Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The four-hour workout

After a disastrous episode at one pool party and then an amazing experience at another, I decided to press my luck and the very next day after work, went to the bathhouse.  What ensued was four hours worth of sweat and flesh.

I don't remember everything in sequence and there was way too much to write down to help me remember, but the night started off with me awkwardly bumping into a platonic bud while he was checking out of the joint and I was checking in.  He's a good lookin' guy but it was way too close to home.  We ended up inquiring about each other's partner and then making some vague promise of meeting for a playdate in the future.  I even got a text from him a few hours later but I just kinda let that fizzle out.  I didn't want to say no, because in all honesty, I'll probably say yes some time down the road but it just didn't feel right.

Once I got in, I remember stripping down to a towel and barely making it out my room when I felt eyes on me.  I turned the corner to a public play space and an Asian guy hovered around behind me.  I turned around to give him a smile and feeling a good vibe stepped close to intrude on his personal space.  I leaned in for kiss but he pulled away.  Thinking I might have read things wrong I started to pull even further back before he tentatively reached out, but he lacked the will to even touch me.  I took the initiative to feel under his towel and he was hard as a rock.  Not that long, but pretty thick.  It was then I understood what he was after.  He was a voyeur, too afraid to give in and commit to anything physical but perfectly content to watch and I didn't mind having him warm me up.  And besides, we were attracting some attention.

An incredibly fit guy with perfectly combed hair walked by, hair that was so light and feathery yet dense and structured.  He had an even coat of fuzz on his chest, having trimmed it down to an exact uniform length.  Perfectly groomed yet an attitude that was the exact opposite of proper.  He strutted around knowing he turned some heads and the strut changed when he honed in on something he wanted, stalking his prey before he pounced.  I got to him and pulled him in before he had any chance to attack.  With one arm, I pulled him into a deep kiss while using my other to pull TimidVoyeur closer.  The voyeur pulled back though and I was happy to turn my attention to PerfectlyGroomed.  We attacked each other with a hunger and slobbered all over each other, making out and mashing our cocks together.  It was easy to tell that we were both tops, but that didn't stop us from sucking and grinding and groping and making out util limbs were flying everywhere.  A couple of people tried to work their way in and we were nothing but inviting but it was hard to compete with the energy we had.  One guy, I mentally thought of as "TheCoach" with his baseball cap and jock.  He was in his fifties and built wide but solid.  A gut from indulging in life but still built.  Then there was ImpossiblyTallBear, eager to catch my attention and fidgeting about, hopping on each leg like a little, eager pup wanting to join in on the fun...  as if he needed to do anything but stand there for people to notice his imposing figure.  They, including TimidVoyeur, hovered around but didn't try to join in.  Instead, vocalizing encouragement and placing an extra hand here or there.  I was sucking PerfectlyGroomed when I felt a change and pulled off to give a couple a strokes before he shot a massive load onto his chest.  His body was still shaking and convulsing when I put my forehead to his and used my other hand to rub him cum in.

We all disbanded to shower and clean up only to meet up again later, like a splash of oil in water scattering out in little units and then reassembling into one.  I found TheCoach in his room, face down flat on him stomach.  I walked in and felt up his ass only to quickly withdraw.  He smelled of chemicals oozing from the pores of his skin and I just wasn't in the mood to figure out if he parties well or not.  But immediately after I left, I found ImpossiblyTallBear with his hand to the doorknob of his room and his foot tapping on the floor in an obvious attempt to get my attention.  I chuckled to myself since there really wasn't any way I could miss him or misunderstand his intent, even without his ostentatious gestures.  once I was in his room, the eager, his innocent quality never left.  His kisses were tender and sweet.  His touch equally soft.  Huge difference from the passionate, raw piggy mashing of body parts with PerfectlyGroomed.  I took the lead and he sweetly followed, sucking me with such tenderness that made my knees buckle.  His eyes looked up directly into mine when I nudged my cock at his hole and he handed me a condom while pleading me to take him.  He admitted that he hasn't been fucked in awhile and he wasn't lying.  He was tight and when I hit bottom and just stayed still to let him get used to me, I could feel his hot ass pulse and throb with blood, straining against my meat.  He never asked for anything in return, just looked at me enraptured.  I played with his cock and stroked it until I finally had to pull out.  He was tight but so was the condom.  I needed to go back to my room and grab the magnums or else all I could feel was a bad death-grip around my cock.  And 5'8 vs 6'6 gets kinda hard to manage after awhile.  I broke away with the promise to come back and play later.

