Friday, January 15, 2016


He's a set of beautifully awkward contrasts. Smaller gauge hole in his ear and shoulders that seem to be permanently stuck in a charming boyish shrug. Superhero shirt that once removed revealed a network of images tattooed on his back, etching harsh stories in indelible ink. He spoke in a gentle tune that cascaded in a soft lull that drew you into a sweet dream. But it was me that wanted to rock him in my arms from the moment he walked in, impossibly tall but postured in such a diminutive way that just so fucking cute. Or maybe that hunch is of the injuries he sustained in a softball tournament just the other day, leading to the pain patch that he had on his arm. I felt kinda guilty after I found out what that patch was 'cause I had contorted his figure into impossible shapes as I nailed my hardness into him in. And I felt doubly guilty since I continued to fuck him after I had already hammered him so hard he came from just a few quick strokes. It was one of those moments where his ass was just tensing from his orgasm in such a way as to milk my cock and I just was so close I couldn't stop. So I just rode that cusp of cumming for a few more minutes after he came before I fucked my load into him. The guilt lifted, though, as he purred in that singsong voice of his how he could feel my load in him. Cute. In such a contrasting dirty way.


LP - Hired Stud said...

mmmmmmmmmmm, I love contrasts. I think we all have our "wild side" and mine stays under my clothes, but is a masterpiece when I undress! : ) (Tatt that runs from shoulder blade, wraps around torso and onto thigh.)

Bruce Chang said...

Hmm... Now that IS pretty surprising and I'm completely consumed by curiosity now

Not Alone said...

I think we all have them. At church this morning with my wife, I was thinking about writing a blog post about dirty men's spas.