He's officially a cheater now.  And he hasn't talked about ending our little trysts.  In fact, he just texted me seeing if I'm free this weekend.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

25 year flip fuck

I was at a hotel by work for the night when I logged into Grindr and saw a guy that looked familiar.  Older guy, fuzzy faced and a sinister smile.  One of those smiles that you crack after silently sharing a dirty joke in the middle of polite society, getting away with some naughty but not breaking the rules of propriety.

We didn't get to meet because even though he was in the same hotel, he was there for some sort of seminar with a business partner.  So we just chatted off and on and then that night I finally asked something that could either make me look like a fool or would blow him away if I was correct.

His little screen name mentioned his name and his love of the arts, which is what prompted me to ask.  He looked pretty similar to what I remember as one of the first guys I've ever played with.  My sexual partners at that point were in the single digits.  I could count them on one hand, I'm sure at that point.  Hell, I was only fourteen.  Maybe fifteen.  But I remembered his name.  One of those details that are etched into your mind being one of your first times where everything was fresh and amazing.  Overexposed vivid colors burned into your skull.  The guy I was thinking of I met at a coffee shop in West Hollywood while I was waiting for my friends at the bar next door.  Just people watching.  That is, until he came in.  Leather jacket.  Full beard before it was trendy, before bear was a ubiquitous term of coveted desire.  I was sexually precocious.  I mean, I used to bypass the regular porn rags for titles like Bound and Leather and always seemed to get sprung passing by a Tom of Finland sketch.  So this guy immediately caught my eye.  And I caught his as he did a double-take when he passed by.  We had exchanged numbers... it must have been numbers.  pagers and mobile phones weren't quite as popular just yet.  And then I ended up spending a night at his place the following weekend.

So, I asked.

"Hey, weird question, but did you have an art studio in Reseda back in the early nineties and drive a beat up truck...  And live in the studio on a bed on the floor.  Do art with a dot motif...?"

He was blown away.  That was indeed him.  But he wouldn't give me a straight answer when I asked if he remembered me.  I'll come to find out later that he didn't.  He came back to the hotel a couple days later and we took two hours to catch up and I finally got it out of him.  He completely doesn't remember.  Kinda funny but his Grindr profile noted he's still into younger guys.  And he's still a top.  I don't think I look too much different from then, but I do know my body type is different.  I was a really skinny kid so I'm kinda toned and beefed up now.  And I'm more top than anything else these days.  I wasn't sure we'd still be sexually compatible, but in his words, "I'm not too worried about that."

I spent awhile inwardly laughing at how much he's remained the same.  Still a bit of the scattered bohemian type with kid-like tendencies of being completely enraptured and excited over things as well as incessantly distracted.  Even now, in his sixties.  I think I tripped him up a bit as I confidently picked him up and walked him over to the bed, bear hug from the back so that he can feel my hardon pressing into him before I tossed him on bed.  Then I undressed him and played with his body, gently caressing him until I felt like he was properly relaxed.  And with our eyes locked, I worked my raw cock up inside him in an agonizingly slow roll of the hips as I felt his hole spasm and relax around my cock.

"No way.  How the hell are you doing this?  How can it be so easy for you?"

I answered by slamming the remaining inch into him with a hard thud, making him groan and clench down and roll his eyes back all at the same time.

Unfortunately, with a guy that tight, I didn't last long.  I felt every time his hole involuntarily squeezed around my cock and instead of having that push me out, I pushed all the way.  Long strokes for him to feel my length.  Small strokes to reach as far into him as I could.  And when I felt like I hit that point of no return, I flipped the switched and just used his hole, folding him over and crumpling him on top of himself as I hammered my load into him.

"I can't believe it was so easy for you to get inside me."

And I smiled that sinister smile, sharing that inside moment.  A look reminiscent of his profile pic, as I realized I just finished up the flip fuck that was almost twenty-five years in the making.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another traveller, another repeat, another good one - the layover

It feels kinda creepy sometimes, the fact that you can "favorite" a guy and see how close you are to him.  I had Growlr open and was checking out my favorites list when I saw that the KiwiGeekCub was suddenly less than a thousand miles away from me.  After a few messages back and forth, it turns out that he was going to be on layover the exact day that I have a room by the airport where he's going to be trying to kill four hours between flights.  A small window with trying to getting out and back into the airport, but we decided to make it a go and try for it.

