Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's gettin' drafty

So I decided that I'm fighting a losing battle in getting the drafts fully flushed out, the same drafts that were taunting me and calling me names that I finally copped up to.  So I'm going to post my drafts by revisiting each and writing a blurb on what makes each memorable to me.  Not sure if you want to read this list, but it's more me trying to honor each encounter and each person I meet with a spot in my head.

The (Semi-)Regulars
  • DriveByCocksucker - A guy in his 40s, shaved head, my height.  Loves to nurse on my dick and he's conveniently located en route to work and back.  So every now and then I get a text in the wee hours of the morning and if I get my ass out of bed in time, I choke him a bit with my rod before unloading down his throat.  My cum always acts as the trigger for his own load to squirt out.  Recently, I asked him to unlock his door and wait for me blindfolded.  I loved the scene in front of me as I walked in.  So much so that I snapped a few pics.  He was on his stomach in bed, spread-eagled with his ear cocked trying to search me out.  His bubble butt creating beautiful mounds before he took me in his mouth.  I later got on top of him and humped him, his saliva and my precum mixing down his crack and I jammed it in.  A little too quick, as he doesn't bottom much.  Never got more than an inch or two inside him, but rewarded him with my load down his throat anyway.
  • SexyCubDoesntKnowIt - This cub type lives just a couple miles from me.  Give him a couple years and he's going to be a hunky muscle-bear.  He's a top as well so we usually just end up wrestling on the ground and then him grinding into my ass.  We hit each other up when we have time just to roll around in the sack for a bit.  Sometimes both of us never end up finishing, but afterwards we settle in and his scruff is on my chest tickling me as we indulge in a little pillow talk about his latest dates and quest for Mr. Right.  Funny thing is that he always looks sheepish when I hold him back to drink him in.  He's not comfortable being the object of desire at all and I often wonder if that translates to the guys he goes out with and the tone he sets on their dates.
  • InkedCub - So, I've written about him before.  Fuck, I love his look.  And I love sucking on his hole.  But at our last encounter, he got pretty aggressive after I came.  He kept on sucking me and the whole ass to mouth thing kinda got my juices flowing again, but he really wanted to fuck me and I just didn't want to.  I'm no stranger to being a bottom, but I gotta want it.  And that night, I didn't want it.  At all.  So, he kept pawing at me and at one point, he chewed on my dick!  I mean, who does that?!  It was supposed to be a playful show of aggression, but c'mon!  YEOWW!!  I'm not sure if I'm coming back.  A shame, but I don't think we're on the same wavelength anymore.
  • TheCounselor - A couple's therapist that has his own troubles in the area.  He and his partner grew apart.  For awhile, I fit that reboundish thing where I was basically the opposite of his partner: a top, kinda sporty, always out and about doing things.  Over the years that I've known him, we've never fucked at the same place twice.  And he's gone from relationship on the rocks to newly single.  Latest episode?  I snuck him into my place and he rode my cock raw until he shot over my chest.  I felt kinda guilty, but I had to quickly kick him out 'cause I was getting kinda nervous.  The episode before that?  He sucked me off and unwittingly did ass to mouth, cause earlier that day I fucked a guy by work.  Don't think he noticed, but honestly, I kinda got off on it a bit.
  • ThePussy - He's still in the picture.  He's getting more and more comfortable with me and lets me really pound it into him good without trying to stop me and the noises I make.  And I still love the way his body trembles every time I touch his hole.  Now there's a guy that's built for being a bottom.  Tons of nerve endings there that makes him flap around being caressed there.  If there's anyone I think might have had an anal orgasm, it'd be him.
  • Muscles - Within the last week, I got with muscles again.  I saw a new profile on Grindr and it sounded like him, so I dropped a note asking.  Yup!  Same guy.  The next day I asked him if he wanted to get nailed and he said he had another guy on his way if I didn't mind a threeway.  Fuck no!  Unfortunately, the third flaked, but I still managed to fuck a load out of the insanely built muscular man.  Love hearing him wimper and beg for my cock.  Really kinda get off on a guy that's so strong that he can crush me with a flick of a finger and turning him into a wimpering, crying mess.  This last time was the first time we kinda chatted too.  Nice guy.  Stereotypically big monster cock (BBC) on him, but he keeps on going on about mine and how big it is.  He must have bad depth perceptions cause I don't even compare.  Doesn't matter who wins the contest, I just love the fact that he gets off on it.
  • TooFarCub - I've decided he's an all-around decent guy.  I needed someone to pick me up from the airport and on a whim, I asked if he was available.  He was and we took a little detour to his house where I made him cum for the second time without touching himself and purely with nipple play.  I then fucked my load into him and 'cause he's such a damn nice kid, I got in the mood to give him something back.  I hopped on his cock, to his surprise, and grunted through the pain and made him shoot his second load.  Not sure why, but the mood was right.  We ended up chatting and shootin' the breeze for a bit after.  I'm still going to push his boundaries and tolerance, but it was fun to just hang out with him for a bit.  Don't quite understand his relationship with his girl, though.
  • HottieSoutherner - I admire the balls of this guy.  He's in his late 40s, decided that he's finally done with his hometown and moved to LA.  Landed a decent job in IT and is good enough that he can multitask between work and hunting for smooth-bodied younger guys to fuck him.  And he's a stud.  Beautiful body, handsome face, and charming personality.  The only chance we get to meet up is when he's on lunch break and I have the day off.  Wish our schedules aligned 'cause he's a really decent guy and hot in bed.  He's uncontrollably vocal, moans and practically screams when you fuck him and hit the right spot.  He's also the guy that stumbled onto this blog and made the connections.  I'm not entirely sure what's gonna happen with him.  Last time we met was before he found the blog.  We decided to try to hit up a bathhouse together and ended up just playing together the whole night.  He's cautious, though, and I wonder if my experience kinda turns him off.
  • BeefySalesGuy - Like DriveByCocksucker, he also lives on my route to and from work.  We get together for nooners every now and then when the need drives us, but he's not as close to work for that to happen often.  He works from home, which is convenient, but also has last minute appointments which also makes it hard to time things right.  But we still try.  How can you say no to a ginger that loves to please you?

