Monday, June 24, 2013

Orgy... success!

So another play party.  Same host, same place.  But this time, during the day.  I was a bit reluctant to go, seeing as how my last trip didn't work out right.  And when stuff like that gets in your head, it's all downhill from there.  But once again, I just happened to plan a trip out to my parents on the same day that the party was being held and the party was just two miles away.  So, I just said, "Fuck it" and made up my mind to go.  Packed up a towel and a pair of swim trunks and off I went.  Well, that and I had to make a pit stop at target for some lube and condoms.

I've been to this place before for their pool parties, but this was different.  This was specifically a play party...  with an open pool.  I was a bit unsure of how to proceed.  I first just started to walk around in my undies.  Then I decided just a towel.  It was such a nice day out that I really wanted to jump in the pool and relax in the hot tub.  So I went back again to put on my swim trunks and grabbed my towel.  What should happen on my way back?  I stopped dead in my tracks.  A guy I played with here a year and a half ago was standing right in front of me.  We had spent the whole party together to the point where even the host said, "God, I didn't think you two would ever finish up!"  And we sorta didn't because I got his number and we spent an afternoon together a couple of days later where he came four times and I shot my load into him twice.

So there I am in just a towel and am immediately tenting up thinking about our last time together when he spots he.  His face lights up with instant recognition.  He barely got out a "Hey!" before our lips locked in a deep kiss.  He pressed me up against the wall and I could already feel him starting to bulge out against me.  Fuck, I forgot how well he kissed.  And he's quintessential bear.  Mid-thirties, scruffy faced with a strong jawline.  Broad shouldered and perfect amount of hair all over his chest.  Strong arms and perky nips that peek out of the fuzz.  Just an all-around masculine frame.  And handsome as fuck.

"I hate to say this but you're going to have to remind me your name.  Maybe it's because I'm high.  I just can't remember."

He must have meant pot.  His eyes were kinda red.

"It's alright, Jon.  It's Bruce."

"Damn you!"

I laughed at that.  And just to make him a bit more embarassed, I asked him about his job, his place in Hollywood, and if he was visiting family like he was last time we met at this house.  I wasn't offended and he could tell I was just messing with him.  We both grabbed our swimming trunks and chatted to catch up a bit poolside.  We started to make out pretty hard when he cut me off.

"We can't here..." he said.

"Why not?  I don't think Mark has a rule against it."

"I don't want to with a bunch of guys just sitting there watching."

"And you don't think a bunch of people are going to be watching in the play room?"

I didn't quite get it.  I think you're past the stage of trying to appear virtuous by simply showing up to a play party, but maybe that's just me.  We toweled off and headed in.  People were still just milling about cruising.  Nobody was making a move yet.  It was time for Jon and I to get the party going.