And I'm glad we did.  We spent over an hour with my raw cock inside him until I fucked a load out of him.  I was a little confused where at one point, he told me that he didn't have any condoms and lube since he was travelling.  I distinctly remember fucking my load into him last time.  You don't meet that many guys from New Zealand so those encounters tend to stick out.  That, and the fact that I love manipulating and throwing around a smaller cub type like him.  And that foreskin on that that thick cock of his!  Grr!  So I told him that I had the supplies requested but was kinda wondering how it will go.

I sent him on his way with a load deep up his ass.  And I'm getting kinda chubbed up right now imagining my load leaking down his leg as we walks through the airport to get to his gate.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Again, he follows

"Damn, that was better than last time," he said.  But then he immediately realized his mistake.  The excitement in his eyes immediately turned to dreadful regret as he stammered out a retraction.  "I mean, well, it was - last time was so awesome too but, I don't know.  It's like - you know?"

His eyes softened when I laughed out accordance.  I knew what he meant.  I might have, at that point, held him to me.  Or maybe I playfully swatted his ass.  Some sort of non-verbal gesture to acknowledge what was exchanged and silence any doubts before we just wallow in the elations of what had just transpired.

A Texan, here on business, that has appeared in these pages before, dubbed as TheFollower.  The first guy that's found me online from this blog and met me in real life.  He followed the tracks I've left by commenting on another blog and has been reading my posts off and on for three years now.  A guy that's into Asian doms and has found that level of diversity lacking in his home territory.

I have to admit, I tested a couple of times to his commitment to being a sub.  From asking him to add me to his room so that I could get my own key from the front desk to making him wait for me fully naked on the bed for me when I got there, dicking around the lobby for a bit for the anticipation to build and get him fully sprung before I barged into his room, to face fucking him deep and slow until he gagged several times and teared up, to spitting in his face while holding him down to take my assault on his ass, to wrapping both hands around his throat until he turned read while I fucked him so hard my balls ached from slamming against his ass.  It was a rough fuck with nothing but his deep throat spittle as lube.  At one point, I fucked him so hard that we inched closer to the edge of the bed and we toppled over, him still impaled on my cock.  And the sight of him folded over onto himself on his shoulders supporting both our weight was so fucking hot that I just used one leg to stabilize us while I just continued to piledrive my cock into his ass.

Sweat, spit, all different types of fluid were being unleashed onto him and he took it all with wild abandon.  All except my nut.  He was pinned facedown on the bed when I slammed into him and my balls started to tingle and I came.  Or maybe I almost came.  I just know I didn't fully nut but I felt like I came.  And my cock softened a little but I was still wanting to fuck.  And we did.  It didn't take too much longer before I made him cum and then I lapped it up and snowballed it into him before jerking out the remainder of my load onto him and it was then, that I was fully spent.  Sweating, heart-pounding, feeling totally out of shape and spent.  I had to rest a bit before my body could muster the energy to match my volition to move.  Knees wobbly and weak.  Yeah, it was a great fuck.  And yeah, it was as comparable to last time in terms of energy.  Perhaps it surpassed the previous encounter in terms of energy and fulfillment.

I guided him with me over to Sawtelle to grab some grub, exposing him to a little bit of the food diversity available in the local area.  And when I placed my hand on his lap, just inside his inner thigh, I felt his cock twitch and harden to steel underneath the smooth, soft denimn of his designer jeans.  Hard flesh pressing against the soft fabric.  Symbol of eagerness.  I have little doubt in my mind that the next time will even surpass this.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The circle jerk

I had a little over a couple of hours in the hotel before I had to hit the road and get to work.  Nothing was panning out on the apps.  Either long delays between responses or no replies back at all.  I figured it was better use of my time that I let them come to me instead.  Why hunt when you can just set out bait and wait.  So I placed an ad on Craigslist and I used a tactic that seems to work when I'm short on time.  I was very specific on what I looked like but also equally vague on what I was looking for.  Basically noted that I'm a top, but just looking to get together with a guy and jerk off and let it lead to where ever from there.  Fully explicit on my stats.  Noted that I'm Asian up front in case there were any hangups on race...  or the opposite, in case they have a fetish for it.  But I've noticed that the casual tone of the get together seems to bring in a lot more responses and a lot more responses from people that actually commit to meeting.  I think it's the demographic that attracts people to Craigslist.  The people browsing there instead of the apps are either just looking for good jerk off material, are curious, or have really specific things that they're looking for that a proximity app just doesn't provide.  So with the ad I put up, I get the curious guys that are okay with something starting off casual with just a stroke bud, but it also turns off the guys that are just wanting to exchange pics and nasty chat 'cause stroking off is pretty mundane.  And since I provided a pic and was pretty explicit about what I looked like, I also got those that were looking for more and liked what they saw.