The One-Timers
  • The Fit Hotel Worker - He was a bit persistent chasing me on adam4adam and I gave in.  Not sure why I was so reluctant in the first place.  He's a hot-bodied latino guy.  My age, but lives near the college and thinks the kids around him are judgmental pricks, berating him for his love handles (which there really isn't any).  I really think he's being hypersensitive to the marginal few that are assholes and not opening himself to the many others that see him for the fucking stud that he is.  I loved planting my raw dick inside him and shooting in his hole while he rode my cock.  His back was extremely sensitive and I raked it repeatedly with my fingertips to watch and feel him squirm on my cock from the touch.  He came so much, I missed a few spots and woke up the next morning with the faint smell of cum on me and the dry flakey aftermess on my skin.
  • Bingo and the Quickie Nooner - I was on my phone browsing adam4adam in the can of all places when this guy hits me up.  A beefed up latin guy posing with two fists joined knuckle to knuckle making his biceps bulge.  Fuck I wanted that.  I came over to his place and forced by dick down his throat before flopping my ass on the couch.  I pulled him close and made him straddle me on the couch face to face.  As we made out, he reached back and guided my cock to his ass and sank down.  He begged for my load so I guided him up and down on my cock before blasing deep inside him.  He erupted shortly after and came on my chest.  I drove him to the bus stop after that where he had to take a bus to meet his friend for a bingo game, of all things.  Later that day, I was still horned up and was hit up by TheCounselor (see above).  I let him suck me off without telling him he was probably lapping at traces of my cum and the nooner's ass juices from earlier in the day.
  • The Dutch Military Man - He's another reason why I love playing with smaller guys.  He had the typical cocky attitude of a military guy in the locker room.  I was actually impressed how he could curse so well in his non-primary tongue.  And that attitude didn't relent when I had him on his back, banging the shit out of him.  He came to LA twice and each time, he was begging for my dick.  The second time, though, I literally fucked the shit out of him. It was kinda messy and I was glad I was wrapped so that I could peel the gunk off me.  Loved making his uncut cock shoot though.
  • The Visiting Texan - I was just being friendly on Growlr and helping out a visitor with where the gay hotspots were, but we ended up playing.  Twice in a night!  We fooled around when I got to his hotel and blew a load down his throat.  Then I took him to a bar where we got kinda buzzed.  When I dropped him off at his room, he invited me up and he rode me to my second orgasm...  and his third for the day.  He travels a lot and the funny thing is that while we were at the bar, he walked up to a guy, held up his phone, and said, "This is you, right?"  Apparently, the guy was a flight attendant and they had partied together (platonically, supposedly) at a hotel bar one night a few months ago.
  • The German Virgin - A business man visiting LA indefinitely, he posted a craigslist ad noting that he was an anal virgin and wanted to see what it was like with the real deal.  He's played with toys before, but never a real cock.  After some negotiating, I invited myself over to his hotel room where we would see where things go.  He ended up with my cock shoved deep up his ass and him wondering what the fuck was stopping him from trying it earlier.  He shot a huge load.  Yet another craigslist hotel encounter where I didn't blow my load.  But it was still fun as hell and I'm honored that I was chosen to pop his cherry.
  • DJ/Programmer - Something about ass-to-mouth that makes me gag but turns me on as well.  This one guy hit me up on Grindr and wanted to play.  He's a computer programmer and part-time DJ.  Beautiful blond kid and the music thing turns me on.  I'm a former audiophile and being a musician is like holding a fast-pass to my bed.  When we finally connected, we spent a good two hours fucking.  He went ass to mouth a couple of times and it kinda turned me on by how much of a dirty slutty act it was.  I couldn't get him to cum, even though he was hard, so after awhile, I just flipped the switch and made it all about me and getting off, blowing a huge load inside him.  He later cursed me because he says I'm making him want it again.  I get the idea, since he's a fucking knockout, that he usually is the one in control and the heartbreaker so he's a bit out of sorts with me.  He's a guy I want to turn into a regular, but his schedule and our geographical proximities make it difficult.
  • Incongruent - I weasled my way into this guys house even though he told me he only wanted oral.  I knew I was in a fucking mood, but I let the little head get the better of me.  What followed was a really disappointing roll in the sack where we both knew it wasn't working out because our wants were incongruent   I think we both left feeling a bit frustrated, all because I wasn't honest with myself and let him go.  Oh, Bruce.  You damn fool.
  • Scissor Legs - This musician (yum!) kid lives close to my parents.  He's a bit of a beefy guy with really strong wrestlers' legs.  When I was inside him, he wrapped his legs around me and locked me in for a wild ride.  He was disappointed that i didn't cum and wants me back to finish the job.  That was a couple months ago and I think I might have pissed him off by not scheduling something sooner.  He's a really passionate guy and I loved that about him.  He's just a bit geographically inconvenient and I end up hunting for new meat when I'm at my parents'.  Nothing comes of it, though, and I'm better off just hitting him up.  But for some reason, I don't.
  • The Married IPhone Guy - I had the house to myself one day and invited back the guy with his wife and kid on his IPhone.  I sucked him off this time around and he walked away with a spring in his step, ready for his next work appointment.  Until, that is, my neighbor cornered him as he was leaving the house and asked what's up.  I think my neighbor cockblocked me from another repeat.  I was freaked out too, but my neighbor played it cool.  Argh.
  • Spa Time - I decided to try out a straight Korean Spa and treat myself to a massage.  While I was in the locker room, a tall beefy bear made me do a double-take.  Fuck, he was a beautiful stud.  Dense chest hair, confident attitude and a mustache that didn't look out of place.  Basically, he looked like a Colt model.  We ended up trading blow jobs in the steam room when a light skinned, nicely toned black guy came in.  After a bit, I sensed that he was cool and we ended up in a threeway stroke and suck session.  I brought the black guy off stroking him and playing with his nips.  The bear and I resumed playing but never got off before I had to go for my massage appointment.
  • Santa Barbara Vistor - He's an older guy from Santa Barbara that I met off craigslist.  He was staying at a hotel so that he didn't have to drive in for an early flight the next day.  I haven't been much of a rimmer, but after InkedCub, I can't get enough of it.  It makes me rock hard feeling a guy squirm under my tongue and flower open around it.  He couldn't take my cock even though I tried to prime him up for it, so I instead painted his face with my load (what do ya know? one of the few times i came from a CL guy visiting from out of town) which quickly made him shoot his own all over his chest.  I drove home after that still smelling him on my face.
  • The Married Dad Massage - So I found a guy off craigslist over the holidays that wanted to experiment.  He turned out to be a hairy fucker.  Hair all over his chest, legs, arms, back.  Dense fur everywhere.  And I loved it.  We wanted to start off with a shower before we played.  But we never really got out of it.  I ended up using the soap to finger his ass and bring him to an orgasm that he's never felt before.  It was so good that he invited me back the next day and gave me a massage.  A massage that turned him on so much that he shot clear across me, pass the table and onto the desk next to me.  The bad thing was, it looked like we were playing in his son's room.  Ikes!  He cleaned it up though.
Connections - Every now and then, something happens that reminds me of someone else, like...
  • Unsurprised Intrusion - I snuck up on TooFarCub in the shower when I asked him to leave his door unlocked.  He was really startled when he saw me and then his face calmed and he welcomed me in and enjoyed a good fuck under the waters.  That was a different reaction than when I first walked into someone's unlocked door.  He was also a bigger, cub type and he was taking a shower when I came in.  I waited naked in his bedroom for him to finish.  When he walked in on me, he didn't register surprise at all.  I think he's done that scene before.  'Cause he loved getting man-handled.  In fact, the harder I fucked him and the meaner I was, the harder he got.  He loved being used like that.  Ultimately, that was what pushed me over the edge...  knowing I had a pig bottom that left his door unlocked for strange men to attack and tear up his hole so that he could get off on it.

