Sunday, January 10, 2016

Obstacles doubling up

It's a bit of a problem. Not the fact that I'm fucking horned up as hell and it seems like everything in the world is cockblocking me from getting my nut. The guy is at a hotel just two miles away but I'm making turn after turn in the early morning hours when no one is in sight for some supposed road construction. That's frustrating, but not the problem. Instead, the problem is that things are getting a little out of hand. I have a hookup in an hour and at the last minute, I'm squeezing yet another hookup in. Why the fuck am I doing this when I have a perfectly good guy swinging by my room. Turn after turn and then a wild hunt for parking later, I'm in the guy's room and I know exactly why. My cock is fucking a load out of him raw even though he had asked for condoms just shortly before. That little high when I feel his hole quiver around my dick as he pulses out a load out of his enormous bulb of a mushroom headed cock. Some random married guy from the cold northeast. That feeling of satisfaction as I fuck that out of him - I'm addicted to that. That's why. And as easy as it could be to lose my load inside the dude, I don't. Because I know I have another guy coming that I can fuck and feel that all over again.


Not Alone said...

I feel addicted to it too... But I have to settle for my hand most of the time... enjoy what life brings to you.

Bruce Chang said...

Ya know, I'm actually trying to not masturbate this year. Well, not cum from masturbating. Fun and frustrating at the same time. I should keep a lot and let ya know how it goes. Ha!