We were in the dark room and it was now my turn to toss him against the wall.  His skin was still damp and his towel wet when I stripped it off his waist.  Rubbing against him was hot, feeling a different texture as I ran my hand over his wet chest hair, flattened curls like a pencil sketch of a turbulent ocean.  While we made out, guys started to circle and close in on us like a pack of wolves.  By the time I ditched my towel and kicked it away to the wall, a guy was already bending over to take my cock in his mouth.  Grabbing Jon's ass, I turned him a bit so that we were intertwined enough to stuff both of our cocks into the sucker's mouth.  Our lips still locked, Jon's hands absently went to his nips as he rubbed them.  Not a pinch, but a rub of the tip with the thumb or index finger.  Someone saw and took that opportunity to help him out.  We had to break our kiss to accommodate, but he had a hot Latin guy take his nips into his mouth to work them.  The change also broke the cocksucker's attempt to double-suck.  He was starting to get a lot of teeth anyway.  With a smirk, I grabbed both ears and then guided him to a tempo that worked for my dick.  He tried to speed up but I held him firm.  Then, with one hand, I twisted my cock a bit to accommodate the curve and lodged my cock deep to the back of the sucker's throat.  Held him down.  Small little mini thrusts just to feel the head of my cock push in and out of the tight opening of his throat as I felt him start to resist more and more and try to back off.  I let the pressure against my hands increase a bit until I had enough and let go.  His head flung back and he let in a huge gasp for air that cut through the silent room.  Barely did the air fill his chest before, on his own, he flung himself back onto my cock and swallowed me straight to the balls.  Just a moment, but it was enough for me to catch a full glimpse of the muscle bear that was gobbling up my cock.  Big, beefy build with arms that bulged from a good shoulder and tricep routine at the gym, shaved head and smooth except for a trail down his stomach leading to his pubes.  A couple guys were on Jon as well, sucking him down and working his nips.  Caught his eye for a second and smiled.  When the guy sucking Jon started to wear out, I dislodged from the muscle bear and got on my knees to suck on Jon for a bit.  He was sticking straight out, so I just went all the way down to the back of my throat.  I murmured something while simultaneously mouthing his sack with my bottom lip and that made his knees buckle.  That triggered something, because the guy that was previously sucking Jon's nips suddenly sprayed the floor while he watched arm in arm with another guy.  The muscle bear swooped down to join me in sucking Jon.  Standing back up to make out with Jon, I suddenly left a huge cock with a lot of weight on it slap my ass.  I reached around and damn, that piece of meat was huge.  Long and thick, and it wasn't even hard yet.  It easily had a couple inches over mine and another couple inches around.  As the owner of the huge log grabbed my ass and rested the heft of his cock on my ass, I couldn't help but let out a chuckle.  It was a bottom's dream dick, but it just wasn't for me.  Didn't mean to do chuckle, though.  Laughter in a situation like that is just a huge buzz kill.  But he got the message and so did the other guy next to him cause it gave him a chance at that huge cock.  He fell to his knees while I started to turn myself and back myself to the wall, side-by-side with Jon to take everything in.  Things were definitely heating up as people started to pair up and a couple was getting ready to fuck on the bed.  I turned and made out with Jon while muscle bear alternated between the two of us.  We still had a pretty good group around us as I handled and jerked on some guys' cocks near by and felt up other people, grabbed a few asses...  all while lips locked with Jon.  Without much warning, muscle bear stopped working us and I felt a huge jet of cum slash across my foot.  Hot heat right across the toes.  Three more spurts landed on me before he finally settled down and shook his head to clear the fog.  I loved having that hot load sprayed on me.  I'm a bit of a cum freak.  But at the same time, I needed to stop for a bit so I mouthed the word "break" to Jon and exited the room.

Walking around a bit, I did a double-take on a handsome blond kid in the hot tub chatting it up with a bunch of guys.  Close-cropped hair.  High and tight (I later found out that he was from the military).  And sunglasses that kept his eyes hidden from me.  Just his body language made it seem like he wasn't all too comfortable being there.  He was chatting with, in addition to a few others, a muscular and beefy Asian guy.  I've seen the Asian guy before and we never really quite connected with him at the parties.  He was a bit flighty.  And after talking to a bud, he mentioned that the Asian guy kinda had an attitude that came with his well-defined and sculpted body.  He liked to choose who was in the circle that could play with him.  I briefly considered joining in to wind down in the hot tub but my bud's words left a little bit of distaste in my mouth so I moved on.

After grabbing a bit of soda, I roamed around and found Jon on the couch of the porn room making out with a little stud of a guy.  The kid was about two inches shorter than me and not even a buck and a quarter soaking wet.  He was lying on top of Jon, back to chest as Jon was running his hands over the kid's smooth chest and toned abs.  He had a tight and lean body.  The kid had a baseball cap on (backwards) and shoes, but was otherwise naked, sporting a nice looking cock that was hard but flopping about.  It was kinda comical in a way (I didn't quite get the cap and shoes) but also hot as fuck, seeing Jon manhandle this hot little twink, spreading the twink's legs wide for everyone to see.  The twink craned his neck behind him to make out with Jon as Jon grabbed the kid's hips and ground his meat into the boy's ass.  They weren't fucking, but just rubbing into each other.

When he saw me, he whispered, "Go get a condom and fuck him with your big cock."