Hotel visitors (3) and a bonus

A couple things occurred to me:
1. I've suddenly become appealing to guys over a decade younger than me.
2. Hotel visitors are easier to connect with but I can't seem to cum with them to save my life!
3. Fuck, I love playing with shorter guys.

So, I was chatting on Growlr with a flight attendant from the UK when I suddenly became keenly aware that I was a dozen years older than him.  And that's really not that big of a deal, except when the guy is fresh out of college and in his early twenties.  It's an age difference than more than half his life.  I came out pretty early (in high school) so I got used to being the youngest guy in my gay circles.  And I used to love "older guys".  I can't tell if it's because there just weren't that many out kids at that time or if I was just searching for something in someone older.  And back then, older meant guys in their mid twenties.  In college, it meant guys in their thirties.  Now, my tongue hangs out and drools for guys ranging from twenties to mid fifties.  So, it was just a bit of a jolt to suddenly realize that I'm being hit on as the older guy.  And I'm ecstatic about it since I've previously been invisible to that crowd for awhile now.

He was dead tired and jet lagged, but we had a good several lines of fun, playful flirting going on when he mentioned that he had a hankering for a Coke.  Well, I couldn't let the city of angels down and not play the good host and get him one, right?  Yeah, I think he saw through my real intentions there.

I jet over to the local 7 Eleven and get him a 44 oz. fountain Coke and a 32 oz. Coke Slurpee (for me, but I grabbed two straws 'cause I have a feeling he's gonna want a taste) and headed over to the hotel where he was staying for the night.

First thing he said after we said our hellos?

"God, that's big!"  I just love it when guys say that.  But of course, he was referring to the drinks.  "You're so sweet for doing that."

"Well, we do everything big here!  Besides, this isn't an import like it'd be in London," I replied.

He took a sip of my Slurpee, which he politely said "was different" while we were still standing.  I set my drink down and finally took him in.

He's a cub.  Just a large frame with broad shoulders and a body that filled it in nicely.  A really cute face with dark features, dark, short-cropped hair and dark eyes, but with a lightness behind it that counterbalanced his dark features, the same lightness to the easy, casual conversation and flirtiness.  My eyes, I'm sure, read differently.  He set his drink down when he saw them and I took a step in to close the gap.  My arms wrapped tightly around him but my head pulled back to search his for that moment where it'd be right, where we'd both meet halfway and our lips could touch.  A slight dart in, a pull back and then we were in sync and the void between us became a vacuum sucking us both in.

Those initial moments were perfect, our needs perfectly aligned, and then he started with the guppy face.  With our lips locked, he started to open and close his jaw in a rhythmic pattern.  Open, close, open, close...  in perfect harmony with a metronome.  But not quite perfect for me.  Nobody wants all tongue or just an open, lifeless and gaping mouth.  But it felt like he was going through the mechanics instead of focusing on how we responded to each other.