Waited a good 15 minutes before the responses started to come in.  Some guys totally didn't read the ad and were just drawn to my dick pic, asking questions that were already answered in the ad.  I half-hardheartedly replied to those.  Among the responses, three of them looked promising.  One from a guy about half an hour out.  White guy about my page and nicely and naturally fuzzy all over.  A good lookin' otter from what I could tell.  Considered himself straight but curious.  Then another guy that was half my age (yikes!) at 19 and just down the street from me.  Also a newbie and curious.  He sent a face pic and he was a good-lookin' kid with dark Mediterranean features.  Then finally, a guy that lived between the two of them.  Latin guy with a girlfriend that wanted to get into some oral and maybe more.  I rolled the dice and invited them all over saying that I had invited a guy over during the wait between messages but that they were welcome to come over for a circle jerk.  Gave them the room number and address just for good measure in case they needed that nudge.

To my surprise, all three showed up.

The first was to arrive was the Latin guy.  Kinda bouncy swagger that seemed more like affectation than natural gestures.  Cute as fuck though.  My height.  Shaved head.  And when he dropped his over-sized shirt and shorts, he had zero body fat.  Tattoo on his chest that he had cropped out of his pic to be less identifiable, a tattoo that snaked up his neck.  We aggressively groped each and and almost simultaneously grabbed each other's ass cheek and grinned.

"Fuck, you have a nice ass."

"You, too!" I replied.

We groped each other pretty hard until he worked himself to solid eight inches of beef, with the foreskin practically fully pulled back.  Wasn't expecting that from the pic.  Bad camera angle.  I was expecting a handful but not that beauty.

Just before we were going to go at it, a knock on the door.  It was the otter.  I opened the door and without a word, just a grin and a head nod beckoning him in, I went back to the Latin boy, eager to pick up where we left off.  But the vibe changed.  As much as I knew that we'd be on the bed fucking if it weren't for the knock, I knew that him subbing out for me in front of another guy wasn't going to happen.

The otter was cute.  Kinda a older skater punk type guy wearing vans and Dickies and a couple of layers on top despite being hot and humid out.  And appropriate with the look, also stank of cigarettes.

And he was completely out of his element.  Fidgety and confused, walking in on two buck naked guys groping each other.  He awkwardly stood there trying to decide what to do, his face tormented in a scowl of bewilderment and absolute desire.  His hunger won out and he joined the little pack, stripping down to his wife beater.  I noted the chain around his neck with some patron saint on it.  Cop maybe?  Fireman?  Quick thought before I grabbed the hem of his ribbed white tank and yanked on it with a grunt of exasperation, silently ordering him to ditch it.

The guy was nicely fuzzy.  Perfect density in a regular pattern all over.  And his unit chubbed up quite quickly.  Not fully hard, but still matched my length at about seven inches or so.  7  Cut.  Completely straight shaft.

The Latin guy and I made room for him and pulled him closer, taking turns tugging on each guy before I let them have at each other while I got behind the Latin guy and made an audible smack with my rod against his ass.  I knew the otter would be turned on by it.  Living porn.  Reached around and pulled him closer to me and mock fucked him while he tugged on the otter.  And that's the first time he stopped him.

"Slow down.  Sorry.  Just really sensitive."

We had only been playing with each other for maybe five minutes.  Another two minutes and he stopped my hand while I was tugging him asking me to slow down.  Too late though.  The otter started shooting.  Hands free.  Four solid squirts that we let fly into the air and to land onto the carpet with a thud.  Then the Latin grabbed the shooting cock and stroked.  Three more volleys even more powerful than the last, shooting a good four or five feet out before landing on the floor.  And then he kept on oozing.  Down his hand.

"Fuck, man.  Nice load," Says the Latin in a deep breathy whisper.

He sheepishly withdrew withdrew while the Latin guy and I looked at each other and started to grope with renewed frenzy.  The otter wasn't quite sure what to do.  He awkwardly watched then stopped, cleaned up, watched a little more, and then made a hasty exit.