Ha!  I wasn't even sure if he was into me.  The kid knew what he wanted though.  He grabbed my arm to pull me in close.  I raised his legs a bit more and he wrapped them around my waist as I fell on top of them.  We then shared a three-way kiss while my cock grew and drooled all over his hole.  I grabbed his hips and we rolled off of Jon with him on top of me straddling my cock.  Guiding his hips back and forth, we made out as my dick drool coated his ass and he was soon slipping up and down my shaft.  He then leaned over to suck Jon down while Jon and I sat side by side making out.  He was making both of our cocks feel good.  The position was a bit awkward for him, though, so he settled between Jon's knees and started to really work Jon for a load.  He was hungry for it, sucking him down.  I played with Jon's nips just the way he likes.  Not too much of a pinch, but a rub until they're nice and erect.

That's when I saw him.  A tall guy with dark features.  Middle-eastern, perhaps.  Had a very shy way about him.  He was still in his underwear, but he was obviously tenting up.  I caught him staring at me and he immediately looked away.  I held the gaze though as his eyes wandered back.  I think he saw my my inviting half-smile for his brief flicker of a glance back at my face before his eyes darted straight back to the floor, watching his feet as they shuffled towards me, shoulders curled as if he's uncomfortable with his height.  I don't think he even looked at me again until he had my cock all the way down his throat.  His mouth full, he looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes.  He was a cute little otter, even made more adorable by the his intensely shy demeanor.  He knew how to suck cock though.  I grunted some encouragement that made him redouble his efforts and made my eyes roll back and my toes curl.  God, it was just so velvety nice.  Not too much suction.  Not just a ring of lips traveling up and down, but it was like dipping my cock into a cloud of slick.  I don't know why, but the guy gave up way too quick, even having edged me a dozen times.  The one regret of the night was that I didn't shoot my load down his throat.  He deserved it.  Instead, I was in a dogpile on the couch as a few guys joined in.  I mainly focused on Jon and the twink, so it was a bit of a blur.  I do remember egging a guy on to shoot on my chest while I was getting blown.  And then finally extracting myself from the room, sliding my foot into my slippers only to slide through a cold wasted load.  I don't even know who did that.

I treaded lightly from the room, half turned on and half a bit grossed out by the squishy noises I made with every step of my left foot as I made it out to the hot tub.  What did I find?  The muscular Asian guy blowing the hot blond military boy.  I may be totally saying this out of jealousy, but the blond kid was only half hard, a spongy floppiness that the Asian muscle was trying to get hard.  I can't tell if it was lousy head or him being a little uncomfortable being the center of attention, but it took him awhile to get into it.  The rest of the people in the hot tub had their swim trunks on...  but not for long.  As they watched, they couldn't help but ditch the shorts and everyone just started openly jerking off to the show.  The kid was a grower.  He grew to a respectable eight inches or so.  Thick with an angry red head that contrasted greatly from the milky-white complexion of the rest of his body.  I was really expecting him to burn in the time that he spent out there in the tub.  I ditched the towel I had wrapped around me and stepped into the tub.  I was a bit out of my element, feeling like I was intruding on a group that already had something going.  I made a feeble attempt at cracking a joke at my intrusion before I dipped my legs in next to a scruffy faced guy that could easily be a dad that just dropped off his kid at little league or something.  I rested my hand on his thigh and he shivered.

"Sorry, but I'm really, really, REALLY ticklish."  I took that as a sign to stop.  I really do think he's that ticklish because I remember his buds teasing him at the pool earlier about it.  A shame because he shot a massive load that I wanted to have worked out with my mouth.  A black guy across from me finally ditched his shorts and was working his huge fat cock before the guy next to him hopped in the tub and started sucking.  Another guy came over to me to start sucking on my rod.  All too soon, the military kid blew his load down the Asian muscle and play started to end.  It was a shame 'cause I was there for almost three hours at that point and was really close to blowing my load.

Toweling off, I headed back to the porn room where Jon and the twink were just disengaging.  Flopping down on the couch next to Jon, I asked, "Did you shoot your load yet?"

"Not yet."

That surprised me.  Jon's a multiple cummer.  Not sure why he held back when he's able to cum back to back with little rest in between.  We idly made out some more.  At this point, most guys had shot their load and were leaving.  It was just the two of us and Jon rolled over on top of me, holding me down with his weight while he lapped at my nips.

"You can go harder than that."