I pulled back to look at his sweet face.

"God, you're a good kisser" he said.

D'oh! Um...

"Thanks!" I replied and smiled.  And then I used this opportunity to rip the shirt off him and over his head, exposing a lightly furry chest that complimented his masculine frame.  I love a hairy body on a younger guy!

Lightly playing his chest hair, I maneuvered him over to the bed and pushed him slightly down.  I really wanted to nuzzle into his chest, but as his legs swung out from under him, I used that opportunity to take off his trunks and quickly disrobed myself before flopping on top of him, pressing my full body weight on top of him and made out some more.  Skin to skin, I felt his hairy body tickle mine with every move we made.  He loved his ears played with as a nibbled and sighed into his.  He wasn't so keen on me licking his neck or his large, sensitive nipples.  He really didn't want me to acknowledge his body at all.  But pressed into him.  Then kicked his knees apart and hiked his legs over my shoulders.  Grinding into him, I felt his body both tense up and invite me in every time the head of my dick glided passed his hole.  One of my hands was balled up into a fist next to his shoulder, the other pressing the opposite shoulder down into the matress as I leaned my weight into him.  On one stroke, I leaned back and changed the angle so the next time my cock would glide past his hole, it'd naturally find its target and press in.

His half-closed eyes opened and he sighed, "No, I can't..."  So I angled back and and ground some more into him.  At this point, I was able to grab his hard, thick uncut cock and stroke.  I picked up the pace a little and knew he was getting close.

"You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that."

"And what's stopping you?"

With that, I stroked three or four more times until his body violently shook and he let out volley after volley of cum.  One large squirt that reached out and wanted to grab his chest, and several smaller ones that dribbled over my knuckles   He slowed me down while I continued to stroke him and I'd see his glistening head poking in and out of his foreskin, slick with cum.

When I got back to the car, I noticed that I still had a little over an hour in the meter after having put in two hours worth.  It was fine.  I didn't get off (again!) but I hate being pressured to cum quickly after a guy half-heartedly tries to get me off since he's lost the mood.

So what did I do?  I logged onto adam4adam and found this other early twenties kid that I had been chatting with for quite a while, but never got the chance to meet.  He's a hot kid.  Shaves his head, with a little stubble and growth on his chin.  5'6" and built like crazy.  His pics online show him in profile with his arm hyper-extended, reaching down in front of him but past the border of the picture to presumably tuck him thumb down the waistline of his pants and expose himself.  And he has this mischievous grin on his face as if he's doing something naughty, which he probably is but he's cropped it out.  That playfulness is in contrast to his stud jock body.  That hyperextended arms shows his triceps and a guy with worked out arm makes my cock drool.  Solid smooth chest and abs that ripple in front.  He's a lot of muscle packed into a small frame.  It's a study of contrasts in a totally different way than the airline crew kid I just left.

Seeing as how we have chatted in the past for awhile now, we skipped the preliminaries.

Me: Lets play. Free now?
MiniJock: shure if you wanna come by and fuck some ass cum and head out i can be ass up lubed n ready
Me: Fuck yeah. What's the address?
MiniJock: [gives address] let me hop in the shower and ill hit ya up when i get out realy quick
Me: Sounds good. I'll start heading up...

Any other time and I'd think that the shower thing was a stalling tactic to then flake out.  Especially since we've tried and haven't successfully hook up before.  But this time was different.  I got his address and he was pretty good to note that it would be a quick shower, silently noting that he was serious and not just playing me.

I arrived at his place and tried the handle.  It was unlocked.  And true to his word, he was naked, ass-up and waiting.  It was dark.  Real dark.  But I could definitely see his pale skin and ass beckoning me closer.

I heard a low growl coming from the corner.  After my head shot in the direction of the noise, I could hear the rattling of a crate, keeping to dog in place.

For what I had in mind, the dog was right in trying to protect his owner.  None of the passionate tenderness as with the airline guy.  I wanted ass.  And I wanted it bad.  Raw, instinctual primal need.

I quickly threw off my shirt and pants to the first thing I could see as my eyes adjusted.  My cock, which had deflated in-between encounters, quickly chubbed up and I walked over there and let it land on his ass with a flop.  As promised he was pre-lubed.  Generously.  So I let my cock fall into his crack and lube itself up by grinding it against him.  Just like the airline kid but this time, I didn't have any intention of letting him off being fucked.  Just wanted to get lubed enough so my cock wouldn't chafe   I quickly debated whether or grab the condom out of my pocket and my little head won the battle and I pointed it and pressed in.  Fuck, I love the heat of his ass around me.  And I love feeling the initial resistance and then the flowering open as he accepted my cock into his hole.  Halfway through, his ass involuntarily seized up and I stopped, held still, and just let myself feel his hole murmuring around my cock as he worked to relax himself.  When I sensed he was good enough, I pressed in steadily until I bottomed out.

I needed this.

It felt so good, I collapsed on his back and let out a moan, which elicited another growl from the protective doggie in the crate.  I echoed the growl too, but low, and directly into the owners ear.

And then I fucked him.  Power fucked him and slammed it into his hole.  Grabbed his waist and felt the hard, rippling muscle underneath my fingers as I pulled him back onto my dick while simultaneously thrusting my hips forward.  I worked his hole so he'd feel every inch of me.  I grabbed his shoulders and used them as leverage to pull him even deeper into the fuck.  It was a hard, angry slap when pelvis hit ass every time.  Violent event.  I let go of his shoulders and pressed his head and back down to change the angle a bit.  Instead of a horizontal thrust, I wanted to fuck downward.  Feel my whole weight with every thrust.  I pushed him deeper and deeper into the couch he was bent over to the point where his head was completely buried into the folds of the padding.  As I picked up the pace and fucked him with the brutality of a hate fuck, I could see his chest heaving as he was panting for air.  Not sure if it was just the intensity of it all or the fact that he was struggling for air, but it made my cock swell even more.