When the otter guy left, I grabbed Latin dude's ass.  He knew what was up.  I pushed him back into bed and used the hotel lotion to lube up his ass and my cock.  I was teasing his hole, trying to work him up to loosening up for me when we heard another knock on the door.

"That's the other guy..." I said, regretfully stopping to get the door.

"Another guy?!" he asked.  He was only expecting one other guy.  "I think we should stick to jerking."

Damn.  Ha!  I'm patient though.  I get to this town often and I'm sure we're gonna reconnect.

I let Mediterranean kid in and he was all apologetic.

"Sorry, I'm late.  I'm just down the street but the GPS took me to the wrong place and-" I interrupted him silently by yanking on his clothes.  I was on a time crunch afterall.  We can talk about it later.  Felt kinda sleazy since he was being pretty bashful and shy, chatting in a conversationally gossipy tone while I'm pawing at him.

Nice kid with a decent body.  Not worked out, just natural.  Natural bush, naturally hairy crack.  Beautiful cock that lengthened to a downward curve.  He ended up making me look rather small.  In fact, all three guys were pretty big.  Young, but mature looking.  But also pretty new to everything.  He had previously told me it'd be his first time playing with another guy.  The Latin dude and I both picked up on how...  pliable he was.  But I was pretty protective of him.  I didn't want to push him into anything he'd regret later.  I'm pretty sure that if I had more time and if I didn't put a stop to it, we'd be spit roasting him and pumping him with a couple of raw loads.  But we stuck to jerking off.  Both Latin dude and I paying the kid a lot of attention, feeling up his ass, licking his nips.  We used the mini bottles of lotion as lube.

I ended up shooting first.  The Latin dude shortly after.  And the kid was nowhere near close.  But he kept grabbing onto us though.  He didn't want it to end.  And then he sheepishly looked up at Latin dude and asked, "Could I put it in my mouth?  Just for a quick second?"

With a chuck, the Latin guy said, "Have at it."

"Am I doing it, okay?"  I'm not sure if it was just insecurity being his first time or the fact that Latin dude was only half chubbed up.  I mean, he did just shoot just moments before...

"Man, it feels really great."

And the kid looked up and beamed with pride...  Even though, after the Latin dude left, the Mediterranean kid grinned at me and noted that the hotel lotion tastes really, really bad.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Reconnecting, outside work

TheEnigma came to my hotel again.  Apparently, he prefers being sleazy in a hotel.  Or perhaps he just kinda freaked out when I spent the night that one time.  I mean, I we fucked a lot that one time I spent the night and with the way he keeps on calling me "his top" and the way he loves playing with the ring on my hand, I had thought he enjoys a bit of the intimacy and romanticizes it a bit.  Or maybe he fetishizes being the "other" guy.  Either way, he prefers coming to my hotel now instead of me dropping by his place.

I answered the door naked and he laughed and said, "Nice!"  Not in the sexy-i'm-so-turned-on way, but more of a fratty bro sharing a joke kinda way.  And honestly, I kinda knew I'd get that reaction and purposely did it.  Kinda drew inspiration from another blog I'm reading full of these bro-types.  He scrambles into the room in the bumbling, bouncy but heavy-footed masculine way and tossed him around a bit as I locked lips with him and tore at his clothes until we fell onto the bed.  There, I fucked him mercilessly as I held onto his cock and just when he was about to cum, his eyes came back into focus and the made an attempt to grab my hand.  Not to stop me from jerking him off but to guide the shot so he doesn't hit his face.  The connection broke for a sec and that momentary lapse from the sexy to the utilitarian stopped him from shooting all over like he normally does.  Still shot far.  Hit the pillow even.  But I could tell it was different than when he cums with abandon.  Gotta work on that...