And he did.  He tweaked them hard between his teeth until my legs started to kick out under him and then he pressed his tongue on it, as the blood rushed back.  This got them really sensitive as he lapped at them and made me shiver.  On and on, alternating between hard and soft, rough and tender.  I was really aching to cum after being edged all afternoon and with his fuzzy chest in my lap pressing down against my cock, I just let it go.  He didn't realize it at first until I begged him off, becoming supersensitive.  He thought my cock was just pulsing from the treatment, not spurting my cum between us.  It was running down the side of my stomach when he lapped it up and then came up to snowball it into my mouth.  There was just a millisecond of hesitation when he did it, but the afternoon of non-stop action got to me and it didn't take me long to get back in the mood.  I had him on the couch now, as I started to suck him off.  He really loved the way I lodged it to the back of my throat and snaked my tongue out to lap at the base and just a part of his balls.  As the party was winding down, the host was able to play a bit and joined in.  We went back and forth for awhile when the host started to jerk him off.  He was a little rough, I could tell, so I kinda eased back in and started to suck while they made out.  Then the whine started.  Nothing hotter than a big masculine guy turning to jelly and whining, begging to cum.  I felt a recoil as a shot went to the back of my throat.  I couldn't taste it, but could almost smell it coming up my nasal passages as his cock was still lodged balls deep.  A couple of more strokes and his full load came shooting out and flooding my throat.  I couldn't keep up and some started to ooze back down his shaft.  But I kept on working it while he moaned and it was just a little longer before he said he was going to cum again.  It took a little coaxing but it happened again.  I preliminary shot and then the full load a few strokes later.  I let him wind down a bit before I came up to make out and snowball his load back and forth.  He was done though.  He pulled back, his load all over his face, his lips still visibly wet with his load when he laughed and said, "You fuckin' pig."

Yeah.  But that's why he likes me.  With that, I left while he stayed around to wind down a bit... He made sure I had his number ("Yeah, I still have it from last time.  Look, I even spelled with without the 'h'") and as I was walking out the door, we were already starting to make plans for me to shoot a couple of loads into him next time I see him...

Kinda disappointed I made a stop for supplies without even using them but still, that was MUCH better than last time.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The cowboy

So here I go, going all Pulp Fiction on you guys.  Flashback to a couple hours before I turned the tables on the Playful Dom and I was rolling through a huge apartment complex slower than my speedometer could measure.  As a bystander, I'm pretty sure that people thought the background moved while I sat stationary, looking dumbfounded at the building numbers in front of me.  I was almost convinced that buildings were numbered in base 4 because why else would building 3 be next to 11?  As it was, I was already a bit late for the hookup, not having accounted for morning traffic, and now this crazy numbering scheme was standing between me and the urban cowboy that had an hour before he had to get to work.

I had stumbled across the cowboy's profile earlier, but wasn't quite sure if we'd be a match since he noted himself as a top.  What drew me to his profile was his cover pic of him riding in a rodeo, just coming out the gates to rope...  um...  something.  Who knows?  It didn't matter.  It just flooded me with a yearning from years ago.  I was a bit of a maverick (i.e. freak) in junior high, being quite outspoken about my love of Nirvana and Garth Brooks.  Threw myself into the world of country music in a school dominated by west side gansta rap and I later went as far as to dip Copenhagen long cut...  before I took too much tobacco all at once and made myself sick.  I definitely got a soft spot for a guy in Wranglers and boots.  But what sealed the deal was when the cowboy wrote me first with four words: "Please come fuck me."  I hightailed it over there before he could change his mind, even though he noted that he only had an hour before he had to run to work.

When I finally found building four, I pulled into a spot and fired up my phone to double-check his apartment number.  What I got was a note sent three minutes ago saying he had to cancel because he got called into work early.  

Argh!  Seriously?!?

I couldn't tell if it was legit or if he just got cold feet.  Or maybe he shot his load jerking off in anticipation of the encounter and was just not in the mood anymore.  I decided to go to his apartment and find out.  What could it hurt?  Maybe I could at least get a little grope for driving over.

And I'm glad I did.

