Friday, January 29, 2016


His Growlr profile noted that he was submissive, but I think I went too far.  I tore at his ass with my cock while holding him in a choke hold.  He wasn't in any danger but I think he freaked out just enough for me to not be surprised that he didn't reply when I thanked him for a good time the next day.  But then, to my surprise, he messaged me a couple of months later.  So this next time, it was more of a straight-forward fuck.  But he definitely wasn't a top.  Nor did he like to take the lead.  So I was confused until after and he opened up to me and started talking about his partner of over a decade, how he helped his partner through a scary period when brain cancer was discovered.  And without saying it, I realized why he didn't message me.  

We cuddled and I held onto him a little longer than is comfortable, a way of thanking him for opening up to me in so many ways.


Not Alone said...

I know you are compassionate by the way your conduct yourself, even if it is in the most raw of ways.

BlkJack said...

Wow! Btw, Happy birthday!

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks! Now where's my present? :-)