Afterwards, we made small chit chat and somehow we got into the topic of our favorite food trucks.  And it turns out, we actually worked at the same company for a year without realizing it.  Different floors, different crew, but still the same building and everything.  Small word.  Completely blew us away.  And then at the heels of that discovery, he asked to meet again the next night.  I figured that totally confirmed my original thought that he's into that fetishizing intimacy thing but then the next day he cancelled.  So I'm still not sure.  And he's still TheEnigma.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I used to tell people that Spin magazine made me gay.  I was fourteen, sprawled out on my bed, blasting music from my old 70s stereo sound system (complete with a phono and 8-track) MacGyvered to thump some noise out of four speakers so that the sound waves would attack me from all four corners of my small room, a cocoon of solace for my teenaged angst.  This was before the  ubiquity of multi-channel surround sound and receivers that could process that (well, at least to a price point for a kid in my neighborhood could afford).  I'm listening to my favorite jam of the day.  Not sure what it was.  Nirvana?  Garth Brooks?  Gn'R?  EMF?  But it's one of those cases where I was listening to the same thing over and over again and discovering a new nuance each time.  Then I go further and start reading up on people, tracing influences, reading magazines back to back.  I got to the classifieds of Spin magazine and my eye catches an ad that asks in big bold letters: Are you gay?  And it was right then where that cognitive dissonance dissipated and though I knew the definition, all the antipathy clouded analysis and prevented me from seeing it but it was right then where I thought, "Holy, fuck.  I _AM_ gay!"  Turns out the ad was from the LA Gay and Lesbian Center as part of their queer youth outreach program and they connected me with other kids locally and abroad who were also figuring things out.

But this highlights my tendency to indulge in something routine and fully immerse myself to unfold the details and then go deeper and get lost in tangents that lead to different discoveries.  So now you're left with these weird patchy details about my encounters with my regulars.  Some of these guys I've played with well over a dozen times and you've only heard of him once.  And other times I can't wait to tell you every detail.

With MusclePussy, it's the same scene every time.  He leaves the door unlocked for me and he's waiting for me naked in bed, grabbing his cock without stroking himself, 'cause he's rock hard in anticipation and so severely horny that just a half stroke can push him over the edge.  The door to his room is only cracked open just a bit, so I undress in the living room.  In those few moments over a few years of the same routine, I've come to find out a few things.  Idly looking at things while I tear off my clothes.  He cooks.  Fond of tomatoes and avocados which make sense, given his incredibly lean, muscular frame.  He's really fit.  Over 6 feet based on how his long legs fold over my shoulders.  And in that position, I just feel taut power when my hand runs over the ripples on his stomach.  Beautiful chest.  Shoulder caps that look like protective football gear, but made of flesh and pure muscle.  But as healthy as he is, he really hates to clean.  And that seems especially odd since he works in the medical field based on the mail I see lying around.  And yeah, I used the name on the mail to confirm.

But I can't figure out if he's out.  He's extremely paranoid about his neighbors hearing him through the thin walls.  And the foul things that come out of his mouth tend to skew towards a heteronormative lexicon.  He loves calling his ass a pussy.  And that fuckin' ass-pussy!  He trembles with just the slight touch of his ass.  He leaps out of his skin just feeling the heat of my body against his ass.  He's tight as fuck too.  So tight, I'm expecting him to push me off and scream in pain, but instead he pulls me in and starts babbling, completely overwhelmed in sensation that he has to let go of his cock before he just tightens into a ball and explode like the big bang.

This last time, I'm contemplating how often he gets action and how deeply closeted he is while I'm fucking him.  I have a condom on, but I still feel him because how fucking tight he is.  And how damn warm he is from the inside.  And I'm just trying to process how he can be so damn turned on every single time.  Hard as ever before I even get into his room.  And I'm thinking, he'd be such a good top.  Any bottom would love to feel that piece of steel hammering it into them.  But it's probably not topping that gets him that hard.  It's bottoming.  He's completely wired to it.

And just as I'm thinking that, my cock gets even harder still and I'm fucking him in full strokes now, all the way in and all the way out.  And the condom breaks as I tear through his ass on one of the strokes in.  His ass tightened even harder because he was cumming.  Overload of sensation, now.  I feel the raw heat of warm moist hole now, without a barrier, and it envelops me completely as he spasms all around, from the inside out.  Before I can even react, I'm pulsing into his ass as well.  All that happening all at once brought me way over the edge.  And I'm sure I could have pulled out, possibly in time.  But in full on selfish cum mode, I just fucked it into him hard.  Several hard thrusts that made a loud voilent slap that undid all the pains at trying to keep himself from vocalizing his own orgasm.

"Did you cum?" he whispers.  Always eager to please.  Always afraid he'd cum too quick before I was close.  Fuck, I'm not sure how he missed how violently I spasmed against him and fucked my load deep inside him.

I didn't tell him what happened.  I'm such an ass.  So the same scene played out as before.  Same results, technically.  Pretty big differences.  And I learned a few more little tidbits about him.  And also made an interesting discovery about me.