Not wanting to cum too quickly, I grabbed his hips and pulled him out of the cushions.

"Get on your back," I barked.

Slight hesitation.  Maybe he didn't hear me.  Maybe he wanted to keep the allure of being fucked anonymously.  I didn't care which.  I used my height advantage to flip him over and onto his back.

Now it was my turn to hesitate.  He's fucking gorgeous.  His pics online didn't do him justice.  They didn't misrepresent him at all, but he's beautiful.  And the slightly furrowed brows pleading up to me and his rock hard, thick (and I mean thicker than country gravy, enough to split a bottom in two if he were a top) cock pointing straight up made me want to devour him.  Hiked his knees over my shoulders and plunged in.  I had my feet on the floor and was fucking down into him, piledriving him.  That wasn't quite enough.  Not sure if he could really feel me.  So I placed both hands around his neck, not anywhere near where I could block off his airway passages, but close enough to make him wonder.  And then I pressed down and put my whole weight into my hands as I fucked him.  Same panting, same heaving.  I wasn't going to last.  I tried to ease up by letting go of his throat and going down to my knees.  Grabbed his dick and stroked him a bit.  He took the hint and took over stroking.  With a few final thrusts, I blasted his ass walls with my cum and shook as violently as the airline kid did before me.  When he felt me start to load up his ass, MiniJock sighed and let out a huge shot.  The force of the shot not only blasted it past his head and onto the couch behind it, it made an audible thwack and it hit the fabric.  Not solid wall, but it made a thwack against fabric!  Enough for me to hear even as I was growling and shooting my cum.  And that made me shout even louder as my body involuntarily jerked and thrust in him deeper.  Just in time for his next shot.  His next shot hit him in the face.  The the following soaked up his chest.  The sight of all that extended my orgasm and it took me awhile to come down.  I was still trying to collect myself when he got up and started to clean up the mess he made, apologizing but noting how hard it would be to get it off if he waited.

"Fuck, do you always cum like that?"

"Yeah.  Usually.  It's the only thing I do well."

I didn't care that it wasn't necessarily me that made him shoot like that.  At that moment, I just became really, really sad.  The "only thing"?  Really?  It's one of those things that was said in jest but that had a hint of truth.  As if he really did think that he doesn't do anything well.  And I was sad I took advantage of a kid that thought all he had to offer was his ass.  I wanted to scoop this guy up in my arms and just let him soak up some tenderness, a tenderness that would be really out of place after what just happened.  And just scooping him up would probably set off some body image issues about his size.  Then I thought of the airline crew kid and how he didn't want me to acknowledge his body at all.  Twice in one night I made two younger guys cum pretty hard and both times I failed to nurture them a bit.  Two completely different guys, different encounters  different attitudes in the acts themselves, yin and yang, and I still somehow managed to get it wrong.  I kinda tossed out some responsibility in taking care of them in some respects and I just hope that they someday come to terms with how special they are on all the different levels.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Hotel visitors (2)

My buddy once told me that if a bottom gets messy but you're just too close and have to nut, you breathe through your mouth to get you through.  I wasn't sure if I could do that.  Just the first hit of that smell would get to me.

It was a long hectic week at work and right before I headed home, I cruised the Craigslist ads.  A guy from out of town was staying at my part of LA.  It was perfect.  He'd be on my way home.  And bonus points for wanting an anonymous fuck and run.

I gotta confess, I was emailing him back and forth stuck in rush hour traffic, but I somehow justified the risk 'cause I was would up as hell and really wanted an ass to let it out all one.

Of course, he wanted it to be anonymous, but by anonymous he meant that he wanted body and dic pics in exchange for his face pic.  But I was glad he sent it even though it didn't quite fit the allure of a totally anonymous encounter.  He had beautiful classic Italian features.  Strong jaw, dark hair and rugged look.  Strong nose.  And a rough five o'clock shadow that looked like it could sand over smooth a cactus if he got close.  Tall and lean with broad shoulders.  In person, he didn't disappoint.

I arrived with him on all fours, his ass moist with lube and winking at me when I came in, pointed at the entrance to the room.  My dick instantly got hard, so I quickly threw off my shirt (it'd just get in the way), dropped my jeans a little and let it bounce and and rest on his crack.  I left if there while I leaned over and grabbed the lube and condoms he had ready for me.  And I left it there a little more, so he could feel the heat and the how it throbbed.  God, I was horned up.  I couldn't even just let it lie there.  Every few seconds, my nuts would draw in and my cock would pulse, my dick recoiling and bouncing up before it landed against his hole again with a sticky slap.

I applied a lot of lube and even put a few drops in the condom for good measure.  It's the only way I can cum rubbered up.  And Without too much warning, I pressed the head in and kept up slow steady pressure.  I had to press him back and down a little.  He has half a foot in height advantage over me but he took the hint well and adjusted.  I was probably going in a little too quick, feeling his hole wink at me, resisting and then giving in inch by inch, little waves of pressure and heat as I glided in.  Once I was balls in, I grabbed his shoulders and pressed him back into me and stayed there, just letting him feel me, all of me, fully inside him.  Then long strokes, hard enough for him to feel me slap into him as I hit bottom.  Raked my fingers down his long lean back.  And then just pummelled him hard.  At one point, I collapsed onto his back and reached under him, wrapped both arms around him and used it as leverage to pull him back into my cock.