Grabbed the supplies from the room and I went back only to find his room closed so I took a little stroll to the gloryhole area they have.  It's a large open room with a bed against one wall and then on the walls to the right and left two sets of gloryhole areas.  One involved a row of "private" booths, private in that they were cubicles with doors on them but not so private in that there are cutouts in each of the partitioning walls.  The other was a ramp where a guy can stand up on one side while the other guy on the other side can stand up and suck.  And of course, the room is incredibly dark.  I still made out the form of a younger latin kid watching two guys got at it on the suck ramp, though.  After taking a peek at what was holding his attention, I reached out and flicked his nips.  He didn't turn his attention to me, but he also moaned some encouragement.  I took that as a sign to mouth at his nips and flick my tongue across.  Holding him by the waist tight against me, he couldn't ignore me anymore.  He made a motion to his head to go over to the gloryhole booths.  Door closed. Towels drop. I push his shoulders down and he takes me into his mouth for a bit.  A little rough with the teeth so I pull him up and start tonguing his uncut meat for just a few seconds before whispers me to stop and pushes me away.  Too late.  He's squeezing his cock hard to try to stop but he's unloading all over the floor before collapsing against the wall.  I hear the door to the adjoining booth open and close.  Apparently we had an audience.

On my way to wash up again, I bump into ImpossiblyTallBear and he's fully dressed headed to the checkout.  Apparently I ended play when he was really close and he ended up stroking off shortly after I left.  A gentle giant.  Too sweet to ask me to stay and give him the release he needed.

I was still a little bummed that I couldn't fuck the cum out of ImpossiblyTallBear when I crossed paths with an insanely gorgeous latin guy about my page and a perfect body.  And sometimes I call a guy built in trying to describe a guy with a strong masculine power behind his physique but this guy was gym-built.  Naturally smooth with ripples over his stomach that was anything but natural.  Broad shouldered with nicely defined lats that tapered down to a trim waist.  Triceps that flexed and bulged as he walked.  He wasn't ridiculously muscled but proportionate.  And the discipline that he has with his body was amazing in bed as well.  We ended up in his room, making out passionately before he forced me flat on my back while he rode me.  As he lowered himself down, he worked his hole to milk my cock.  I mean, he did things that I can't even do with my hand.  And he expected the same muscle control from me.

"Can you make it jump?" he asked at one point, letting his whole body weight rest in my lap.

"You mean like this?" I asked as I made my cock pulse deep inside him, making it swell and straighten out a bit towards my belly and directly onto his happy spot.  Hey yelped a bit in surprise (even though he asked me to) and grinned like a kid at Christmas before I pulsed it a few more times.  Then he worked his magic up and down the length of my meat.  Furious pummeling in all sorts of positions alternating with slow thrusts to just enjoy being connected.  I was edging and it got to the point where my cock just kinda gave up.  Still hard but it pretty much gave up on trying to cum so after an hour of play, I collapsed on his sweaty back and forced him down flat on his stomach and waved the white flag.  I needed a break.

I left and rinsed off and walked around a bit before looking at the clock and realized that I was there for way too long and needed to get going if I wanted any sleep before work the next day.  I was just going to go to the steam room to relax a bit and shower to go home, but there were two guys already in there and I think I made them break up from playing.  It's kinda funny.  Not sure why they were being modest.  It wasn't like they were in the steam room at 24-hour fitness.  So I went over and started to play with both of them.  Bearish-types, thick bodied with one tall and the other shorter, one cut and insanely thick while the other nicely hung and uncut.  The shorter one went back to sucking the taller one now that it was "safe" to resume while I made out with the taller one.  We then switched positions and something about a cock that is so thick that you can't get your mouth around it flipped the switch for me.  I was ready to cum.  I was making gargly noises as it was getting close and the tall guy stopped making out with the shorter one to ask me to cum on his face.  He got on his knees while I stood up and shot a huge load that was simmering in my balls for four hours onto his face and chest (hey, I never said I had good aim).