He made my cock stir just opening the door with the towel wrapped around his waist.  My height, but broad shouldered and a bit stocky.  Beefy.  A guy settling into his body a bit.  Scruff on his face, fuzzy chest and clear eyes that crinkled a bit when he smiled at my greeting, which was a rather abruptly direct suggestion that we just play for a few seconds. Damn, he just oozed masculinity.

I grabbed him and pulled him to me in a kiss while he tried to pull away and lead me to the bedroom.  We stumbled around a bit, past the boots he had in the corner and belts with buckles the size of Texas hanging on a hat rack.  And he was a damn good kisser too.  He whimpered and moaned softly when I moved from his lips and tried to devour his neck, letting my tongue trace the valleys under his jaw and mouthing the muscles that strained against me, relaxing and contracting as he involuntarily buckled under me.  I let up for a second to yank the towel off him to expose him to me.  I couldn't get my clothes off fast enough, pulling off my shirt so fast my glasses got all tangled up and hopping around like I was walking on hot coals as I tried to pull myself free from my shorts to follow him to the bedroom.

I knew we were short on time, so I just whipped him around and bent him over the bed.  His fuzzy mounds gave me pause.

Here's the thing: it's only been a year or so where I finally got over my mental block and really got into rimming a guy, seriously eating a guy out.  And now I love it.  But I still hesitate.  In a flash, I convinced myself that he just stepped out of the shower, so he'd be pretty clean and there wouldn't be any surprises.  And instead, there was a good surprise.  As I dove in, burying my nose in deep and suffocating myself between his perfect mounds, I could still smell his musk but it just turned me on more than anything else.  Lap, poke, lap, spit, suck... I worked his hole in a frenzy that probably had absolutely no finesse but managed to get me worked up so hard I was dripping precum on the floor.  It was time.  I rolled him over and I moved onto the bed as he scooted himself higher.  Lifting his legs back, staring straight into the eyes of need and hunger, I didn't need anything more to impale him on my meat in one steady push.

Absolutely no finesse.

I was wrapped up in a hunger from years of deprivation and luckily he was in his own world of need, having that itch to bottom and a hard dick that was willing to pound it out of him.  He shot first, globs of cum oozing out of his cock while his body contracted over and over with each spurt as if he was doing crunches in time with his orgasm.  I let myself go for it at that point and shot my load into him quickly after.  I was probably in an out in less than half an hour.  It wasn't quite long enough to get the whole thing out of my system though.  Especially when I smelled him on my face for the whole ride home.  Fuck, I can still taste and smell that sweet ass just talking about it.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pushing boundaries

So, you may think with Too Far Mark, Birthday Cub and a few others I wrote about that I'm really big into nipple play.  And I suppose I am.  I love feeling a guy squirm under me.  But more importantly, I love a guy that he, himself, gets off on squirming under me.  So when a self-professed "playful dom" asked me if I enjoyed the sexual power in causing a guy a bit of pain, my honest answer was, "Nope."  What I really enjoy is exploring boundaries and the mutual surprise when a guy experiences something new, something he wasn't too sure of, and then becomes addicted to it.

I first saw Playful Dom's fuzzy torso on Grindr, fuzzy in both the dusting of hair that covered his perfectly sculpted chest and softly rippled abs and also fuzzy in terms of the resolution of the photo.  Either way, the pic made my cock intrigued.  He turned out to be a married guy that just worked a couple blocks from me.  What surprised me was the rapid fire chat that was going on right in the middle of the workday.  Within a minute, we traded face pics and already found out that we're both tops.  But he persisted.  He was specific in what turned him on: bondage.  Acts of complete surrender.  And a fondness for a specific type of sneaker.  Hightops.  A very specific brand.  Even a specific color.  When I probed further, I found that he's still rather limited in experience.  He's never sucked a guy's dick before, never bottomed.  And then he admitted it.  He's curious about being a sub.  In fact, he's tried a couple of times but ended up turning the tables on the would-be dom.  I'm not too surprised.  He was... unequivocal?  He knew what he wanted.  And I was up for the challenge of seeing how well he knew what he wanted.