Apparently, I went a little to deep though and within a few minutes, I could smell the fact that he didn't clean out.  Fuck!  I was too horned up though, and started to breathe out of my mouth and it worked.  But he couldn't handle it and asked me to stop.  Fuck!  He cleaned up but that was basically it.  He offered to jerk me off, but I just washed up, slapped him on the ass and left with my cock still hard and drooling.

Second hotel visitor from Craigslist that I didn't get to cum inside, but it was still hot.  He had a beautiful body and a handsome face and I would probably even do it again with all the nastiness.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hotel visitors (1)

So, I've decided that the only thing craigslist is good for is finding a hotel visitor to play with.  They're the only ones I can connect with on the site.  But I still go back looking at the pics 'cause it's fun to look and pretend they're for real and not some catfish just impersonating people to get whatever it is that they get from lying.

Lately, I seem to be getting a lot of action from out-of-towners.  I was going to lump toiletry bag guy in with this next series, but I figure I'd focus on Craigslist.  I was at the airport trying to rent a car while mine was in the shop and decided to see if anyone was closeby when I saw an ad.  It was the location that drew my eye. Airport Hotel.  The headline made me wonder.  I wasn't sure if he was a long lasting top or if he was, instead, looking for one.

Most guys talk big game about wanting to suck on a long-lasting cock.  But then they wimp out and start cheating, alternating with a bit of stroking... then more stroking...  then more stroking than sucking...  then an all out frenzy of fist like a kid slapping buttons playing an atari video arcade game.  And I'd think that after the first few hookups they'd understand that even if I wanted a handjob, everyone's got a different stroke style and if what you're doing isn't working, you might want to change it up.

But not this guy.  No stroking.  Just perfectly content sucking with absolutely no agenda.  He wasn't trying to make me shoot; he was trying to satisfy his own craving to have cock in his mouth.  And that is when everything clicked.  I gave myself permission to lose myself in the moment and feel it all.  The heat of his breath on my pubes when I held his head down and wedged my dick down his throat.  My balls bouncing around.  His stubble grazing my thighs...  my balls.  I was sitting at the head of the bed and he made me sink deeper as he, himself, also got comfortable flat on his stomach working my rod.

And he was good.  I have a curve that's usually really annoying in this position.  It curves up and an unskilled throat tries to muscle it in the other direction.  But he was attuned to what worked and what didn't.  How far to go.  When to pull back.  He varied the technique, alternating with short quick strokes and deep throating me.  At one point, he lodged me to the back of my throat and swallowed, massaging the head of my dick in a way that made my toes curl and my eyes roll back. I moaned loadly and my hands flew up involuntarily to his head to keep him there.  He was maleable.  I'd take his head firmly in my hands and dictated the tempo, but when I realeased him, he kept it up perfectly.  And When I took control again, his brows furrowed.  I couldn't tell if it was from intense concentration or from an intense desire as he let out a small wimper.  Or maybe it was both.  It's that intense need to please and total abandon that has him there still in his jeans with only his shirt off because I was the one that ripped it off him.

As I was trying to contemplate what he was feeling, I became more aware of him in front of me.  His head was shaved smooth to my touch, contrasted by the scruff from a couple days growth on his face.  His back equally smooth, showing deep valleys between his shoulders as he supported himself on his elbows and every movement showed soft ripples across his body as his muscles lengthened and contracted to the steady pace of the suck.  And there was that natural arch of his back as my eyes moved further away towards his nice round ass.  His jeans were a little baggy and the waistline sat low off his ass, hinting at the beautiful ass underneath.  The darkness called out to me so I took my toe and pushed his jeans down a little further, making me gasp.  Fuck his ass was hot and perfect.  I reached over and grabbed it roughly.  On my way back to the pillows, he reached out and tweaked my nipple.  I mentally filed that away.  Guys that go for the nipple also want their nipples played with...  and usually can take it hard.

It was time to escalate things a little.  I told him to stay where he was while I repositioned myself to lie perpendicular to him.  Guiding his head back by the back of his neck, I used my other hand to twist my cock just a little so that it curved just the right way to gain that few extra centimeters deeper down his throat.  All the way down.  My hand at the back of his neck firm but not rough.  And that extra distance made all the difference.  He started to struggle a bit and I let go.  He came off it and drew a sharp breath, a gasp even, as air rushed to the void from my vacated cock.  I didn't give him enough time to recover though and back down he went.  Over and over.  I added a tweak of the nipple now that I had better access to his chest and was rewarded with a moan the vibrated through my cock and harmonized with our lust.  I knew it.  I found his weak spot.  Twist here.  Soft rub there.  A flick with my fingernail just to change it up a bit with a sharp but momentary pinch.  Each time he responded while my dick was still lodged in the back of his throat in ways that made my cock swell even larger.

We'd been going on for an hour at this point and I said fuck it.  I knew I couldn't get off with just oral alone, so I threw him off me onto his back and then used the waistband of his jeans to pull him to me.

"Wait, wait, wait!" he said breathlessly.

For a second, I thought I read him wrong.

"I gotta go clean up a bit," he explained.

"I'm not worried about that," I replied as I continued to paw at his pants like a starved animal.

"No, no.  Really.  You looking at a really worn and weary traveler."

I could tell he really meant it.  It wasn't that I'd gone too far.  He just needed a second.  And that implied contract between us from the get go where we would only give each other pleasure, would be good to each other, that was what made me stop.