When I finally came to, I realized that the perfect bodied and amazing ass latin guy was watching and he smiled at me and nodded as I made my way out to shower, fully drained and spent in every way.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Double-Header

The room to his bedroom was dark, the shades thick enough to keep the summer evening sun out, but I could still make out the grimace on his face as I held onto his cum-slick cock while thrusting my own cock into his tight hole.

It was just a couple of hours before that I, myself, was convulsing in a dry orgasm as an old fuck bud shot his huge load over my face.  I purposely kept my hands off my cock then, saving my load for this moment right now with TooFarCub.  His one leg over my shoulder, the other off to the side, giving me access to his cock.  We'd been going at it for about an hour and I was edging him for about half of it, swatting his hands away as he got close until I finally just gripped it tight, letting the rhythm of the fuck echo through his body and directly to his cock whenever I drilled it home, causing a ripple of little micro-vibrations across his shaft through my tight fist.  My grip around his meat held him in place while my fuck pushed him into the stroke.  I was reinforcing the direct association with my cock pummeling his ass to his pleasure.  Each hard thrust was one wave of pleasure on his cock.  And then he finally squirted.  As usual, without much vocalization, just his body heaving a bit afterward to betray his orgasm.

And I kept fucking.

If I'd asked, he'd beg for my cum.  If I stopped he'd whimper and grasp at me to keep me inside.  He'd work though the overload of sensation as his body became super-sensitive after shooting just to get my nut.  With his eyes shut and brow furrowed in concentration, he milked me.  The smell of his load, his faint musk and the lingering memories of another guy on my face, it was a bit too much.  My head turned to the side to where I draped his fuzzy leg over my shoulder and scraped my stubble on the inside of his knee before shoving in with one final push and unloading deep inside him.  I was trying to go easy but my body had other thoughts and my hips thrust hard and deep a couple more times to make sure my load stuck.  And even as I was coming down, my cock pulsed and I could feel his hole tighten up in response.

When the haze cleared, he came into focus and for a split second I wondered what he saw in me.  Just what about me that he likes so much that he'd work though the pain.  What is it that made him almost shoot just by me working his nips?  And with another man's odor still lingering on my face, why would he choose just me to share how sexy and giving and fucking hot he is in bed?  It was just a split second that I thought that when I suddenly remembered I had to get my ass out of there.  He's told me that he doesn't play with other guys anymore but that doesn't mean he keeps his talents to himself.  "When is your girlfriend coming over?" I asked.


And in case you're wondering, here's a pic of the load from the super-shooter earlier that day.

Monday, August 19, 2013


So, the the thrill of the chase makes me pass up offers from bottoms that are eager to meet even though these eager bottoms end up being the better lays.  And yet, I still hunt after the ones I know will end up being a little unsatisfying.  I can't blame it on attraction.  The eager ones can be just as hot as the one I chase... at least in a two-dimensional, digital format.  In person, the chemistry with the ones I hunt is like oil and water taking a lot of effort to emulsify at best and like the repulsion of similarly charged particles at worst.

I casually fired up Grindr and was browsing when a guy not too far away was hitting me up.  His headline said "visiting" and with a shirtless pic and sunglasses on as a feeble attempt at discretion, there was no mistaking what he was after.  A simple hookup.  He was close enough that I took the bait.  Even though he messaged me first, his later replies were short and terse.  I couldn't get a good read on whether or not he was truly interested, so I chose a really direct approach.  Within a few messages we established that we were both tops but down for some oral play, only about a couple miles away from each other and that we were both showered and ready to meet.  But that was it.  Never got an invite to come over, so I solicited one.  Not wanting to get stranded in front of his hotel without a room number, I prodded for that information as well.  Poke, poke, push.  Not in a good way.  Just for more information.  I figured that he had cast his net pretty wide and was sorting through the responses before he committed to one.  Surprisingly enough, though, we decided to meet in about half an hour.

