Thursday, January 21, 2016

DirtyDaddy in the changing room

And speaking about daddies... When I texted asking if he wanted to meet up he told me he was out shopping so I asked him to send some pics from the dressing room at Macy's. Ha! Also including a bonus pic of his cock...


Anonymous said...

The whole subject of "Daddy" is fraught. Now that I've definitely crossed the line into "Daddyism" though, I'm quite comfortable in the role, either as the, shall we say, leader or follower!

The pictures your "boy" sent from Macy's are hot and that dick looks really yummy! Thanks for whetting my appetite!

Paul, NYC

leatherdad said...

I long since crossed the line into Daddy land; now it's more like Grandpappy. As my latest post illustrates, some guys seem to really work with that energy. It doesn't do a thing for me, but if he likes it, fine!

Anonymous said...

Correct use of "Whet" is hot Paul!

verb \ˈhwet, ˈwet\
Simple Definition of whet
: to make (something, such as a person's appetite or curiosity) sharper or stronger

Full Definition of whet
whet·ted whet·ting
transitive verb
: to sharpen by rubbing on or with something (as a stone)
: to make keen or more acute : excite, stimulate

Bruce Chang said...

@Paul - and what also gets weird is that I love a sub daddy type.

Bruce Chang said...

@leatherdad - hey! Just started to read your blog! Need to add you to the blog role...