Sounds of water as the faucet came on.  Things rattling here and there on the countertop and then he was back with a sheepish smile.  After he flopped on the bed, I took my position hovering over him and kneed his legs apart.  A bit of the reversal of positions from where we started but this was different.  I attacked him by smothering him to the bed and his legs naturally raised and wrapped around me.  Chest-to-chest, I could feel his heat as I tried to consume him.  Lapped at his neck, nibbled at his ears.  Tongued his ear and then stopped so that he could feel my hot breath.  Pulled back stared him in the eyes and flopped back onto him, but this time I aimed straight for his lips.  Deep kiss.  His arms wrapped around me.  I was slightly turned off by the faint taste of smoke, but it was just a momentary thought before I continued.  Then back down to his neck.  Lower.  Lower.  And he knew what was next.  I sucked his nipple between my lips and he shot through the roof.  Back arched in an impossible contortion as I used me weight to push him back down.  Just as quickly I stopped.  Flick of the tongue.  Pause, Used my chin to scratch at it with my stubble.  Stop.  Then a cruel moment where I gnawed at his nips until he was just about to call it quits.  I just love working on wired nips like that.  Alternating between naughty and nice.  Pushing a guy past his limits and then tenderly working the blood back in with a flat swipe of the tongue.

Eventually, I was ready to escalate things again.  My cock was still wet, not from the blow job but from the precum I was oozing everytime he buckled under me and silently asked for more.  I flipped back onto my back and maneuvered him on top of me.  My cock, wet enough to glide across his perfect ass cheeks and find it's target.  I didn't try to make him ride it though.  Instead, I was satisfied just teasing his hole.  I snatched up his hard cock with my right hand and used my left to firmly hold his right hip.  And I rocked him back and forth to glide across the length of my dripping dick, keeping my right fist still forcing him to fuck into it.  Not his pace, but mine.  I controlled it.  And I could tell he was close 'cause he was starting to struggle to maintain the pace.

"God, you've got me close."

"I know.  What are you waiting for, boy.  Show how much you lick my cock."

Love a guy that asks permission to cum.

And he erupted.  The first volley shot up my chest and slashed my nipple.  The next fell in heavy gobs on my chest.  A thick and heavy load, white and hot.

We chatted for a bit with him on my chest before he got up and got me a warm wet washrag to clean up.  He was from New York and here on business, but had only moved there a couple weeks ago.  Originally from the midwest.  And later, I found him online and messaged him, telling him I wouild have fucked him.  He told me he would have let me.  Damn me for not pushing even further.  

"So, is it cold out?  I bet you liked your shirt lightly running across your hard nipples."

"Oh, yeah.  That was a really nice reminder.  Even two days later."

I guess I pushed far enough.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


"That was just what I needed."

That's what he said.  The problem is.  I have no idea what I did to earn that statement!

So, I have a habit of getting up early.  Way early.  And then browsing the ads and going on the chat sites to see what's up.  Usually, the only people that are on are the partiers and the bots.  But this one guy on growlr had a cute face and was supposedly close.  Unfortunately, he was in the opposite direction of work, but I decided to go for it anyway.

Handsome fella.  A bit of a bear and beefy all over.  He carried his weight well and was looking really dapper in his Lacoste sweater vest.  But his face was totally blank.  That's the thing with Growlr.  Most bears are into other bears.  So I wasn't sure if he was into me or if I just happened to be the only guy that seemed normal and awake at that early hour.  Couldn't tell by his kiss either if he was a bad kisser or was just going through the motions.  I just wasn't getting anything out of him.  So I said fuck it.  I'm not going to be the nice top.  I'm just going to use him to get off.  Tore off his clothes, pushed him onto his back, gnawed at his nipples, spat on my hand, quick swipe across my dick and buried it balls deep.  A few wimpers, a few moans of encouragement.  but even then, I couldn't tell if he was into it.  He was only half hard at best.  So I kept up the frantic pace.  Decided him on his back wasn't doing it for me so had him lie flat on his stomach and attacked his ass until I buried my load deep after varying the pace, and the angle, and the length of the stroke until I felt like it was right for me.

It was only then that I got some sort of affirmative response.  He let out a big sigh when I bred him.  And that's when he said it.

"It was just what I needed."

And I still don't know what he meant by that.  Was it the hard fuck, the cum in his ass, the barebacking, everything, being used, or just the morning sex to start the day?  I was even more confused when I saw his toiletry bag, which had a pic of his boyfriend on it.  It was kinda sweet.  You know your man travels, so you make a toiletry bag with your pic on it so he doesn't get lonely...  Of course, it was the pic of a bigger white guy.  Not me at all.  So did he mean he needed a fuck from an Asian dude, someone totally different?

I guess what bothered me is that I usually fuck for the bottom.  What gets me off is knowing the bottom is having a good time.  But he was so blank throughout the tryst that I couldn't tell if he was just saying that.  But I kinda let myself off the hook when two weeks later, he was in town and messaged me for a repeat...  because I "knew what he needs."

Um.  Okay.  I guess.  But unfortunately, I wasn't available.  Or maybe fortunately.  Would have sucked if he said, "Yeah.  Wasn't quite it, but thanks for coming over!"

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The handsfree shot

So now that I've admitted to the hypocrisy of being such a slut as to forget an encounter, let's go back to the forgetful blond.  He was in town again for a conference and so we arranged to meet up.  In fact, I was hoping to meet up every night of the week, but that didn't quite work out.  Instead, we saw each other twice and each time was fucking hot as hell.

Now, I gotta say, I might come across as kinda arrogant in my posts, but really.  I'm not all that.  I'm a pretty average guy.  And although it doesn't happen all the time, in fact many times the guy isn't even hard when I'm fuckin him, sometimes a guy surprises me and shoots without touching himself. And with the forgetful blond, I knew it was possible after he talked about edging.