I got there and was met at the door with just about the same amount of indifference I got online.  But I'm not gonna lie.  What held me in place instead of making me bolt was the fact that he was one of those rare breeds where the pics just don't do him justice.  He had a shirt on him that was a perfect fit.  Fitting him snugly around his shoulders and chest and falling away through a trim waist.  Some stubble from not having shaved yet.  Buzzed hair cut close all around.

We were the same height and weight.  Usually, I think I'm taller than I am.  Maybe it's me being a little cocky or something, but when I go in for a kiss, I usually find out I'm wrong.  Not this time.  We looked at each other at eye level and when I walked into his space for an embrace, everything lined up.  And fuck was he a good kisser!  Lots of give and take.  Confident enough to let someone else take over and then took the lead the next go around.  Not all tongue.  Not all lips.  Varied and alternating, a skilled exploration of limits and desires.

There was no mistaking the fact that he was turned on, despite the rather cold initial welcome. My cock rapidly swelled up and was straining against the fabric only to feel his cock bulging right there with me.  They'd collide with every movement from side to side and I couldn't help but grab his ass to pull him deeper to grind against him.  We fumbled our way to the bed, extracting clothing from our bodies along the way.  It was a rather steady stumble aside from a momentary double-take after I peeled off his undies.  Beautiful cock.  About my size but thicker with nice veins bulging out.  Definitely a top's cock.

And once we were on the bed, that's where things eventually fell apart.  Perhaps it was me being a bit pushy in testing his boundaries.  He didn't let me spread his legs too far when I settled in to lapping at his meat.  I couldn't even get him to let me taste his taint.  Barely lapped at his balls before I felt him try to wiggle out from under me.  He moaned and gasped from my attentions on his cock, but I could tell he was a ways off from shooting no matter what I tried.  Slow, fast, additional hand movement, more spit, deep throat...  none of it brought him close to the edge.  Unfortunately, he didn't fare that well on mine either.  Teeth perfectly timed to the wrong moments, not as deep as I'd like and the speed was off.

So we went back to the only thing that worked: making out.  Lots of groping, grinding.  Me nuzzling against his fuzzy chest (which was a huge surprise given the fact that his pic showed him smooth). until we ended up in a tangle of limbs with him on his back and my grinding against him while he jerked himself off (we gave up trying to jerk each other off... that wasn't working either).  There's a moment when you're making out with someone where you know he's about to cum and you can't tell if you want to keep going to bring him over the edge or just pull back and watch him let it fly.  I opted to continue, feeling him go from active kisser to passive...  losing control over what his lips and tongue were doing and then felt his body contract as his first shot stretched out over his fuzziness.  The rest oozed out over his fingers as his body continued to convulse.

My left hand reached out and tried to pick up some of his slime, only to rub it deeper into his fur.  I had enough, though, to use as lube as I started to pound one out.  With my right, I reached down to his hand that was still wrapped in a loose fist around his cock.  I slowly brought it up to my face.  One long whiff of his scent before I licked each finger clean and shot my own load to coat the rest of his stomach.

He barely wiped off before fishing for his designer trunks and practically pushed me out the door.  I left wondering what just happened.  How did I spend well over an hour with a guy that was basically trying to rush me out the door?  I mean, that's a long time to basically just do a pathetic two-man circle jerk.  In the end, I think we both compromised and worked with what we had.  We'd both rather be tapping ass, but snogging with a guy that was serious about meeting up was better than nothing.  He felt amazing under my fingers though and I think I secretly wished that, from his perspective, I was going to end up being one of those better than average lays from an eager pursuer.  But instead, I think we both got a "meh".  Thank god he new how to kiss!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Housekeeping: Follow me on twitter?