He took the short jaunt over to my place on foot, sporting a brown herringbone tweed jacket in 90 degree weather.  Four blocks and you can see the sweat on his face.  But the jacket commanded some attention, an air of sophistication and manners.  It just took a second before I was able to poke holes through his authoritative and direct, business-like manner.  As he remarked on knowing the building's architect and developer, I stepped in uncomfortably close to him and looked him in the eye before I pulled him in by the lapel for a deep kiss.  There was a moment as he tensed up, but then immediately relaxed and gave in.  He surrendered.  I pressed him up against the wall by the doorway and pressed my whole body against him and his whole body responded.  I could feel his cock stiffening up under his pants, straining against the fabric of his underwear, fighting against the threads so vigorously I could feel each pulse as I pushed him harder into the wall and then the long exhale through his nose that simultaneously caved his chest in to draw me in deeper.

The first test was done.  He was a damn good kisser.  I was afraid he was one of those guys that regarded kissing as too intimate.  Instead, he went in full throttle and gave as much as received, an active participant.

"Bedroom," I barked and nodded off to the right, pulling him by the belt off the wall.

Second test: I knocked his feet apart and pushed him down by the shoulders, forcing him down to his knees.  I yanked my gym shorts down a bit and shoved his face in my pubes.  I knew they'd be a bit ripe.  I didn't tell him that just a couple hours before I fucked my load into a guy (more on that later).  Not sure what he was smelling but he groaned as I held him there, almost suffocating him.  When I slapped my growing cock on his face, I felt hesitation for the first time.  He mentioned that he never sucked a guy before.  This was going to get interesting.

"Lick it, boy!"  I grabbed his collar so he couldn't pull away.

He didn't respond right away.  I can almost see the frantic whizzing of the wheels in his head and the steam coming out his ears as he tried to figure out what to do.  I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him away for a sec.  Without pause, I spat in his face and he flinched.  I spat on him again and then slapped him, knowing it'd sting without much force because of the spit.  A soft wet slap holds some power.

"I said, 'Lick it!'"

Then he tentatively kissed my cock.  And again.  Light kisses along the length of my cock as his eyes were firmly shut.  I think I had enough of that, of making him squirm.

I pulled him up to see if he was still hard.  Roughly unbuckling his belt, I exposed his lust, flared out and angry red.  He was uncut, with silky skin gliding over a rock hard shaft as I stroked him a bit.  Turning him around, I folded him onto the bed face down.  Pinning his hands to his sides, I chomped at his ass cheeks to let him know what I had in store.

"Oh my god..."

And I didn't do anything yet.  I licked his balls, his taint, let go of his hands and spread his cheeks apart, exposed his hole which was sweaty from the heat on the walk over.

And I dove in.

One long lap from his balls to the top of his ass that sent him through the roof.  I could tell it was his first time.  The salty sweat on my tongue and the faint musk on my nose.  I buried my tongue in deep, alternating with laps as his hole began to open, winking at me and with probes as I worked a bit of my spit inside him.

Another test: I rose and slapped my cock on his ass a couple of times to let him know what's coming next.  Then I slid it along the length of his crack before I threw my whole weight into him, grinding against his hole, smothering him from head to foot, fingers intertwined in a tight grip over his head.  Goddamn, it felt good.  He had a bubble butt that just wrapped around me.  Add to that the fact that he was obviously unsure of what to do and the rapid heart beat I felt while lying on his back, that excitement was more than I could handle.  I could have shot right there.  And the urge was even more intense every time my dickhead nudged his bud.  But I had one more thing in mind.

The final test: I flipped him back around, with my face still wet and smell of his musk on my face, I leaned in for a kiss.  Holding his hands down again, he still managed to kiss just as passionately as before.  Letting go of one of his hands, I started to jerk him.  Just a couple of strokes and he started to pull away from the kiss.

"Oh, god.  I think...  I'm...  I'm gonna cum."  And with that, he shot four spurts that landed some distance away from us on the rug.  He was still trying to catch his breath when he broke out between heaves, "I wasn't expecting that.  At all.  So quick."

He later explained that he had reservations on being on the other side of things and was really taken aback at how much he enjoyed it.  Soup to nuts (or nut...  ha!) the scene played out in like 15 minutes tops.  And that got me hard again.  The fact that he enjoyed it.  And the fact that he's a bit conflicted that he enjoyed it.