In the weeks leading up to the encounter, he kept on messaging me over IM at work about edging.  Perhaps part of it was him trying to let me know that his ass may be off limits as he doesn't bottom much, but that we could still have some fun without anal.  I, however, it turn took it as him trying to tell me that he likes to be out of control, likes for his partner to take the lead and push him to places he's never been or never tried.  So I, in turn, asked him if he's ever had a failed cumshot...  the one where you jerk yourself past the point of no return, but let go quick enough that you don't fully explode.  You stay rock hard and just dribble out.  He didn't quite know what I was talking about.  But, I knew I could push him to do it.  And if I played my cards right, I could probably make him cum without touching himself.  He's a good candidate.  Why? 'Cause he's hard as a rock when I'm fucking him.  He's so hard that if I stop, I can see his cock pulse in time with his heart beat.  I can see every vein and almost see it getting pumped with blood with every beat.  Secondly, he's in tune with me.  We feed off each other and the chemistry between us.  When he looks at me, he's trying to read me and I can feel his body respond when he senses I'm "there", fully present.  And, I'm not sure if it's voluntary or not, but he lets me know when I'm doing something right.  A gasp when I hit the right spot.  A furrowed brow when I go too deep.  And his ass just milks my cock.

So the first night I pushed him.  Stroked him while teasing his ass a little. Stroked him til he was about to cum.  Once.  Twice.  Third time I purposely went too far and let go while holding his wrists together with my other hand so he wouldn't be able to finish himself off.  It was enough for a little dribble to ooze out.  I scooped some of it up and used it as lube to jerk him some more.  And again, because he lets go and lets his body tell me when he's about to cum, I let go before he cums.  Not too far, but enough.  And just as he was about to settle back down, I forced my cum-slick fingers into his mouth and he gasped and groaned.  He was fucking digging it.  I saw his cock really throb to life.  I jerked him again to a failed orgasm, but this time used the cum to play with his hole.  Kicked his knees apart and plunged in balls deep.  He writhed underneath me with his arms pinned over his head and I muffled his gasp with my cummy fingers again.  I fucked him hard.  Hard enough I knew it hurt a little so that he wouldn't cum so quick if I grabbed his cock.  And he didn't.  Even though I let go of his wrists to grab his legs and support them in the air, he kept them above his head obediently.  I jerked him again to the edge while I was fucking him.  Rolled us to the side to so that I can eventually get him on top, riding me.  Firmly grabbed his hips and worked them back and forth in a rocking motion over the length of my cock.  and I angled up a little so that I'd hit his sweet spot.  Let go with one hand and placed it over his cock and pressed it against my belly so that with every rocking motion, he was fucking my hand.  My other hand was still grabbing his hip to set the pace so he wouldn't falter.  When he was on the brink, I let go completely.  Did that twice.  On the third time, I let go and then used both hands to keep the rhythm going and he shot all over my chest as I made him fuck himself onto my cock.  Even as he was spasming and about to collapse, I kept up the rhythm to maximize the impact.  Every rock back and forth, I hit his button and made his cock recoil and squirt a load until he was out of breath trying to tell me to stop.

The next night, I skipped the edging and went right to the fucking. I knew his body was used to it now.  Knew what it was capable of.  And he knew now not to resist when he felt it coming on.  So I fucked the cum out of him, again without him touching himself.  He was still hard as a rock afterwards, so I kept on fucking.  He was sore, but I pressed to see if he had another load in him.  He didn't though.  But man, that was fun.

He was amazed.  And I told him it was all his talent, not mine.  But either way, he told me, it was hot as hell.

It was.  And it's times like these that I wish I was a bottom.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Musings: Maybe I'm a slut

So I've started and stopped this blog a couple of times.  The recent lag in posts was actually because I was having a bit of fun (okay, more than a bit) and then a bunch of things got in the way.  But it did give me some time to reflect on what the blog was about.  The end result?  I'm going to start a series of posts that are tagged "Musings".  Just thoughts that I get form time to time or things I'm trying to work out.  The rest will be postings of my encounters that will focus on what I want to remember from them.  Could be the good stuff, could be the bad.

And I can't say that I'm writing solely for myself.  I love getting notes from people and love the camaraderie that I've seen so far with other bloggers.  Kinda throws a new light on things sometimes.  And it's that interaction with another person on a different level that's really intoxicating.  It could be that physical moment where you're inside someone shooting your load or it could be just reading a guy's post and finding some similarities and a flood of memories rush in your head.  I remember reading CoolTop's post about debating whether or not to use a book to "create" a scenario to reconnect with a guy and there was just something there that made me smile.  It was just a deep sense of recognition that was just as powerful as any high I could feel.

It's those connections that I value.  The ones from facebook are nice and kinda interesting to jump from friend to friend to see how many degrees of separation there are to a random celebrity, but I'm talking more of the connections in my mind that gets to that sense of deep recognition.  Or it's reading a guy and knowing what he wants and giving it to him...  hard.  Ha!

So, a couple of things that brought this on:

  1. I connected with a guy and he basically told me we hooked up before.  I pride myself on remembering every guy I've been with but I guess that's not the case anymore.  I really want to remember what made things special, so I'm going to write it down and keep the memories fresh.  Funny since one of my last posts was about the blond guy that didn't remember our past hookups.
  2. A fuck bud of mine stumbled onto my blog.  I was faced with the decision to either deny it was mine or come clean.  So I was trying to figure out why it was even an issue.  It was time to face up to the fact that I'm a slut.  So I think I need this blog to be honest about it so that I can get that dialogue (and many others) out of my head.
Thoughts are a bit jumbled, but really the point is: feel free to skip the musings posts if you want to read about the sex.  And I'll be focusing on what really made any encounter unique instead of a true play-by-play of what happens.