So...  I finally joined the rest of the world and have an account on twitter.  For a guy that works on computers all day, you'd think I'd be a little more hip to "new" technologies.  Not so.  I was a really big fan of the nifty archives back in college.  That and the daddy-boy stories in Handjobs magazine.  Then I suddenly stopped.  Not sure why.  Until a year ago when I thought about going back to the archives to find that people were blogging instead.  Makes perfect sense.  But now, as CoolTop and Invisibleman46 have pointed out, people are moving towards Tumblr.  The problem with that is, I'm more interested in the textual stories than the visual impact of pics and vids.  I don't need to have a lot of followers.  I just wish there was more out there to read...  Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places...

But one thing I have found, unexpectedly, is that I find the camaraderie and the interactions kinda neat.  It's not just the flirting but the things that people say and do that make me think of something else or discover something about myself.

So here I am with my twitter account.  I should probably hashtag my tweets, but I don't.  Anyway, you'll find me here: @anothercheater and you'll get more of a real-time view into the little lines I write in my electronic file.  And I'll tweet out when I publish new entries for the blog (which happen pretty randomly, I admit).

The surprise

So there I am standing in the small study of a nice house in west LA, fully naked with my cock defiantly hard and pulsing in the air struggling to smash the pedestrian wannabe suburban banality to pieces.  It's just a mirage, really, a little row of houses flanked on all sides with commercial real estate and large apartment complexes, crowding in this small little tree-line street with cold concrete.  But what I'm really struggling to come to terms with is what's happening right now.  It's not the nasty sex...  that I've had at this same place quite a few dozen times in the last 10 years.  It's the guy in front of me, the guy that starts to lean in and take the tip of my cock into his mouth.  A little suction, a little caress of the balls.  Then he tries to take me all in.  He's doing a decent job, but I start to deflate a little.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm distracted by the clutter, or the fact that his hair kinda smells and I have a feeling he hasn't brushed his teeth yet.  No, I'm pretty sure it's the fact that I'm really fucking shocked that he's taking my cock down his throat.  What the fuck is going on?  Like the neighborhoods around us, people also evolve and as slow as that process takes it still sometimes takes a guy by surprise.  

So, one of the reason that I don't really take anyone seriously when they say they're a top is because even I flip every now and then.  I also started off as more of a bottom.  About 10 years ago, I answered an ad on Craigslist to suck a guy's cock and what ensued was a ten year dance where he'd deep dick my throat with his eight-inch cock until I choked, gagged, had tears in my eyes and basically begged him to stop before he'd finally let go with long ribbons of cum that coated my face, decorated the walls, or drenched my chest.  And that's even after he shot the first few spurts directly down my throat.  His perfectly straight and smooth cock shot like a really good porn flick that specialized in cum.  The first few times he pushed me back and landed some shots that still had some weight and force behind it even from halfway across the room.  I was hooked.  As the years went by, I came over and less and less as the urge to take that sorta treatment just dwindled.  And honestly, I still come by more to watch him cum than anything else.

He's a good looking guy.  Really tall.  Lanky.  Perfectly aligned with what I'd expect from a british guy, just no accent.  Very lean, thin lips and a chest that would seem to struggle doing a pushup.  At the same time, I also have no doubt that he's athletic and fit.  Stereotypically raving nuts about soccer (or football to the rest of the world), I'm pretty sure he plays and I can totally picture him running on a field tirelessly for a couple of hours.

And the straightest cock I've ever seen.  No curve at all.

And speaking of straight, he considered himself very slightly bi but I think you and I both know better.  We have a friendly, casual relationship though.  Just buds really.  So I know that he usually contacts me in between girlfriends.  Also know that he's a dirty fuck, having fucked a girl behind a bar on one drunken night.  The other night, he was surprised when a massage girl jerked him off.  It felt good, but he wanted more.  So he chatted me up 'cause what he was missing was exercising that power of his long cock and abusing a throat that struggles to take it.  And that's why, after ten years, I was floored that he made me get up and stroke for him.  And he then got closer.  And then sucked me down.  I just didn't know what the fuck was going on when, for the first time I've known him, he put my cock in his mouth.  My mind was a buzz even though it felt hella good.  I just couldn't concentrate on that and instead just kinda lost it.  After awhile, I shied away and withdrew.  Pulled his rock hard cock down til it obscenely sprang back up.  Then took it down the root.  He was so turned on by then, it only took a few strokes before he pulled out and then sprayed huge volumes of cum all over my face.  And as I felt layers and layers of wet heat striking my face, I started to convulse in a dry orgasm.  I wasn't even stroking.  I just held my cock without even noticing I was touching myself.  I was barely coming down from my high before I heard him retching a little in the bathroom and take a swig of mouthwash.

I'm not gonna hold my breath, though.  At this rate, it's gonna take another twenty years before I get the tip of my cock onto his hole.  Not that I ever put all my eggs in one basket.  In fact, I was glad I didn't fully cum because I was gonna head over to Too Far Cub to fuck my load into him right after this little detour.  Ha!

Monday, August 5, 2013


I'm a straight up dumbass sometimes.

I grew up in what I considered to be a pretty quiet neighborhood of good, hard-working folks just trying to get by.  I never understood why people felt the area was kinda sketchy, despite the number of times I saw police activity at the liquor store down the street or the number of times I heard stories about bullet holes that were supposedly peppered throughout the facades of every house in the neighborhood.  I mean, the way people would talk, it sounded as if every house looked like a brick of swiss cheese.  It wasn't.  I never saw anything remotely like that.  In fact, it was a pretty close, tight-knit community where everyone knew each other and helped each other out (well, until the housing bubble fucked everything over and people were moving in and out so much you had no idea who was who).  Seemed more like the kids were making shit up trying to act "hard" and up-play the thug life thing.  

Here I am, standing on the porch of some guy's house I met off of Adam4Adam, trying to will the door open on one hand and on the other, mentally counting to 10 (although kinda slowly) before I turn around and head back to the car.

"Hey there!" shouted a voice from behind.  Dammit.  It was the neighbors from across the street.  I had counted to the number 8.  I should have counted faster. "You looking for someone?"

I turned around.

"Yeah, um...  I was just coming by to drop something off..."  Fuck.  Me.  I knew I should have gotten his name.  I mean, that didn't sound weird or vague at all, right?  I'm not sure if he even heard me as my voice sounded a bit weak trying to carry across the street.

"For Justin?" he shouted from the other side.

God, I hope that wasn't a test.  "Yeah.  He said he was going to be around..."

"what's your name?"

Okay, better just keep it simple and make it as close to the truth as possible.  


"Okay.  I'll let him know you stopped by.  Just wondering 'cause that place has been broken into twice in the last month.  Now, I'm not saying it was you but you can't be too careful."

"Yeah, I hear ya on that.  I'll come back tomorrow."

I really should have counted faster.  That was awkward.  A part of me thinks it would have been less awkward just to tell the guy the truth.  Yeah, I have no clue what his name is, but he has a meaty hot-as-fuck ass that I'm dying to pound my load in deep.  I'd probably be walking back to my car with a fuck-yeah-you-heard-me-right strut rather than the head-low-hands-in-pocket walk of shame I was doing down the concrete runway splicing through the crowds of snickering overgrown grass.

And a large part of me didn't think anything of it.  Yeah, I heard this neighborhood was kinda shady.  Yeah, I already got busted by the nosy neighbor.  But it really wasn't anything different than back in my hometown.  Just good folks watching out for each other.

And I was dying to get laid.  So I texted him at the gas station down the street.  He texted back immediately apologizing but he didn't want to face his neighbors since he was "on the downlow"...  as if people immediately think you're having raunchy, dirty gay sex if someone comes to your door knocking.  Well, okay.  That's what usually crosses my mind, but I think I'm in the minority there.  He begged for me to stick around for about 15 minutes until the neighbors leave.  Well, it didn't take much begging.

I should have bolted though.  I mean, there's some things you just don't do.  Like trying to cross the 405 freeway in West LA during rush hour unless you really want to spend half an hour going one mile (I don't think they even make treadmills that slow...  actually, I don't think even zombies go that slow).  Another thing you don't do: return back to the scene of a crime that some accuses you of committing.  Sure, he said that he didn't think I was the burglar, but the implications were clear.  I mean, I might as well have donned a hoodie and snagged a crowbar before creeping around to the backdoor.

But there I was knocking on his door again.  Quickly counting to ten, but only making it to 2 before he quickly opened the door and pulled me in.  He started to apologize and explain but I didn't hear any of it.  I just stood there and gawked.  He was every thing he advertised and a bit more to boot.  A latin kid, well over six feet and built like an ox.  Not a gym rat, not artificially sculpted but solid.  Sporting a high and tight haircut and a couple of tattoos that peeked over his tank top and athletic shorts.  An image of solid power that was curiously at odds with the vulnerability he was displaying while fidgeting with his hands, which only served to call attention to the badly drawn tattoo there.  I couldn't tell if that ink was done while he was in the back of a pickup truck on a dirt country road or a DIY project that went horribly wrong, but the jagged lines of a cross (or maybe an anc?) was reminiscent of a prison tattoo from a fellow inmate that fashioned a tool out of an ink pen, radio parts and a paper clip.  

In a flash, I grabbed the tattoo and led him into my arms.  Big bear hug with one arm and my other hand pulling his face down to mine.

Just what I thought.  Solid, smooth, but pliable.  A little bit of padding unsuccessfully masking the strength and power underneath.  I didn't answer his apologies.  Didn't acknowledge them.  I just needed him to show me to the bedroom and I said so.

Kicking clutter out of the way as he led me down the hallway to his room, I tried to grab him from behind.  Our parts barely aligned due to the height difference but I'm sure he felt the urgency in the matter through his thin gym shorts as I swelled underneath mine.

When we landed on the bed, we were a tangle of limbs.  I found that his neck was sensitive as I nuzzled and lapped on it a bit.  His ears overwhelmingly so.  His nipples weren't wired at all, but his smooth chest loved being raked by the stubble I had from a few days growth.  He gave perfect head and was hard and leaking like crazy while giving it.  His mounds were too much for me to handle while I sat back and watched him on his stomach lapping at my meat.  We rolled around a bit and every now and then I'd roll over onto a patch of cold precum that flowed freely from his uncut cock.

Eventually, I had him on his back and his legs instinctively opened and started to wrap around me.  Quickly spat on his hole and a bit on my cock and we were then back in position.  Forehead to forehead, looking into his eyes, searching for permission while I teased his hole before I got an almost imperceptible nod.  I worked the head of my cock in.  Slowly sinking in his eyes rolled to the back of his head as he moaned.  All the rest was a blur.  When I felt the warmth of him from the inside, there was no holding back.  I pounded him hard, varying the tempo a bit whenever I started to lose interest, but drilling him insistently deep nevertheless.  I was in a zone where his needs didn't matter.  And it kinda showed.  His cock deflated a bit when I finally grabbed it to stroke him off in time to my fuck.  I pulled out and flipped him on his stomach.  No need to remind myself of the failure.  I kneed his legs apart.  Wide.  And then Used my knees to nudge them higher until he was partially on his knees, but low to the mattress with his chest down, back arched and knees spread wide.  I lined up when he said it:  "Fuck me, man.  Fuck me hard."

I did.  Every thrust made ripples across his bubble butt until they all synchronized and merged into a big wave that tsunami'd over me.  I pummeled his ass hard until I growled and emptied my load with one final thrust deep inside him.  My body convulsed well after my nuts were drained and I was all spasms while I collapsed onto his back.  

He gave me a free pass on trying to get him off and instead asked if I needed a shower.  He got the water running while I tried to come down from the incredible fuck.  Man, he was tight and yet so inviting.

Shaking it off, I hopped in the shower and cleaned up.  As I was getting dressed, the story came out: He's recently divorced and suspects the two break-ins (the neighbor wasn't lying there) were somehow connected with her.  They knew exactly where to go and what to get.  All the big, name-brand accessories and electronics were gone aside from one that he moved after she had already left.  

I felt bad.  But then, I felt a little less bad and naive as hell when I noticed that my wallet was several twenties lighter than when I last checked at the gas station around his corner waiting for his neighbors to leave.  D'oh!  Dumbass!